Selling a house in Ludwigsburg and the surrounding area: Getting the highest price when selling a house

Price optimisation by means of tips and tricks: How do I increase my sales value? Every day we receive news, but also in conversations at viewing appointments we encounter many inquiries. Collected over weeks and clearly packed, you can see here the basic questions about the successful sale of a property and its individual apartments.

First of all, it’s about – home and condo appraisal, the very first appointment with your new real estate agent. professional appraisal of your townhouse in Ludwigsburg, first thing is to determine the selling price to get the best house price . Acquire all the imperative know-how in the real estate marketand but if you do not feel like all the effort, contact our real estate team an email, at a price estimate of most properties help you all the prerequisite knowledge in the sale of houses, research prices and in the calculation and should you not have so much time-consuming effort would like to contribute, contact our team an email.

Next on the list comes with: Receipts, invoices, and also the documents. Important for the various more or less relevant papers, they include, for example, the energy certificate and floor planof the property. Professionally taken photographs increase the possible selling price of your house or townhouse. So that likely buyers can make themselves much better without much effort edited photo shots should be high quality but also represent the house in the perfect light.

Haus verkaufen mit Immobilienmakler in Ludwigsburg

In the now following step turns around: Definitely, the first thing you should do is determine a selling price for the house offer. Size, neighborhood play an inevitable role in the purchase price estimate of your property, thereby does not count how much you had invested, as well as paid over time in money and labor. As has been the case at all times the large percentage demand and supply of homes dominate the expected price a buyer will be willing to go with, you need to know this rule. As always, the large percentage of demand and supply dominate the desired selling price that one of your prospective buyers will be willing to invest Are you not so really one hundred percent sure about the value of the property when you look over and consider? Admittedly for laymen it becomes really quite confusing to estimate the house value seriously, then we recommend a trustworthy appraisal of the house.

Further follows: Creation of an optimal folder (or general exposé) for customers of the object. Interest in the purchase shows itself in the first seconds when reading a property description. The effort for a really nice exposé pays off for you, in addition: As still owner you know your real estate from the FF. Make sure that the various important extras appear in the exposé of your property, including garden, plot and use, swimming pool for children or conservatory, and much more. Your exposé is now ready? Now the house is presented, in an advertisement on one of the most used real estate portals or in the well-tried local press in Ludwigsburg. Then it is called patiently waiting for a first inquiry.

Reihenhaus in Ludwigsburg

Continue on your to-do list with: Answering queries from prospective buyers. With a neatly prepared by the expert well prepared exposé including representative photos of the exterior and interior, it usually works pretty quickly, already has your agent for the house first interested parties, the real estate agent answers all the various letters and only if there are still inquiries, he or she will contact you.

Arrangement of viewing appointments with first prospective buyers and the day of the inspections. Every day the excitement intensifies, your appointed estate agent organises new viewing appointments with prospective buyers every morning. If you wish, he or she will handle every single interview on their own. Nearly all home sellers rely on the agent for the conversations, nevertheless owners can be present with. Always ensure a clean impression at the viewing appointment as well. Because the eye eats with you.

Your next step: securing the sale by checking the purchasing power of potential new owners. Then your prospective buyer wants to strike and buy? Of course, the active real estate agent immediately obtains information on the financial situation and checks whether the supposed buyer can afford your house at all. This way you will not have any payment defaults later on.

The notary appointment and finalization of the real estate purchase contract

All the formalities of the contract, including all the negotiations with the new owner, is led by the real estate expert of trust. The notarized contract is prepared by your real estate agent together with your notary. And of course, for a notarization the way to the notary is standard. At the notary’s office, both parties sign the purchase contract that is now on hand. Congratulations, because your property is now officially sold.

After the completed entry in the land register (also priority notice of conveyance), the agreed purchase price of the property will be transferred immediately.

The notary now organises the imperatively important entry in the land register. For this purpose, the notary has the priority notice of conveyance also entered, it ensures, for example, an effective exclusion of potential danger of multiple sales to different, among themselves of course unknown, interested parties, your notary gives the new owner the OK as soon as he can transfer the sale price to you, then you should check your account balance for the receipt of the payment amount.

Selling like experts, the next challenge on the plan: Settle pending bills from notary and real estate agent.Following your great sale, the bill for the active notary and real estate agent is still outstanding in consequence. The payment to the notary and real estate agent should be commissioned immediately after the notary appointment, both send you for the settlement of a single invoice.

The next challenge: payment of the real estate transfer tax to be borne. Please note that capital gains tax may be payable on the sale of real estate if the period between the private sale and the re-sale of your house is less than 10 years, plus any solidarity surcharge and church tax. However, there are also a few exceptions, for example if the owner has lived in the property himself for more than three years and has never rented it out.

