Inheritance Insolvency (Heir): Procedure & Requirements

Insolvency of estates – When you deal with the topic of real estate, you always come across words that are not immediately meaningful. You suddenly find yourself in a situation you have never been in before and for this reason you often need advice quickly. In this article, you will learn everything you need to […]

Real estate Corona crisis: sale of house, apartment, apartment building – demand increases

These days, many are talking about the second wave that is now coming to Germany but also to the whole world. Already at the beginning, with the Corona pandemic, many economic but also financial news warned that in autumn a wave of insolvencies will come upon us. A logical consequence of insolvency is the loss […]

Mortgage Bank, Pfandbriefe & Real Estate Loans

Hypothekenbank is an obsolete name for a Pfandbrief bank since 2005. In purely legal terms, mortgage banks are Pfandbrief banks, but some mortgage banks were allowed to keep their name. Pfandbrief banks are credit institutions whose banking business is to acquire mortgages, pool these mortgage Pfandbriefe and place them on the capital market. They are […]

Prevent foreclosure: My house / apartment is being auctioned, what can I do about it?

Prevent foreclosure – You have debts? Are you in the unfortunate situation that now a creditor has also initiated a foreclosure sale of your property to pay off his debt claim? Don’t worry! If you act early enough and certain circumstances are present, you can prevent a foreclosure. Prevent foreclosures – The options As soon […]

Explainer video: Foreclosure briefly & concisely summarized

Foreclosure – Are you in the unfortunate situation that your house is being foreclosed and you would now like to find out how the whole thing works and how much time you still have in possession of your property? Or are you bargain hunting and want to prepare yourself accordingly and find out how a […]

Subjection to execution for the purchase price of a property

Foreclosure Submission for Purchase Price – Every real estate purchase agreement contains a submission clause. This clause states that the seller of a property can immediately foreclose and seek payment of the purchase price from the buyer if the buyer fails to pay the purchase price on time. The purpose is so that the seller […]

Insolvency of a person: chance and new beginning?

Insolvency – Insolvency reveals the insolvency or threatened insolvency of a person. One speaks of insolvency when the debtor cannot meet 90% of his obligations within 4 weeks. If this is the case, insolvency proceedings are opened. In these proceedings, the debtor’s assets are liquidated by an insolvency administrator and the proceeds are distributed to […]

Forced sale: online portals for buyers, local court list and tips

Compulsory auction – Your goal is to acquire a property as cheaply as possible? You would like to participate in a forced sale, but you always lack the information when and where a forced sale takes place? Put an end to it! Foreclosure auctions – How you can always be part of it We at […]

Compulsory auction: procedure, reasons, enforcement, requirements and risks

Foreclosure Procedure – Property owners, like any other person, have expenses and obligations that they must meet and pay. If a property owner is insolvent and cannot pay certain debts, it may happen that a foreclosure sale of a property takes place. Such a proceeding is initiated by the creditor in the appropriate county court. […]