Subscription: How to save money correctly

A subscription is a purchase of certain services agreed for a longer period of time and thereby reduced in price. This includes not only memberships in the gym or the purchase of newspapers, but also the purchase of admission tickets, TV connections or music services. The purpose of subscriptions is to give you the opportunity to receive certain services on a regular basis for a fee.

Subscriptions – With regular use of a service

So if you want to subscribe to a certain service, you should be sure to use it regularly. If it turns out afterwards that the subscription is not used so regularly after all, unnecessary costs can be saved by cancelling it again. But those who use a service regularly can save a lot of money with subscriptions. The advantage of a subscription is that by subscribing to a service for a longer period of time, you receive this subscription at cheaper conditions.

  • Permanent purchase of a certain service
  • Reduction due to the permanent reference
  • Worthwhile only if you really use a service regularly

The trial subscription – Try different subscriptions

For those who are not yet sure whether a subscription is worthwhile, a trial subscription offers a good alternative. This gives you all the benefits of a normal subscription, but unlike an actual subscription, this is free. This gives the consumer the opportunity to find out whether it is worthwhile to purchase a certain service regularly.

  • To test if a certain subscription is worth it
  • Free of charge

Compare mobile phone contracts

Mobile phone providers often lure with supposedly unbelievable offers. However, it is not uncommon to find that the offers that were initially believed to be incredible contain hidden costs. To avoid this trap, you should compare the different providers and their offers before concluding a new mobile phone contract.

Cancellation of contract – In case of dissatisfaction, please consider

Often you find out afterwards that you pay too much for a contract, but maybe you don’t use all the functions of the contract or even need them. Here it is important to get in touch with your mobile phone provider and look for a solution. If you are completely dissatisfied with your contract or the provider does not comply with the conditions, it is advisable to write the cancellation of the contract as soon as possible. If the cancellation is not written and submitted in time, the contract may be automatically renewed.

Other providers and offers – Inform, compare and change

It is best to inform yourself about other providers and their offers before the contract is terminated. If the case should occur that you are looking for a new provider, it is advisable to inform yourself here exactly about the contract. Thus the chances are minimized that one realizes afterwards that one pays perhaps too much for something.

Use WLAN to save money

In addition, you can save money not only by cheaper mobile phone contracts, but also by the WLAN connection with a mobile phone. If you want to download larger amounts of data, it is a good idea to use the WLAN instead of the available data volume of the mobile phone provider.

Monthly ticket for bus and train – save money when using public transport

If you travel by public transport, you should never travel without a ticket. Of course, it is expensive to buy a ticket for every trip at a ticket machine, but if you drive without a ticket and get caught, you will be fined. To avoid the fine and the expensive single tickets, you might want to think about a monthly ticket. This ticket is especially worthwhile if you travel regularly by public transport.

The Student Ticket

Whoever is a student at a public university automatically receives a ticket for public transport when paying the semester fee. This is not a separate ticket, but a student ID card. This will not only count as an identity card, but also as a ticket for bus and train.

The Work Ticket

There is a special ticket for trainees and employees as well as for students. This so-called work ticket can be applied for at the local transport companies and approved by the employer. Since this ticket is not automatically included with the payment of a certain identity card or contribution, as is the case with students, you should consider beforehand whether it is worth applying for a work ticket. Otherwise, it is still possible to apply for a monthly ticket for public transport.

Unlimited use of the ticket

Thus, the monthly ticket has not only the advantage that it is cheaper in the long run, but also that you can use public transport as often as you like.

Annual Subscriptions for Regular Memberships – Permanently cheaper

Those who regularly use certain services in their free time, such as the fitness studio or a newspaper, benefit from an annual subscription. Often annual subscriptions are concluded because one thinks these would be cheaper. This is also the case, but only if you really use these subscriptions regularly. Since you pay here monthly for a certain service you should be sure that you really need and use this membership.

  • Fitness studio
  • Newspapers
  • TV connections
  • Mobile phone contract

Consider cancelling your subscription

If you are totally motivated to go to the gym in the beginning, but lose the desire to do so after a short time, you should think about cancelling your membership as soon as possible. This also applies to other subscriptions such as newspapers. Who likes to read a certain newspaper, but notices with time that the time to read is not enough should think about cancelling the subscription. So you do not continue to pay for something that is not used as regularly as it should be and you avoid a possible renewal of membership.

  • If it is used irregularly you should definitely cancel
  • Possible extension can be bypassed

Use customer cards

Those who go shopping are often asked at the checkout whether they have a customer card. This question is perceived by many customers as annoying, but customer cards have some advantages.

Advantages of loyalty cards

For example, loyalty points can be collected by purchasing products. This gives you the opportunity to collect the points and then you can purchase limited rewards. This not only has the advantage of being able to purchase certain products for customers, but also that customers come by more regularly. Furthermore, as an owner of a customer card you get the chance to be informed about exclusive offers. These exclusive offers often hide true treasures. Another advantage of a customer card is that you can save a lot of money in the long run. This is due to the fact that one often receives percentages with the customer card with the purchase of products. So if you want to save money when shopping, you might want to consider a customer card.

  • Collect loyalty points and receive limited bonuses
  • Use of exclusive offers
  • Rebates receive by a customer card

Compare insurances

Whoever takes out an insurance policy usually does not touch it for a long time. Understandable, because the insurance is actually only important if something happens. Be it car insurance, life insurance or travel insurance, all these things are only necessary in the worst case. But if you take a look at his documents, you might notice that he pays too much for something that is rarely used. Here are several tips you should consider.

What insurance is really necessary?

One should be clear which insurances one really needs. There are a lot of insurances which are quite unnecessary. This includes, for example, mobile phone insurance. These often exclude many damages and are nevertheless quite expensive.

Pay insurance premiums annually

Furthermore, one should consider paying the insurance premiums annually. Here you always pay the insurance at the beginning of the year in advance instead of monthly in installments. It should also be noted that insurance companies often increase premiums, which is why the premiums to be paid should be slightly higher. This not only has the advantage that you pay the insurance premiums all at once and you don’t have to pay anything for the rest of the year, but also that you automatically budget your finances.

Get information about the scope of your insurance

Furthermore, you should inform yourself about the scope of the insurance. This means that some insurance companies cover all costs, while other insurance companies only cover costs under certain conditions.

Cover costs yourself and compare insurances

Another tip is that you should consider paying smaller damages yourself. The reason for this is that although the costs are covered by the insurance, the insurance premiums increase as a result. As with other contracts, you should also compare the different insurance providers with each other and, if necessary, change provider.

  • You should bear the costs for minor damage yourself
  • Insurance pays, but this can increase the insurance contributions
  • Compare the different providers and their conditions
  • Cancel your current insurance if necessary and change provider