Demography, housing market and real estate

Forecasts of housing demand and statistical new construction up to 0.6 billion euros of capital are invested in Ludwigsburg houses and apartments. On43.34 km² currently live and work 0.09 million people. Flats are in demand with 2147 citizens per square kilometre, altogether 0.11 % of the German citizens are at home in Ludwigsburg.

Facts and figures on the housing and real estate market

The Federal Statistical Office recently collected new figures on Germany, purely statistically 36,135 people live in the possession of a house, in the personal condominium live 5,722 residents and 45,038 tenants. Merely 6,131, on the other hand, live together in WGs. thereby, 54,891 married people live as well as 38,144 are currently single people. Due to the urban conditions and circumstances, one knows of the current need for action in the new construction of affordable housing. What do current studies see as the cost of new construction? In the next 12 years half of the studies assume 33,831 new dwellings around the 17% assume 39,469 new dwellings in the next years and a third assume Ludwigsburg units, at present statistically only about 260 dwelling units are built. Invested are proud 3,604,796,133.33 euros at the moment.

68,399 satisfied tenants

The people of Ludwigsburg are generally really satisfied where they live. As extrapolated 76,689 owners who appreciate their own living environment, against only 16,346 less happy, a whole 60,343 more, a similar feeling manifests itself also with tenants, with 68,399 happy residents, compared to 24,636 people who are unhappy despite many opportunities to spend leisure time. Did you know, the number of Ludwigsburgers lives in house for one family and not in apartment buildings, in a single-family house live 48,719 Ludwigsburger, so significantly more than as in apartment buildings, there live 28,909 and 14,428 people in houses for two parties.

Building Planning – Age Structure and Future

Statistically, the city has a large number of young inhabitants, such as 3,424 young adults aged between 21 and 23 years, as well as many people of older age who are important for the development of Ludwigsburg, such as 16,290 people over 65 years of age.You will also find increases in the predicted population development. Ludwigsburg increases regularly, from 92,255 citizens a little more than 4 years ago, Ludwigsburg grew by 780 people to today statistically 93,813.The trend continues, already in 2022, according to surveys against 96,110 citizens will need housing, another 3,075 peopleLet’s change now to development in the next 17 years in Ludwigsburg.

567,344,345 euros could still be invested by residents and companies in Ludwigsburg

The funds is really a lot, a whole 567,344,345 euros in cash, according to statistical data of the German Bundesbank on accounts, even much higher sums, because purely arithmetically 0.6 billion euros are set aside in real estate market. The complete amount of transactions in the real estate sector lies in Ludwigsburg currently based on the German average value with, statistically seen 8,520,427,224.24 euros, in the same period in the housing construction in Ludwigsburg 3.6 billion euros are transferred, the modernization plays in particular in densely populated cities, as Ludwigsburg with the today 2147 citizens per square kilometer an increasingly integral area with currently 4,260,213,612.12 euros market capital. In total, the market for real estate in Ludwigsburg generates an almost unimaginable 16.4 billion euros every single year.

Rent-free in Ludwigsburg: Easier living in private property according to age structure

From which way real estate owners distribute themselves, who lives fortunately without having to pay rent? let’s now look at two values. According to a survey by empirica, 3,913 young children up to the age of 10 now live in real estate, later there are already a few more, presumably because the toddler phase is over and at least one parent is working; among the 11 – 21 year olds, 4,846 live in the property of their hard-working parents. It goes down among the 21 to 30 year olds, just 1,060 of them live in their own home. The more the age rises, the more likely the inhabitants are to own their own property. Thus it is with the 31 to 40 year olds 4,016 and something over, with the persons between 41 – 50 years whole 6,946, at the age of 51-60 years live 6,360 Ludwigsburger in the own four walls, in the segment of the 61 to 70 year olds one comes still on 4,858, more and more sell or give to the children and thus the ratio sinks 3,010von total 93 035 humans.

Statistics for Ludwigsburg

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
House 36.135
Apartment 5.722
Rent 45.038
Shared apartment 6.131

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner / Age Quantity
0-10 3.913
11-21 4.846
21-30 1.060
31-40 4.016
41-50 6.946
51-60 6.360
61-70 4.858
71-80 3.010

empirica / LBS Research (data source)


Surrounding Area

Households (persons) today 2035 Change
1 38.144 40.935 2.791
2 31.632 33.493 1.861
3 11.164 9.304 -1.861
4 8.373 7.443 -930
more than 5 2.791 2.698 -93

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Difference
1 49.309 52.100 2.791
2 26.980 26.050 -930
3 8.373 7.443 -930
4 5.582 5.489 -93
5 + 1.861 1.675 -186

Data source: Federal Statistical Office