Selling a house in Kerpen – Getting the highest price when selling a house

Do we need to hire a real estate agent or can I sell my house or condominium privately? Every day we receive messages, just as in conversations at viewing appointments we get many inquiries, collected over weeks and clearly packed here are all the interesting questions on the subject of selling your own property.

It all starts with a realistic valuation – home valuation, the very first appointment with your estate agent. Whether step number one is to be able to achieve the optimal house price, acquire now all the presupposed know-how in the sale of housesKnowledge about your region and if you want to save time, contact us simply via telephone and contact form, in the value assessment of Obejekten help you the presupposed know-how in the sale of houses described here, research sales prices that have already been achieved in Kerpen and in the calculation and if you do not want to spend so much time-consuming effort, write our real estate experts.

Your next step: Provide documents for the sale of the property (receipts, invoices and documents preferably as originals).as a seller of your property you need various, partly relevant documents. to them belong the energy certificate as well as floor plan of the room distribution. Provide your real estate in the advertisement with professionally created photographs, so that possible first prospective customers can make themselves much more comprehensive of your real estate produced pictures must have under all circumstances a good resolution (1400×1100 pixels).

Hausverkauf mit Immobilienmakler in Kerpen

The subsequent task: determine the selling price for your house for sale listing. Age, room size, location of the property, every detail plays a crucial role in estimating the price. It does not count how much you yourself once spent on your house in Kerpen. Nor, of course, the many hours of work. Supply and demand on the current real estate market dominate the price one of your prospective buyers will spend. Demand and supply on the current market dominate the selling price, this wisdom you should keep in mind Yes, any appraisal means a lot of diligence which you have to invest, for people who tend to do little with realtors under ordinary circumstances, it actually also becomes quite difficult to accurately determine the property value, the alternative, an appraisal by us with us.

Your next step: Preparation of a first-class portfolio or exposé for potential customers. Think of your own search behavior, if you were looking for a house, because the first look at the property description and all the details confirms whether you are well disposed to the exposé and want to know more details or not. It pays off to invest some time in an extremely optimally prepared real estate advertisement in the sale. In addition still comes: As still owners you know all important characteristics of your housein the Exposè of your house everything must be included, for example own swimming pool, garden and green plants or floor space and use possibilities for the new owner. Perfect, the exposé is now ready? Now follows the presentation, in an advertisement on a well-visited portal for real estate and in the reliable pressein Kerpen, then it is called wait. Does your property arrive?

On it comes: Manage inquiries from prospective buyers. The first reactions to the current real estate advertisement are in the mail box. The appointed real estate agent collects the queries for you, only if more detailed messages from interested parties are received, he or she will get back to you.

Arrangement of viewing appointments with your prospective buyers and the day of the inspections

Wednesday, Thursday, etc: The heartbeat increases. So that you sell your house ideally quite fast and at the same time successfully, an estate agent organises every day viewing appointments in Kerpen, the estate agent leads every single conversation, you as the owner may of course also be in the appointment if you wish.

Then comes: confirm the purchasing power of the person interested in your house. If you pass on your property, work with a real estate agent, because professionals will immediately check the said solvency of the interested party by information from the broker.

The new task: countersigning the purchase contract together with the notary.In the further course, the broker conducts the talks on the sale of the house with the potential new owner and also settles all the details of the purchase contract that are still to be discussed. Then, together with the notary’s office, your expert prepares the notarized contract in a draft. And of course, for a notarization of the joint action, going to the notary is mandatory, however your basis has been, whether real estate and the associated property with well-located transport links to all the important such as supermarket and hospital, now you are already very close to the goalBoth sides of the house give the final signature under the now complete purchase contract, congratulations, because with this the property is officially changed.

Your subsequent task: Transfer of the agreed purchase price to you as the owner after entry in the land register (or priority notice of conveyance). Your notary then enters the new entry in the land register and the priority notice of conveyance. This official document effectively excludes the risk of multiple sales to several buyers. The notary notifies the new owner as soon as he or the executing bank can transfer the price to your bank. Remember, after the release you should check your account balance for the receipt of the purchase amount.

Selling like a renowned professional, the next point on your plan: payment of bills for real estate agent and notary. Your property in Kerpen has been brokered, then only the penultimate invoice amount for active real estate agents and the notary’s office is still outstanding, your payment for notary and real estate agent costs must be commissioned immediately afterwards to the notary appointment.

