The top 5 garden centres in Mainz

Garden centre in Mainz – Your garden is your passion? Your family doesn’t understand why you’re incredibly keen to spend time working in the garden? If you love thinking about what you could change next in your garden, then you probably love visiting garden centres. However, in order to know what you’re actually looking for in a garden centre, you need constant ideas. Not only have we found you the best garden centres near you, but we’ve also found some great design tips for your garden.

Garden centre: Plants, furniture and decoration

In a garden center there are usually various different articles around the topic garden. From plants to garden furniture to decoration, everything is there. Even if you do not have a specific purchase, it can be helpful to visit a garden center. On the one hand, you can be inspired by the decoration in the garden centre and get ideas if necessary and on the other hand, if you have specific questions, you can get advice from the team.

Flowers & Plants – Revive Garden

Are you looking for suitable flowers and plants for your garden? Understandable, because only the right flowers and plants give life to the garden. Especially if they are colorful flowers, it affects the mood of those who enter the garden. Since there is a huge selection, everyone will find the right plants for their garden.

Garden furniture – beautify your stay in the garden

Garden furniture is also very important for your garden. You decide how you prefer to use your garden and buy the furniture based on this decision. Would you prefer a lounger, a Hollywood swing, a lounge or a dining table with chairs? Through the garden furniture you have the opportunity to consciously influence the atmosphere in your garden. With a lounger or lounge, for example, you automatically create a cosy atmosphere. Nevertheless, there are many other points to consider before you decide on garden furniture.

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Garden decoration – The finishing touch

Your garden has the most beautiful, plants and the most beautiful garden furniture, but something is still missing? Probably it is the decoration that will give your garden the final touch. Since tastes in this area vary greatly, it is important that you get inspired to find the right decoration for you. Further down the article we have found decorating ideas to make yourself for you. So if you are particularly creative and artistic, these could be the right ideas for you.

Garden centre Mainz: The best recommendations

You live in Mainz and are looking for a good garden centre near you? No problem, because we have picked out the garden centres with the best Google ratings for you. Since there is not a huge selection of garden centres in Mainz, we have found the top 5 garden centres for you.

Mainz Garden Center

With a proud 4.6 stars, the Mainzer Garten-Center has the best Google rating compared to all other garden centres. The advice, quality and variety are convincing here. No matter with which wish you visit this garden center, the probability is high that you will leave the store satisfied. So if you come from the south of Mainz, you should definitely pay a visit to this garden centre.

Dehner Garden Center

There is also a Dehner Garten-Center in Mainz, which is very popular. The overall rating is 4.3 stars. There is always a large selection of garden-related items here. If you just want to visit a garden centre for inspiration, you are also in the right place here, because the shop is always beautifully decorated.

Fox Birch Farm

Rating: 3.7 / 5.0

Botanicum Mainz

  • Riedweg 80
    55130 Mainz


Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

You certainly already know the DIY store “BAUHAUS”. Since the DIY store is so large and diverse, there is also a garden center here, which should be well equipped. If you need to get other things for your house or apartment anyway, you could combine the two errands right away.

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Garden Ideas: Turn the garden into a real eye-catcher

There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to designing your garden. Even if your tastes change completely at once, you have the opportunity to redesign everything. You can craft your ideas yourself or buy garden decorations from a store. For both options, it makes sense to visit a garden center to buy the materials you need.

Make decoration for the garden yourself

In this video you will learn 16 special decoration ideas for the garden. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on these ideas, you can do them yourself. So if you have some artistic skills and enjoy crafting, you should definitely implement one of these ideas.

Build a raised bed yourself

“That looks great!” was the first thing you thought when you saw the picture? Then this idea could be just right for you. Here it is explained step by step how you can build such a raised bed yourself. With such a raised bed you give your garden that certain something, because few have a raised bed in their garden. As soon as the garden is entered, the eyes are automatically directed to the raised bed and therefore very special flowers should be planted there.

Inspiration for garden design

In this video there are no instructions for garden design to do yourself, but you can simply get inspired. Many images of different gardens are played one after the other, so you can consider whether you want to adopt some of these ideas for your own garden.