What owners have to pay attention to when selling a house in Aalen

What tips and tricks can you use to get an even higher selling price? Several times a week we receive messages, just as in conversations at viewing appointments we encounter many inquiries. Collected and clearly packed, you can see here all the most important questions on the subject of selling your property.

Everything always starts with a serious appraisal – First class appraisal of apartment and house: The very first appointments with the new estate agent. Step number one means to be able to reach the highest possible price for prefabricated house in addition, property on the country. Acquire with us the here noted and continuing, necessary knowledge in the real estate sale to research prices and should you want to save very some not back-burnable time, write our specialists an e-mail, here the here described and of course also continuing, necessary Know How in the sale of real estate know themselves in your region well from you will help. Should you want to save time, write our specialists a mail.

Floor plans and plans of the architect: Read here Important for the sale

Receipts and also notarizations are among many other documents to obtain, which you will definitely need for the house sale. Good photographs raise the price of your house. So that so any prospective buyer can make a much more realistic impression of the house Photo shots should always represent the property always from a favorable perspective.


The next task on your prepared plan: determine a competitive sales price for the property to be brokered.The calculation of the sales price, which consists of credible data, contribute several factors such as age, defects, location but also condition and equipment of a property. It does not count in the first place, what you had paid at that time once for your house, as well as the innumerable hours of work. Supply and demand of real estate in Aalen on today’s house market regulate the selling price one of the prospective buyers is ready to go in, you should know that, in order not to let too high wishes arise. Supply and demand on the current house market dominate the price Despite all the help you are not feeling confirmed about the value of the house? In fact, for individuals, it clearly becomes confusing to estimate the house value properly. Well then we recommend a high quality home appraisal.

Next on your list with: Preparation of the distinctive exposé for possible prospective buyers of the object. Think of your individual search behavior, already when reading the object descriptionand the details selects itself for many of the prospective buyers, whether immediately interest in the purchase is generated or not, as always our first look counts, it is worthwhile to invest a little time in an appealing advertisement, online or newspaper. With all the little things in and around the house you as the owner know best anyway, in the advertisement or also exposé of the property everything must have been written down. For example garage or carport, special features of the property, the own pool for children and use of the garden, etc. Then comes the advertisement, in an advertisement on a real estate portal but also in the newspaper. And then you have to wait and see.

Doppelhaus in Aalen

Sell like a real estate professional, the next task on the plan: answer questions about the house and general inquiries. Start the search with your exposé including photos it often goes pretty fast and already your real estate agent has the first interested parties. The appointed real estate agent sorts the questions for you. Only when more precise inquiries arrive, he or she will contact you.

Viewing appointments with potential interested parties

Now it gets exciting. In order to ideally convey your property quickly and successfully at the same time, an estate agent permanently dates viewing appointments in Aalen. If you will, he leads every single appointment. Almost all trust in your broker in the viewings, yet owners may be in the discussions, an important tip, never leave anything to luck.

Your next task: Before a sales contract: credit check of the prospective buyer. If you are selling your home and land, start with a real estate agent, who will check the buyer’s solvency immediately after the house inspection.

The next step: after changes to the draft contract: Real estate purchase contract together at the notary to bring to a conclusion. The last details of the purchase contract that still need to be discussed, but also all the necessary negotiations with the new owner of the home, will be taken over by the trusted real estate professional. Your notarial purchase contract is formulated and prepared by your seller together with your notary for the sale in a draft contract, for a notarization of the purchase contract the way to the notary is mandatory. At the notary, seller and buyer sign the purchase contract, congratulations, with the signature the property is really officially handed over.

In the following step turns around: Then after entry in the land register (also Auflassungsvormerkung) should be paid the previously sales price immediately by bank order.The notary will now guide the land register entry. In addition, the notice of conveyance is also entered. The official document ensures, for example, the greatest possible exclusion of dangers of double sales to several interested parties.As soon as the new owner can instruct sale price to your account, the notary will contact, then do not forget to check whether the payment has been received on your account.

Die Unterschrift beim Notar

Your next step: payment of notary appointment and broker expenses. Subsequently, pay the real estate agent and notary fees, after the planned conclusion of the purchase contract with your notary, for this you will receive a single payment request or invoice.

Aalen in Baden-Württemberg is one of the large cities with its 67 684 inhabitants. The following step is about: The very last step!Settle land transfer tax to the treasury…. If there are no more than 10 years between the purchase and sale, you may have to pay tax on the capital gain. On top of this, the solidarity surcharge and church tax may be charged, but there are also legal exceptions. For example, if you as the owner have lived in owner-occupation for more than three years.

