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We are your online marketing managers! Our managers stand by your company in digital advertising as a reliable advertising partner with insights for new customer acquisition and the long-term development of the multimedia marketing plan. We support trend-conscious companies in Munich for cross-media online campaigns. The normal user behavior has been fundamentally changed by sustainable. Experienced online marketing agencies and managers we help you as experts in various industries such as publishing, food, products as well as leisure and tourism. Especially new forms of marketing for reach and backlinks have an increasing impact on marketing departments. No matter if Munich, Berlin, Cologne or even Hamburg everywhere practiced campaign managers see fine differences almost always and everywhere. We construct media with SEO, PR ideas, influencer and blogger relations, social media, targeting and newsletter marketing for accurate insight.

Online Marketing Agency for Munich

Online marketing agency for Munich concepts: Online trade and marketing is in practice extremely diverse. Your partners for digital positioning and brand communication. Your marketing agency with many years of expertise in marketing, strategy and design. The more useful is a marketing strategy targeted in advance and the selection of the right channels. This begins with digital transformation and continues with Big Data and its analyses, right through to consulting for online advertising and social marketing.

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Social media marketing methods for substantially increasing interaction and clicks

Get creative, tell your fans your individual business story on social media and engage followers with your brand for years to come. Media usage is potentially shifting to social media. Get going, build brand fans today in a planned way. A third of Germans are registered on Facebook, for example, a high number of potential customers also in Munich the social media managers can reach at any time extremely accurately for themselves with Facebook Ads quickly for new ideas. The interaction of users in Munich is what matters in social media marketing. A precisely selected target group pushes the interaction rate considerably. Due to the very specialized user group of Instagram, young people, you can inherently expect little wastage when promoting on Instagram. To get to know your followers and more extensively, highly efficient tools from the market leader Facebook itself are available, such as Graph Search.

Benefiting from the new platforms

Thus, Munich determines Bavaria’s media behavior. Online Marketing One brings well-known companies together with the best influencers. It is clear that when it comes to successful, new media campaigns and strategies for marketing, we as a media agency and marketing agency look very closely. Invest in very low advertising losses with your campaigns through the precisely controllable target group in Facebook’s Ads Manager.

Blogger for your influencer marketing in social networks

Thanks to the corporate takeover of Instagram by Facebook, you as the person responsible for marketing now have the same advertising options on Instagram in the Admanager, we as an agency can locate target groups extremely precisely with advertisements. Many corporate marketers still don’t understand the potential, especially in highly traveled audiences, of what Instagram is all about. Influencer marketing is ostensibly about inspiring advocates who are in demand as savvy individuals. Influencers, for example, can be influential in assessing and rating employers, products, and services. Due to the truly individual users, which are young people, you can inherently calculate with little wastage from promotional activities on Instagram.

More visitors and high ranking through search engine optimization

What is meant by search engine optimization✓ SEO deals with the systematic and planned on the basis of keywords, targeted page building for visibility in the portals. In management, search engine optimization like Google is a fundamental part of the agency. The sustainable monetization of the globalized, digital market is an absolute recommendation for companies. No matter if traffic is generated by occupied keywords, by buying links or backlinks from blogs and portals or even by the long tail. With this methodology, your own shop will be listed much higher, much more profitable than your competitors. Thus, your online shop gets decisively more clicks, through online marketing measures and constant content optimization.

Calculate KPI and ROI with monitoring in online marketing

Subsequent monitoring of your major sales channels is done through the use of software, such as Google Analytics or Facebook Business Manager for Social Networks. You understand the needs, preferences and desires of your fans through all the insightful usage data that platforms and networks collect from their visitors. By extensively analyzing all the data available to us, your staff can also see which content is performing above average compared to other content. It’s also easy to refine the usability of your existing media through constant analysis.

With KPIs and monitoring measures, your online marketing agency analyses the achieved success of the online campaigns. Our managers help you with the calculable realization of the given goals. With targeted measures such as SEO / search engine optimization, especially for the most important Google in Germany as well as Bing in the USA, your e-commerce has sustainable success through higher organic reach in search engines. Raise profit expectations through SEO / search engine optimization. We help you not only as an agency, but also as a trainer in the companies for in-house training of employees and as a speaker at events.

Amazon, Ebay & E-Commerce: Your online marketing consultants in Munich

Maximize sales no longer just on Amazon or through social networks, but directly in your platform. Then your project managers connect new and old markets, link offline and online marketing for overarching advertising campaigns. But digital ads don’t cover every life situation of people ready to buy. The term online, points managers in online marketing to the given disadvantages or advantages, as well as the opportunities and risks. Online marketing is about a lot of things, we cast an eye on the major areas that exist in the promotion of services and products. Clients don’t deal with the day-to-day work and details of campaign planning, they trust the agency. The smooth exchange of information makes strategies more condensed and much more effective in achieving goals. Close collaboration between marketing and advertising agencies promotes good results. Clients will usually never get very involved with the individual components of the concept.

Expertise and online marketing consultant for Munich

For you, it is always about inspiring experts and bloggers in a previously selected topic area as product and brand advocates for your own brand. We can make you an individual offer to support your media project with additional experts. The perfect marketing manager in Berlin for your media project. Our agency for digital media accompanies you in the entire production management. With exclusively professional partners in Berlin and worldwide. We thus enable an absolutely smooth project flow. Agency services that bring your company forward in the market, as a direct client or media agency on behalf. The communities of social media influencers that have been built up over many years are used in a targeted manner with always low wastage for your campaign. Our marketing consultants support your employees in creating sophisticated concepts for your target group.