Request a financing offer: Real estate, apartment and house purchase + construction financing

Financing offer – How do you find the right financing offer for a house, apartment or apartment building? Tailor-made financing for the purchase of real estate is based on an offer determined personally for you.

Requests for conditions or financing

Would you like to enquire about your conditions first, or do you want to receive a favourable financing offer directly? If you want to make a comparison, we recommend you a non-binding and not as a credit request evaluated condition offer.

Here you can find out at which borrowing rate and effective interest rate you can fulfil your dream of owning your own home and which framework conditions we can offer you. For offers that match your financing project, we need some basic information on the purpose of the financing, the net financing amount and the desired repayment rate per month.

Self-use or capital investment?

Tell us what type of property you are financing and whether you want to use the property yourself or purchase it as an investment. If you do not yet have an exposé to hand, we recommend that you obtain a financing offer on the basis of the key data that are important for your property purchase. By providing you with a comparable property in a similar location, we have the opportunity to make you a financing offer on a hypothetical basis and then concretize it if you have a property in mind. In order not to put off the purchase intention and to be able to act if necessary, we recommend that you obtain the financing offer in advance, even if you are currently still looking for your dream home.

Reserve conditions from the financing proposal

Many homebuyers ask us if the terms presented in the financing proposal will apply if the home purchase is still in the future. At Lukinski, we will reserve the determined terms for you if you accept our financing proposal as an offer and agree to all terms and contractual details.

Financing security

Sometimes the search for the desired property can take longer, so you can get the financing security in advance. This offers you the advantage that you can act much faster in the event of a purchase and do not have to wait until you receive a binding financing offer and sign the contract.

Financing proposals

At Lukinski, we offer financing proposals based on your information with favorable terms and the flexibility you desire. You can secure your financing advantage in advance by choosing one of the proposed real estate financing offers and reserving your terms. Once you have decided on a deal, we will draw up the contract and hold the finance amount until you complete the purchase and require payment. Many of our clients decide on a financing offer even if they are currently still looking for property. You may find not only the best financing offer, but also your dream home or apartment directly through our real estate agents at Lukinski.

What information for a financing offer?

In order to determine your conditions and to submit a suitable financing offer that perfectly matches your project, we need some personal data from you in addition to the property-relevant information.

Your financing plans, as well as your financial background, the information on the security of the financing and your ideas on the type of financing offer experts the opportunity to orientate ourselves on facts when determining the conditions and to make you the best offer in this respect.

Secure your way into your own four walls with a financing offer that is not only geared to your finances, but with equal attention to your specific wishes.