Local innovation and market prices

The guide from real estate situation and new construction to current prices for houses, building land and the home in Aalen. On146.58 km² currently live 0.07 million people. With 462 people per KM², living space is automatically scarce, a total of 0.08% of the German population lives in Aalen.

New construction real estate: Where do people live on average in Aalen?

The Federal Statistical Office recently calculated values, according to which 26,288 residents live in a house, townhouses and apartment buildings, which is owned. 4,163 are proud owners of a condominium, in addition there are 32,766 renting citizens. At the same time, 39,934 married people and 27,750 are currently single people living in the regional apartments and houses, according to LBS Research. With the regional population growth, people know of the current need for action in new housing construction. The housing demand is high, so the most current studies assume 24,612 new units, still a good third of 20,510 and only about 17% of the calculations register 28,714 newly built apartments in the next few years, currently only 190 units are built in Aalen according to statistics. Invested will be a whole 2.6 billion euros.

Satisfied residents: 55,792 of the owners are satisfied with their environment in Aalen

The people in Aalen are totally happy with their own housing situationAs many as 55,792 property owners, who like just this good location and neighborhood, against only 11,892 dissatisfied, a whole 43,900 more, even among tenants in Aalen shows a positive view of things with 49,761 satisfied people. The vast majority of Aaleners live in a single-family house and not in apartments, a total of 35,443 Aaleners live here, clearly more than in houses with more than two tenants, there live 21,032 of them 10,497 people in houses for two tenants, so lives Aalen.

Local development: Population in Aalen

Statistically, the city has many residents, including young ones, such as 2,491 young adults between the ages of 21-23 and some people of advanced age, such as 3,574 people between the ages of 50-64. What will the next few years bring in terms of the number of residents? Aalen’s number of inhabitants is increasing permanently, from 67,116 people 4 years ago, Aalen increased by 568 people to 68,250 statistically. The long-term forecast continues in the same way. We are now focusing on the latest demographic developments in Aalen over the next 15 years.

Purchases and sales in the Aalen real estate market transfer sums of 6.2 billion euros

The investment capital is very high, an impressive 412,749,338 euros in cash assets are currently slumbering in accounts and under pillows. Far more, a whole 470,342,269 euros are tied up in real estate and only 86,389,396 euros exist as use assets. Statistically seen by sales and purchases or real estate transactions annually high amounts are transferred, the extrapolation comes up to 6.2 billion euros, in the same period in housing in Aalen 2,622,529,386.67 euros were moved. Modernisation plays an increasingly important role, especially in conurbations, with an extrapolation of 3,099,352,911.52 euros in market capital. In total, the real estate sector transfers an incredible 11,920,588,121.21 euros in the calendar year.

Owners of apartments and houses in Aalen by age group

How many people actually live in property in Aalen? There are property owners in every age group, we look at two of the values. According to a check by empirica, 2,847 children from 0 to 10 years of age currently live in apartments or houses that also belong to their parents; among the young people there are a little more, also due to the mastered toddler phase and the resulting fact that the parents are working again. Among the 11 to 21 year olds, 3,525 live in their own home, behind them comes a burglary, among the 21 to 30 year olds, they travel and are often looking for jobs all over Germany, just 771 of them live in their own home. The percentage rises, the older one becomes, so it rises with the 31 – 40 year olds 2,922 and somewhat over them, with the today people between 41 – 50 years even whole 5,053. Between 51 – 60 years live 4,627 in the home of one’s own, with the 61 to 70 year old residents one comes still on 3,535, many sell and so the number of the real estate owners, who use the own real estate themselves, sinks on 2,190of total 67,684 people.

Demographic data and information for Aalen

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 26.288
Condo 4.163
Rent 32.766
Shared apartment 4.460

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner / years Quantity
0-10 2.847
11-21 3.525
21-30 771
31-40 2.922
41-50 5.053
51-60 4.627
61-70 3.535
71-80 2.190

empirica / LBS Research (data source)


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Growth
1 27.750 29.781 2.031
2 23.013 24.366 1.354
3 8.122 6.768 -1.354
4 6.092 5.415 -677
over 5 2.031 1.963 -68

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office


Households / persons today 2035 Difference
1 35.873 37.903 2.031
2 19.628 18.952 -677
3 6.092 5.415 -677
4 4.061 3.993 -68
5+ 1.354 1.218 -135

Source: Federal Statistical Office