Large garden coherent design

A large garden is the dream of hobby gardeners. Enough space to give free rein to his ideas. However, designing a large garden properly presents many new garden owners with a major task. More space often means more possibilities and therefore many difficult decisions. How do I turn a large piece of land into a beautiful and practical garden? Today we give you tips on how to set up a large garden in the right way.

Divide the garden into different plots

So you’re standing in your big garden and don’t know where to start? Our first tip will help you with this problem. Divide the large area into several smaller areas. Small gardens are much easier to create. Suddenly you don’t have to create one big garden, but several gardens of normal size. Now you can design each plot individually. It can help to give each plot its own function. For example, one plot becomes the children’s playground. In the next garden you can create a cosy seating and barbecue area. To make the entire garden coherent, design the individual gardens in roughly the same style. However, you can give each plot a special, individual eye-catcher, for example a plant, a figurine or a pond.

Replenish garden

After you have filled the garden into several smaller gardens, you can set up the different plots. Here, too, it can be a bit bigger. Large planters, a greenhouse, a large terrace – in no time at all your garden will be well filled. Speaking of patios: a large patio also needs large furniture.

Choose large plants

Also, when buying the right plants for your garden, more really is more in this case. Choose large trees and fast-growing shrubs. They will fill up the garden in no time. It’s easy to order large hedging plants like the Novita cherry laurel online. These shrubs grow particularly quickly and form an opaque, spreading hedge in a short time. Fruit trees such as apple or cherry trees also look great in a large garden. They also provide natural shade. And who nibbles

not like cherries from your own garden?

Let nature run free

In small gardens you want to have everything under control. Wild growth can quickly make a small garden look crowded and untidy. In large gardens with plenty of space, feel free to let nature take its course. Let the plants grow to fill empty spaces in the garden. This will give your garden volume and also ensure that wildlife can take up residence in the garden. Optional: These were tips from on how to properly design a large garden. Do you have any other ideas?