Payment of land transfer tax

. If there is not a whole 10 years between, you may have to transfer tax on the capital gain caused by the added value of the sale of your property, in addition then come possibly the church tax and solidarity surcharge. Of course, when selling exceptions are made, for example, if you as a property owner over 3 years]36 months in owner occupation have lived on site.

Housing, real estate and demography in Kerpen – investment and financing

Estimates about 0.5 billion euros of capital are currently invested in Kerpen houses and apartments to real estate owners. In Kerpen currently live and work 65 568 people with an area of 113.96 KM². Flats are in demand with 575 persons per square kilometer, altogether 0.08% of the German inhabitants live in Kerpen.

Housing and new construction demand

The own house or live for rent, how do you live in Kerpen? The Federal Office for Statistics needed only recently current statistics to Germany, statistically live 25,467 people in a house, like the owner-occupied house, terraced houses and multi-family houses, which is in the own possession, whole 31,741 people who live to the rent. thereby live 38,685 married persons and 26,883 are at present single in the flats and houses, according to analysis of the LBS Research. Therefore one knows of the necessary action need in the new building. Up to the year 2020 50% of the current surveys assume 23,843 new dwellings, still 33% of up to then 19,869, only approximately 17% see the need of 27,817 newly built dwellings up to 2020. Which quantity of dwellings is actually built statistically? Currently, only 184 new residential units are being created in Kerpen. An impressive 2.5 billion euros are invested each year.

Owners and tenants are satisfied with their neighborhood

Here in Kerpen, the residents are very satisfied with the living situation. Of all owners, there are many, namely 54,048 happy people who appreciate just this excellent honest neighborhood and location, with the living environment less satisfied are only 11,520, the same positive feeling is also reflected in tenants, with 48,206 residents, compared to 17,362 people who are currently dissatisfied. Did you already know? The vast majority of them live in a single-family house and not in an apartment building, cumulatively there are 34,335 Kerpeners, in houses with several tenants live 20,374 of which 10,169 people in two-family houses.

Building planning in Kerpen has statistically many young citizens, as for example 518 babies under year likewise some for the Kerpener purchasing power relevant persons in the higher age, as 3,462 humans between 50 to 64 years, however what says the nearer future?the tendencies continue unchanged, already in four years according to statistical probability in approximately 67,735 persons will live here that are again 2,167 citizensKommen we now to the forecasts of the next eighteen years.

0.4 billion euros could be invested

An impressive 399,845,585 euros in cash assets are currently slumbering in accounts and under pillows. Even larger sums, namely 455,637,993 euros are invested in the real estate market, only 83,688,611 euros exist as consumer assets. Statistically, extremely high capital gains are moved annually through purchases and sales or transactions, the forecast goes up to 6,004,916,130.91 euros. In residential construction, up to 2,540,541,440.00 euros are transferred, a whole 3 billion euros are currently invested every twelve months in the modernization of apartments and houses. In all, the house and housing market transfers a gigantic 11,547,915,636.36 euros every twelvemonth.

Private residential property

How exactly is property ownership distributed, how many Kerpen residents live happily without having to pay rent? Let’s take a quick look at a few values. According to statistics from empirica, 2,758 children from 0 – 10 years currently live in real estate that belongs to their family, in the rising age there are a few more, possibly because both parents have managed the toddler phase strengthened and work, most now invest their house or condo. By age 11 to 21, 3,415 are living in their own home. Significantly fewer are 21 to 30 years old, with only 747 of them living in their own property. The older, the more likely the residents now get into real estate ownership, so it is in the 31 to 40 year olds 2,831 and slightly above them, in the current people between 41 and 50 years bring it to 4,895 proud property owners, in the group of 51 to 60 years live 4,482 in their own home and in the group of 61 to 70 years old still brings it to 3,424, many sell and so it is only 2,121.

Urban development: modern property and the attached plot with optimal transport links to all important such as supermarket and hospital

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 25.467
Apartment 4.032
Apartment for rent 31.741
Shared apartment 4.321

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner / years Units
0-10 2.758
11-21 3.415
21-30 747
31-40 2.831
41-50 4.895
51-60 4.482
61-70 3.424
71-80 2.121

empirica / LBS Research (data source)


Surrounding Area

Households (persons) today 2035 Difference
1 26.883 28.850 1.967
2 22.293 23.604 1.311
3 7.868 6.557 -1.311
4 5.901 5.245 -656
over 5 1.967 1.901 -66

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Difference
1 34.751 36.718 1.967
2 19.015 18.359 -656
3 5.901 5.245 -656
4 3.934 3.869 -66
more than 5 1.311 1.180 -131

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office