Save on travel: Hotels, flight bookings and food – holiday tips

It’s always a nice thing to travel. Because it is rather the rarer case that one travels monthly, the vacation is often a state of emergency. And although or just because it is an exception, one often spends a lot of money on many, often unnecessary, things, especially on holiday. For this reason, we have compiled a few important tips for you in the following, with which you can not only save money before your upcoming holiday, but also in the holiday itself.

Use early booking discounts and last minute offers

Early bird discounts and last-minute offers are good ways to save money before you leave for your holiday. Last minute offers, for example, are particularly suitable for people who are very flexible in their holiday planning. Here you will then be offered short-term offers for spontaneous travel by various travel providers. However, early booking discounts are particularly suitable for those persons whose holiday planning for the year has already been completed.

Overview of early booking discounts

  • Advantageous if the leave planning for the year is fixed
  • Flight tickets become more expensive as soon as the plane gets full, therefore you should book as early as possible
  • Who flies during the week can save even more money

Overview of last-minute offers

  • Advantageous if you are very flexible
  • Offers of spontaneous travel at more favorable conditions

Are independent travel arrangements – save money with individuality

Another tip to save when travelling is that you can put together your own holiday. This means that one does not go as usual to a travel agency and have one’s holidays arranged there, but one has to work here oneself. Who sets with his vacation planning on individuality and inexpensive conditions, that can overlook also times over the large associated research expenditure.

  • Price value than booking at a travel agency
  • Great research effort to find the best possible offers
  • Individuality is capitalized here

Travel in low season and save money and nerves

If you want to save money on your trip and are flexible enough, you should start traveling in the low season immediately. This is because accommodation and tickets are usually much more expensive during high season and many destinations are crowded with tourists. You can also save money if you do not travel during the holiday season. This is due to the fact that all families go on holiday during the holiday season and therefore many holiday resorts are quickly overcrowded. The resorts are also smart and make this to their advantage by raising prices. However, if this is not possible, then you should travel if the holidays have not yet begun in many federal states. With these simple tricks you can save a lot of money in advance.

  • Don’t travel during the high season
  • If possible avoid the holiday season
  • If you can’t avoid the holiday season try to travel if in the other federal states no holidays have started yet

Favourable alternatives to Hotels – Bed & Breakfast, Camping and Hostels

It does not always have to be a hotel on holiday, there are also cheap alternatives that are often even better than an overpriced hotel.

A few alternatives, for example:

  • Camp if you are adventurous and want to enjoy nature in its pristine beauty
  • Hostels can also be a lot of fun, because you not only get to know a lot of interesting people, but you can also save a lot of money and maybe overlook the bunk beds. Apart from that there are also enough single and double rooms available in hostels
  • Bed and Breakfast is a great way to save money and get to know the life of the locals better

Prepare your own food before and during your holiday – This way you save on food

If you want to save money on your holiday, you should think about preparing your own food if you have the opportunity. Also for cocktails. When you are on holiday you would like to end the evening with a delicious drink and great people, but it is often very expensive. An alternative would be, for example, to simply buy all the necessary ingredients and then prepare your own cocktails at home.

Alternatives to self cooking

You don’t always have to cook yourself on holiday to save money, there are also cheap alternatives. Street food, for example, is a good opportunity to try new and interesting dishes, which usually do not cost much money. Or visit a local market where you can find beautiful products and have a great time. In the long run it is understandably no longer so inexpensive, but now and then you can do that.

Prepare food for the journey

You can also save money before you leave for your holiday. For this it is only important that you prepare your travel provisions at home. Make yourself some sandwiches and pack some fruit and vegetables. By not having to buy overpriced products at the petrol station, train station or airport, you can save a lot of money even before the actual journey.

Travelling to less known places – discovering new things and saving

There are many advantages to travelling to less known places. You can not only save a lot of money because of the minimal tourism, but also discover new interesting places. However, if you would like to go on holiday in a well-known place, then book your accommodation in a smaller, less well-known suburb of the actual destination. You will not only get to know the surroundings, but also save a lot of money.

  • Travel to lesser known places
  • Overnight outside if you are travelling to a busy place
  • Get to know new and perhaps more remote places

Do you ever national vacation

Not only other countries have beautiful sights, also in the own country there are many beautiful things to discover. Have you ever thought about a journey through the cities of Germany? No? Then you should definitely do that. This will not only save you a lot of money, but also give you the opportunity to get to know other national places.

Take out travel insurance – Save money safely

If you travel to a foreign country, you benefit from travel insurance if the worst comes to the worst. Of course, such a travel insurance is only necessary if something happens, but if something happens and you are not insured, this can have serious consequences. So take out travel insurance before you start to travel to protect yourself from costs that may be incurred due to travel delays, illness or accidents.

