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Selling a Hotel: Process, Valuation, Mistakes, Investors – Selling Hotel Real Estate

Selling a hotel – Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Germany-wide: Domestic tourism is booming and has been shining for over 10 years with ever new record figures. If your hotel sale does not take place under time pressure, surely a good business for both sides: You as the seller and for the buyer. […]

Selling Commercial Property: Procedure, brokers and property types

Selling commercial property – You want to sell your property and are looking for a partner to carry out the sale for you? Supermarket, hotel sales and shopping centre: commercial property sales involve large sums of money and the greatest expertise in vetting the potential buyer. What type of business is your property suitable for? […]

Legal: Notary, main contract and tax regulations

Legal – You want to sell your house? Then you not only need a willing buyer, but you should also know about your rights and obligations. The sale of real estate is strictly regulated in Germany. This is because it is the only way to protect the seller and the buyer. However, this also leads […]

Inherited parental home – sell, rent or use yourself?

Inheriting your parents’ house – Sooner or later, as the child of property-owning parents, you will be faced with the question of whether to sell, rent or keep the house. The sale of the parental home is not always directly linked to an inheritance. If your parents become dependent on care and can no longer […]

Right of withdrawal brokerage contract- rights and obligations

Right of withdrawal contract – A brokerage contract is only valid if it has a legally binding right of withdrawal. This must be received and accepted by the client in writing, by email or by fax. In order to be fully valid, the broker must also agree and accept the contract. The acceptance of the […]

Liability: defects, compensation and reduction of the purchase price

Liability – When selling a house, owners have to consider numerous things. This includes, for example, the topic of liability. Who can be held responsible if defects appear after the sale that were not previously reported? When is the buyer entitled to damages or a reduction in the purchase price? You will learn all this […]

Compare sample contracts: Brokerage contract

Compare contracts – Experienced real estate agents know which components a legally valid and transparent contract must contain. However, every client has individual ideas about the service, as well as the individual contract contents and the service provision in general. To ensure that your contract is valid and legally binding without disregarding the specific wishes […]

Certificate of competence – You should check this

Certificate of competence – Many clients ask whether there is a certificate of competence for real estate agents. This is not provided by the legislator, so that you do not have to look for a certificate of competence when hiring an estate agent. It is different with the obligation to the advanced training and further […]

Mistakes when renting – What you have to watch out for

Mistake – You want to find a new tenant promptly and keep the costs of your search as low as possible. Since the buyer principle has been introduced, some owners are choosing not to use an estate agent. This doesn’t have to be a problem, but it can prove to be a high risk if […]

Ordering party principle: new regulations on brokerage fees

Orderer principle – With 01 June 2015 the legislator has made a new regulation of the brokerage fee with letting. Since this date, the buyer pays the commission and the tenant no longer has to expect additional costs in the form of a brokerage fee. For prospective tenants this regulation contains a clear advantage. Owners, […]

Renting out residential property – tips

Renting out residential property – Since the buyer principle has come into effect when renting out residential property, some owners refrain from hiring an agent. However, even if you pay for the service, you should consider the benefits and find out why an estate agent is the best solution. What you should pay attention to […]

Apartment building: asset value, market value and yields

Apartment house – In the traditional sense, an apartment house is a multi-family house that generates returns through rental payments and is therefore interesting for capital investors. If you want to address the target group of investors, you need a large contingent of documents and must provide your documents completely. Important business management statements, a […]