Sell property: Procedure, building law, realtor, notary, costs & taxes

The sale of a plot of land is a decision you have thought about for a long time. There can be various reasons for the sale. But when it comes to the success of the sale, all owners agree. The property should be sold at the best price and without a long waiting period. If […]

Pareto principle, making money and wow real estate – “Richer than the Geissens” strategies by Alex Fischer

Pareto principle, earn money and wow real estates – In the free audio book of “Richer than the Geissen” you learn, how you can earn money successfully with real estates in 5 years without own capital funds. Big goals are reached by small steps. I want to take you with me today, in a few […]

Electricity comparison: Saving electricity, time & money – The biggest energy consumers in the household

Saving electricity is becoming increasingly important. Energy consumption in particular is responsible for high costs. If prices continue to rise, it is worth taking a closer look at the large amount of energy consumed. Of course, you can save a lot of money by changing your electricity provider, but you can also do a lot […]

Subscription: How to save money correctly

A subscription is a purchase of certain services agreed for a longer period of time and thereby reduced in price. This includes not only memberships in the gym or the purchase of newspapers, but also the purchase of admission tickets, TV connections or music services. The purpose of subscriptions is to give you the opportunity […]

Save on travel: Hotels, flight bookings and food – holiday tips

It’s always a nice thing to travel. Because it is rather the rarer case that one travels monthly, the vacation is often a state of emergency. And although or just because it is an exception, one often spends a lot of money on many, often unnecessary, things, especially on holiday. For this reason, we have […]

Finance Check: Saving with Budget Book, Discount or Debt Rescheduling

Those who want to save money should not start with things like clothes or the like. No, who would like to save correctly should do this with the finances themselves! We have put together a few tips for you that will make it easy for you to save more money in the future. Leave your […]

Saving money in the household: Lowering costs for singles and families

Do you live in a household with children? Then you certainly know that it is not always cheap to keep children busy and happy. But not everyone lives in a family or in a household with children. There are also enough younger and older people who live alone or simply without children. For this reason, […]

Saving in your spare time: Free events, film evenings and gift ideas – Tips

Leisure time is an important part of human life. One is not only free from any obligations, but one also has the possibility to shape them as one wishes. There are a number of leisure activities that are anything but easy on the wallet. If you don’t know how to spend your free time without […]