Turn your garden into an oasis of well-being: The right furniture for your garden

Furniture for your garden – Lying on the lawn of your own garden in summer, enjoying the sun in the Hollywood swing or having breakfast comfortably with the family. For many people, a garden is a great luxury that can increase the value of a property immensely. In order for the garden to become a personal little paradise, you first have to find garden furniture that matches your own style and also meets other requirements.

The soul of the garden

There are many different options for purchasing garden furniture. There is no shortage of DIY stores and furniture retailers selling garden furniture and online garden furniture shopping is not uncommon these days. Not only have we found out the best DIY stores and furniture retailers for you, but in this article you will also find out what to look out for in particular when buying garden furniture. Let yourself be inspired by a few examples of garden furniture.

Criteria for the selection of garden furniture – What you should look out for

In order for you to make the right choice when buying your garden furniture, it is important that you don’t just be told this is good and that is bad, but you should think about it at the beginning:

What suits my garden?

Since garden furniture is usually not quite cheap, it is important to consider in advance, which garden furniture – style you like best. Garden furniture is available in wood, rattan and metal. Each material brings a different advantage and gives the garden design its own character.

  • Wood

Garden furniture made of wood is very popular because it is not only durable, but often particularly cozy and inviting. The material fits ideally into the garden due to its naturalness. Since wooden furniture is often rather bulky, wooden furniture looks particularly good in large gardens.


  • Polyrattan

Garden furniture made of polyrattan is furniture made of woven material, which is currently very trendy. Due to its design and the upholstery, this furniture looks very modern and noble. Especially if you have a new build house, this furniture should fit perfectly in your garden and your house. The woven furniture not only looks modern, it also has the advantage that it is easy to maintain and can easily spend the garden season outdoors. In winter, however, you should also have a shelter ready for polyrattan furniture.


  • Plastic

The biggest advantage of plastic furniture is strong weather resistance. Strong storms can not quickly harm plastic furniture and it will stay with you for a long time, unlike other pieces of furniture. One disadvantage is the appearance. Plastic quickly looks a little cheap in contrast to the other materials listed here. One way to escape this disadvantage are nice seat cushions for the chairs and a tablecloth.

  • Metal

Metal garden furniture is present in various gardens, because they bring many advantages. This furniture is very weather resistant and the modern among them do not have to fight with rust. There is also a wide variety of designs and anyone who would like to have metal garden furniture is sure to find it. To achieve the same comfort as with the other garden furniture, it makes sense to equip the chairs with seat cushions.


  • Stone

If you choose to have stone furniture in your garden, it will not need a storage space. Nevertheless, stone furniture should also be cleaned regularly so that the furniture still looks like new in the following years. Since stone furniture also tends to look more bulky, it also fits perfectly in a larger garden. Stone garden furniture usually looks a little fairytale-like and is ideal for those who want to make their thought a little enchanted.

How many people should be able to sit down?

Before you rush out and choose a garden furniture set that looks exactly the way you want it, ask yourself how many seats you want in your set. Just because you are a household of 2 doesn’t mean that a set of two chairs is ideal for you. Ask yourself beforehand how often they have visitors and what number of chairs makes sense for you. Often, if a set only has two chairs, there is a similar set at another store that has 4 chairs.

Do I want to have the option of eating a meal outside, or is it enough for me to have coffee at a small table?

It also makes sense to be clear in advance about the use of the garden furniture. Some sets tend to have small armchairs and a small table for relaxing, drinking coffee and eating cake, and other sets have tables at dining table height. If you think about this before you start your search, you can focus on the essentials from the start and save a lot of time.

Should the furniture be outside all year round, or do I have the option of storing it during the cold season?

To enable the garden furniture to last as long as possible, it makes sense to stow it away during the cold season, or to generally put it under cover in the event of very bad weather. For this reason, you should consider beforehand whether you have the possibility to accommodate the garden furniture. If this is not the case, you should consider buying stone garden furniture that is chic and can still stay outside all year round.

How easy is it to clean the garden furniture?

All garden furniture must be cleaned regularly. Nevertheless, there are great differences in terms of the time required. It is therefore important that you consider beforehand how much time you can and want to put into cleaning your garden – set. If you do not want to invest so much time in cleaning your garden – sets, furniture made of materials such as metal, polyrattan or plastic could be the right choice for you.

Find a DIY store, furniture retailer or online shop

Garden furniture is not particularly difficult to find. Whether in the hardware store, at a furniture dealer or over the Internet in the online store, there is no shortage of choice. No wonder that many find it difficult to decide which way is now the best solution. We have listed the advantages of each option for you and recommend a few positively rated DIY stores and furniture retailers.

Buying garden furniture in a DIY store – advantages

If you decide to buy your garden furniture in a DIY store, you will benefit from various advantages. You can not only get advice from professionals in this field, but also make your own picture of the quality and appearance. The chance that your garden furniture will last long and suit your interests is all the greater by visiting the DIY store. If you are looking for a suitable DIY store, Bauhaus could be an alternative for you.

Garden furniture from the furniture dealer

Meanwhile, it is possible to buy garden furniture not only in the DIY store, but also at classic furniture retailers, such as Ikea. Practically, there is almost always something that you still need from Ikea. If you want to equip your garden with suitable furniture, you can combine this with a stroll through the furniture store. If you like that kind of thing, you are well advised to visit a furniture dealer for the purchase of garden furniture.

Order garden furniture in the online shop – fast & uncomplicated

Buying garden furniture in an online shop is no longer a rarity. The great advantage of ordering furniture in the online shop is that you do not have to drive somewhere and also do not have to worry about the transport. The desired set is conveniently delivered to your home and possibly even assembled. If then also everything looks as in the pictures, you have landed a bull’s eye. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Often the pieces of furniture on the photos on the Internet seem quite different and you are disappointed when you have the garden furniture then at home. Mostly, it is the convenience that makes you forego a visit to the hardware store or a furniture dealer and choose the furniture in the online shop and have it delivered to your home. Often it is either the color or the shape that does not fit.

If you still do not want to spend too much time in a hardware store or at a furniture dealer, it makes sense to choose furniture in the online store, then look at them specifically in the furniture store and then order them home. If that would be an option for you, we have found an online store for you to put this process into action: Poco Domain.