Wiesbaden – The best garden centres in the area

Garden centre in Wiesbaden – Every free minute you have, you spend in the garden and implement your latest ideas there? Then a garden centre is probably also a popular place for you to spend time. No wonder, because here you can find everything from garden furniture to plants and decorations. In this article, you’ll learn all about designing your garden and about garden centres near you.

Garden Center: Furniture, Plants & Decoration

If you are a garden lover and have been visiting a garden centre for a long time or have never visited one before, then you should definitely do so. It is not only worth visiting a garden centre for a specific wish, but it is also useful to be inspired by the decoration or to get advice from expert staff.

Garden furniture – lounger, lounge or swing?

You can’t have a garden without garden furniture, because after all, you have your garden to spend pleasant hours in. Depending on what you use your garden for, you can choose a lounger, a lounge, a Hollywood swing or an ordinary table and chairs. If you have a particularly large garden or enough storage space, you could also buy several pieces of garden furniture. But even if you already know what kind of garden furniture you want, it is often difficult to decide which material, colour and style is right for you. For this reason, we have written an article for you, which deals with this topic in more detail and which should help you to decide.

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Plants & Flowers – The heart of the garden

To give your garden a personal touch, you need the right plants and flowers. It is especially nice if the flowers in your garden change depending on the season. Plants will make you feel much more comfortable when you lie in your garden on the weekend in beautiful weather. You are not very familiar with plants and flowers and you do not know which flowers might be interesting for you? Then it is best to visit a garden centre. Here you will usually find expert advice and a large selection.

Garden centre Wiesbaden: The best recommendations

You live in Wiesbaden and are looking for a good garden centre near you? We have picked out the top three garden centres in Wiesbaden for you. Choose a garden centre that best suits your ideas and transform your garden into a feel-good oasis.

Plants-Kölle Garden Center GmbH & Co. KG

Pflanzen-Kölle Gartencenter is probably the most famous garden centre in Wiesbaden. The Pflanzen-Kölle garden centre has the most reviews on Google and still comes with a proud 4.4 stars. Customers rave about good advice and a well-stocked, large assortment. So if you’re looking for something specific, you’re sure to find it here quickly.

Plant yard Wiesbaden

The Pflanzenhof Wiesbaden does not have very many reviews yet, but the customers who have rated it so far have brought about a score of 4.8 stars. Again, there seems to be no shortage of good advice and a great selection. So if you live near this garden centre, it might be worth paying it a visit. Don’t forget to share your experience with others afterwards by writing a review so that potential visitors know what to expect.

Garden centre Emmermann

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Wiesbaden city map for directions

Garden Ideas: Designing, planting and digging

Here we have for you three videos that contain different ideas for garden design. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, these videos are perfect. Whether you like playful decorations, elaborate artwork or small highlights, one of the videos will definitely meet your interest.

Garden artwork to make yourself

In this video Andrea Sokol shows how you can build the pictured artwork from flower pots yourself. Since you can tell how much she loves her occupation, you are immediately more motivated and full of anticipation to start working yourself. If you want to make your garden a little playful and varied, then be sure to watch this video.

Make noble garden decoration yourself

In this video you will learn how you can make different sized eggshells as decoration for your garden. Decorated with flowers and candles, this decoration idea is a real eye-catcher. Especially if you like a romantic design of the garden, this is the right idea for you. Who now thinks that the eggshells are only suitable for Easter, is mistaken. If you look at the result at the end of the video, you will see a mysterious-looking, romantic and beautiful result.

Quick decoration ideas

In this video you will see in quick succession many different decoration ideas. Just if you do not have so much time and still want to upgrade your garden a little, this video could be just right for you. Especially positive: So that you can implement these ideas, you do not have to spend tons of money. Often, these are things that everyone has in their household. Pick one of the 11 decoration ideas and start implementing it right away!