  • Saves you in case of cases
  • Necessary for: Accidents, illnesses and/or travel delays

Use cheaper airlines – Safe and inexpensive

Cheap isn’t always bad. Especially many cheap airlines do not necessarily have a great reputation. This is mostly due to the fact that the comfort of these airlines is understandably not as high as that of the more expensive ones, but with a cheaper airline you will arrive safely at your destination. So if you can overlook the low comfort in the plane, you can often save up to 50 percent.

Create a travel account or a piggy bank for your holiday

It is advisable to create a separate account or a piggy bank just for the trip. This not only allows you to see how your money for the trip is getting more and more, but in the best case you can really touch the money only when it goes on holiday. In order to save money again and again for the journey alone and not to touch it, you need a high degree of self-control, but the joy is all the greater when you have been successful.

  • Let money for the holiday back
  • Use a money box or maybe even a savings account specially for travel
  • Let a certain amount be returned for the holiday each month

Book arrival and departure times correctly – save when you book your holiday

Those who start their holidays by plane or train are not as flexible as by car. However, this is not directly a disadvantage, but only if you book your arrival and departure times correctly. This means that you should try to book your flights or trips in such a way that you do not arrive in the evening on holiday and leave early in the morning. The reason for this is that you would otherwise throw two days out of the window while on holiday. So be smart and book your times correctly!

Calculate extra costs correctly – tourist tax, visa and toll

It is important that you inform yourself before your holiday about possible additional costs that may arise. There are sometimes questions regarding a possible tourist tax, a visa or fees such as the toll. For this reason, the following points may help you to calculate your additional costs correctly:

  • Get a credit card that does not charge any fees for use abroad
  • If you have a credit card you may not need travel insurance because many credit cards already include travel insurance
  • Check before you start to travel whether your passport is still valid. This will save you the airport charges for an invalid passport
  • Get information in advance on how much luggage you are allowed to take with you. Especially if you fly with an inexpensive airline, you should know beforehand whether the hand luggage is free of charge with this airline
  • Just when you drive by car you often have to pay tolls in foreign countries. Therefore, find out in advance where you have to expect to pay a toll and try to take detours
  • At best, don’t let it be said that you are a tourist. A lot of locals want to rip you off. You should not only watch out for taxi rides, but also in restaurants or bars

Learn how to do without things even on holiday

Sure, on vacation you always say it’s an exception and therefore it’s okay to spend more money than usual on certain things. But saving means to do without something every now and then, even on vacation. For this reason you should stick to our following tips:

  • You don’t have to sleep in the most expensive hotel in town to breathe the luxurious air. Why don’t you just go to the hotel for a drink in the evening? Thus you come into the benefit of the luxury’ and save nevertheless money
  • Of course you should relax during your holiday, but you should not always talk your way out of it by saying that you are on holiday and that it is therefore an exception. This is because the excuses can add up very quickly and you end up with less money in your pocket than originally planned.
  • If you buy souvenirs then do it because it reminds you of the holiday or you want to give it away. Don’t do it because you just think it’s good right now. This means that the expensive souvenir often simply ends up in some corner and is never noticed again
  • Do you want to travel more often for less money or once a year for a lot of money? Do you want a comfortable journey but a less good accommodation or the other way around? So set priorities

Keep a book when you travel – The household book for holidays

If you want to save money on holidays, it is important that you also have an overview of your finances there. Therefore, it is best to set a budget for what you want to spend every day before you start your journey. Of course you can’t always stick to the planned budget, but if you have spent one day more than planned you may spend the next day less than planned. Please inform yourself about the following points before your journey:

  • What currency is used for payment in the holiday country and what is the exchange rate at the time of travel?
  • What would you like to do on holiday and how much money could these activities cost?
  • If possible, find out how much other travellers spend in the resort

It doesn’t take much to figure out that information. You can easily obtain this information by searching the Internet or by using a travel guide, which is however more expensive than searching the Internet. If you are already familiar with the destination before you start your journey, you will be spared any unpleasant surprises.

Backpacking instead of All Inclusive Holiday – Cheap and adventurous

Feel everyone knows how to organize once a year for 1-2 weeks holidays in a beautiful hotel with sea view. But what many people find more challenging is backpacking. Backpacking is not only a cheap alternative to an all-inclusive holiday, but you are much more flexible due to the backpack and the missing suitcase, and can therefore also travel more easily. Young people in particular are in great demand for backpack trips around the world, but many are overwhelmed by such planning. For this reason we have compiled the most important information about backpacking for you.

All important backpacking information

  • Backpacking often requires a lot of courage. So be brave and just dare to pack your backpack and book a spontaneous trip
  • Set realistic goals. Explore the countries, for what your money is enough and don’t save only 5 years for the actually spontaneous travel
  • Be careful what you pack and how much you pack. Every gram more you have to carry on your back during your journey
  • Pack comfortable shoes or wear them directly. When backpacking you are often walking for a long time and it would of course be annoying to wear uncomfortable footwear