Saving in your spare time: Free events, film evenings and gift ideas – Tips

Leisure time is an important part of human life. One is not only free from any obligations, but one also has the possibility to shape them as one wishes. There are a number of leisure activities that are anything but easy on the wallet. If you don’t know how to spend your free time without spending a lot of money, take a look at the following suggestions. You not only have the opportunity to make new contacts, you can also make new experiences. So it doesn’t always have to be an expensive hobby to pursue in your spare time, there are also a lot of inexpensive or even free alternatives.

Visit free events in your area

Workshops, concerts or cultural events in general are often free of charge. They are not only everywhere but also a great alternative to restaurant or cinema visits. If you don’t know which events there are, you can find them on many posters, on the Internet or on flyers. So if you want to have a good time but don’t want to pay the entrance fee, free events in the surroundings are very recommendable.

  • Workshops
  • Concerts
  • Many museums
  • Cultural Events
  • To find on: Posters, flyers or on the Internet

Invite friends to your home

You don’t always have to go out for fun. If you would like to celebrate with friends or eat something nice, it is worth considering doing these activities at home in your own living room or kitchen. When you invite your friends home, there are a lot of activities you can do. You can not only watch a movie together, you can also cook something together, play community games together or celebrate a small party. The time you spend at home with your friends not only gives you endless opportunities for activities together, it also saves you money if you don’t spend a small fortune in a restaurant or celebrating.

  • Cooking together with friends instead of eating out in a restaurant
  • Celebrate at home in your own four walls instead of in an overpriced club
  • Games evenings with family and friends

Film evenings at home instead of going to the movies

In this day and age of streaming services, you have the opportunity to watch a wide variety of movies and series at home with friends or alone. Not only does one save a lot of money if one watches films at home instead of in the cinema, but one can also choose between countless offers.

Use streaming services

Besides the possibility to choose between movies and series, you also have a large selection of your own productions of streaming services, access to the latest productions and much more. Those who would like to spend an evening with friends and a good movie should think about whether it might be better to make oneself comfortable at home in front of the home TV or notebook.

Alternatives to the gym to do sports

Everyone knows that sport is good for your health, but you don’t always have to go to the nearby gym. Anyone who is a member of a gym often pays a large sum of money for something where they might save money. A membership in a gym is a good thing, but only pays off if you go there regularly.

At home or in the fresh air being athletic

But if you don’t have the time or the desire to go to the studio and then go back home, there are still a lot of alternatives available. One can not only be outdoors for jogging or other activities, but also at home. There are now a number of different fitness programs but also individual exercises that you can do at home. So if you want to do sports, you don’t always have to sign up for an expensive membership at the gym.

In short, then:

  • Unobserved at home
  • Outdoors in the fresh air
  • No overpriced membership
  • Your own body as training weight
  • Many sports fields in public places

Free hobbies for leisure

In your free time you don’t always have to pursue your hobby in an expensive club, there are also a lot of free alternatives. Who would like to do some physical exercise, for example hiking, walking or cycling. But if you prefer to be at home and would like to be more productive, you could try your hand at reading, sewing, crocheting or knitting. There is an infinite number of ways to spend your time at a reasonable price. These leisure activities are not only fun, they also save money.

  • Hiking
  • Walk
  • Bicycle riding
  • Read
  • Sewing, crocheting, knitting

Volunteer work – Leisure activities for a good cause

Voluntary work is not only free of charge but also has a good purpose. Those who do charitable work can do something for themselves as a human being in addition to making new contacts. The work with the honorary office is not only a fulfilling component in the life of many humans, but helps also by the work itself human further to develop.

Varied and multi-layered areas

Voluntary work does not only include work for the volunteer fire brigade, but you can also be an election worker if you are interested in politics. In addition to the work in the animal shelter there is also the help with a telephone and internet pastoral care. The volunteer work is totally multi-layered and varied and can be recommended to anyone who may have a lot of free time and would like to do something good for themselves and the people and animals around them in this free time.

Gift making and saving money

For Christmas, birthdays or just as a small gift – gifts have become an integral part of our culture. All the more difficult is the search for the perfect gift. One often thinks that it must become more and more expensive to show how much the person is worth to you. But not everything that is expensive is automatically better. Often it is enough to sit down and make something for the loved one. Not only is there no limit to your creativity when doing handicrafts, you also have the opportunity to create something very individual that comes from the heart.

Individuality with high significance

With children it is quite normal to make something of one’s own for such occasions, just because one is older and perhaps earns one’s own money does not mean that one always has to spend it. Homemade gifts are especially important with family members and close friends, as it shows that more thought has been given to them. If you don’t have any ideas about what you can do yourself, you can find it on the Internet. There is a whole range of ideas and inspirations. So those who make their own gifts will not only create something very individual and valuable but will also protect their wallets.

  • There are no limits to creativity
  • High individuality
  • Great importance
  • Better than overpriced material products

Here we have a video for you with some inspiration for your next gifts:

Read books – The affordable hobby with great added value

If you are looking for an inexpensive hobby, reading books is a good choice. Books do not only have a large increase in value, but one appropriates also besides new knowledge. You don’t always have to buy new books, the local library also offers the possibility to borrow books or buy a used book. But if you want one of the newest books, you have to spend more money for better or worse, but books are for eternity and therefore you can see them as an investment.

Borrow movies and books instead of buying

You don’t always have to buy books or movies to get anything from them. Who wants to buy a film or a book, but doesn’t want to buy it directly, has the possibility to rent it. After borrowing, you still have the possibility to buy these products yourself.

The Advantage of Libraries and Video Rental

Not only can you borrow books and films from your local library or video store, you can also borrow them from friends or acquaintances. The lending of books and films is therefore a cost-effective alternative to buying. Although one usually has to possess a valid library card at the libraries which entitles one to borrow books but also films, but this usually does not cost much money.

  • Rental DVDs from Video Rental Stores
  • Libraries offer many films besides books
  • You need a badge to use the library
  • The ID does not usually cost much money

Go to the cinema during the week instead of the weekend

If you can’t do without the latest films and you absolutely want to go to the cinema, it is advisable to do this during the week. Who is regularly in the cinema knows that there are certain cinema days. These are usually during the week and enable you to watch the desired film more cheaply. That’s because most people prefer to go to the cinema on weekends, which is where most sales are made anyway. Thus the cinemas want to encourage people to watch films even during the week by offering cheap prices for films and food.

  • Use of certain cinema days
  • Kinotage are mostly during the week because of the lower number of visitors
  • Use certain times to go to the cinema
  • During the day the performances are usually cheaper than in the evening