Frankfurt am Main – The best garden centres in the area

Garden centre in Frankfurt am Main – Are you lucky enough to be in possession of a garden? No matter if your garden is adjacent to your house, to your apartment or if you own an allotment garden, a garden needs a lot of care. To ensure proper maintenance you always need gardening tools. It is especially handy when you have a garden centre right nearby. A garden centre is not only suitable for buying garden tools, but also if you want to replant and redesign your garden. Back to overview: Real Estate Frankfurt.

Garden centre: Design, Furniture & Special Ideas

A visit to a garden centre can have many different reasons. Not only pending work can be the reason, but also, for example, to get information or to look for clever decoration ideas. In this article you will get a few ideas for the design of your garden, for the furniture and also recommendations for the top 11 garden centres in Frankfurt am Main.

Garden furniture: seating group, lounge and Hollywood swing

What good is a well-kept, great garden if you don’t have the right furniture to spend time in it? Not much. For this reason, choosing the right furniture is hugely important. There is a wide range of garden furniture to choose from, which is why you should take it slow. First of all, ask yourself what type of garden furniture you are interested in. Do you prefer a cosy lounge that you can use to have coffee and cake with the family at lunchtime, a Hollywood swing on which you can sunbathe, or a proper garden table and chairs so that you can barbecue outside in the summer evenings? Once you can answer this question, you can move on to the next questions, such as the advantages and disadvantages of materials, colour and cleaning.

If you have difficulties in choosing suitable garden furniture, you can read our article, in which we will advise you on this exactly. You will learn everything about the advantages and disadvantages of materials, cleaning and much more.

The design – from garden gnomes to small works of art

When you walk through a residential area, it is usually the case that you discover a wide variety of gardens. This is because most people’s tastes also differ when it comes to garden design. Some people are enthusiastic about garden gnomes and others prefer to let off steam artistically in their garden, such as by putting an old, small sink in the flower bed. The term garden design includes plants and trees on the one hand and decoration on the other. However, in order for you to find the appropriate design for your taste, it is wise to get inspiration and ideas from other gardens. Another idea would be to borrow books on garden design from the bookstore and perhaps modify them. At the very bottom of the article, you will find garden design ideas that we have found for you.

Garden centre Frankfurt am Main: The best recommendations

Are you looking for a good garden centre near you? We have found the top 11 garden centres in Frankfurt am Main for you. No matter what you want to do with your garden, you will find it in a garden centre. Don’t let us stop you, choose one of the garden centres mentioned and start designing or developing your garden. For our selection, we have made sure that the garden centres have a certain quality.

Dehner Garden Center

The Dehner garden centre has a huge range of products. Here you can find everything from garden furniture to garden decorations and plants. If the garden centre is near you, it is well worth going there. With over 4 stars in the Google – rating, the garden center is at the top and should more than meet your expectations. You also have the possibility to get an overview of the offer by visiting the website or social media channels.

Sunflower Garden Center

Sunflower Garden Center has far more ratings than the other garden centers listed here, and yet they still have an overall rating of 4.4 stars. This garden center not only has everything for your garden, but also various other things, such as food. There is also a restaurant, so it might be worth it for a garden lover to plan half a day for the visit.


The garden centre Samen-Andreas has an impressive 4.9 stars on Google. This result speaks for itself and you should definitely pay this garden centre a visit. Visitors rave not only about beautiful plants, but also about great expert advice. If you still need advice for the design of your garden, this could be the right address for you.

Garden centre Hofmann

The Hofmann garden centre also has good ratings on Google. The visitors rave especially about the extremely friendly and helpful staff. If you are well served, you will usually find what you are looking for. If the garden center is right around the corner from you, you should definitely stop by here.

Müller and Pfützner Staudencenter GmbH

This garden center doesn’t have too many reviews yet, yet the reviews that are there so far are pretty good. With a 4.8 star Google rating, this garden centre is right up there with the rest.


The garden centre Green-Liberty doesn’t have too many reviews on Google yet, however the reviews that are out there so far are all positive. Green-Liberty has always been rated with a full 5 stars, because according to the customers, here is a store that is not large, but has excellent quality. Customers are also consistently impressed with the advice they receive. If you live near this garden centre, you should definitely stop by here and see for yourself.

Florist Görlich-Dorsch

The flower house Görlich-Dorsch is also well rated on Google. Overall, the rating is 4.8 stars, because there are supposed to be very special flowers and plants here.

The nursery

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 Stars

Growshop Frankfurt MR NICE

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

Phalaxis Webtrade GmbH & Co. KG

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0


Rating: 3.0 / 5.0

  • Ginnheimer Landstrasse 64
    60487 Frankfurt am Main
  • Phone: 069 525044

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Garden Ideas: Designing, planting and digging

Here we have found a few more videos that can help you design your garden. Let yourself be inspired. Firstly, we have a video to inspire you with pictures, a video in which a woman gives valuable tips based on her own garden design and another video in which a beautiful decoration idea to make yourself is explained.

Decoration – Ideas: Furniture, plants and furnishings

In this video you can be inspired by a wide variety of gardens. Here it is not about that a decoration idea is explained and implemented, but you see pictures of gardens that someone has decorated. Maybe you will be lucky and discover an idea that suits your taste and fits well in your garden.

Garden tour – tips and decoration ideas

In this video, a lady takes the viewers on a tour of her garden. She gives the viewer important tips and explains her thoughts on the design. You can be impressed by this beautiful garden or develop the ideas for yourself.

Do-it-yourself garden design

This video might be interesting for you if you want to make this decoration idea yourself. Step by step is explained here how you can make this work of art yourself. Also as a creative gift for a family member or a close friend this could be something very special.