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Agency for Online Marketing in Berlin – Digital marketplaces are, multifaceted, large and sometimes confusing. Your reliable partner for digital positioning and communication. Take advantage of our individual consulting and experience with core competencies in marketing, strategy and design. All the more crucial is an upfront, targeted digital strategy and the selection of the right channels. The change starts with SEO measures for your own blog and goes on to digital transformation in companies and marketing automation. Read all about our online marketing agency & consultants here.

Online Marketing Agency for Berlin: SEO/SEA, Tracking, Magazine PR, Blogger and Influencer, Targeting and Newsletter Marketing

Become an online marketing rockstar. All our consultants and experts are well-trained digital natives, so we as consultants plan concrete goals for companies and brands. Our digital marketing agency supports brands in Berlin for multimedia campaigns. Digital media and the mobile web tangent the everyday life of all target groups in all its facets. Also social media marketing like influencer marketing for reach and backlinks has a higher influence on almost all strategic decisions in marketing departments.

We do media with targeting and retargeting, PR in magazines, commercials, content planning, A/B testing and social media for precise insight and sales. Agencies we help your team as specialists in various fields like industrial, automotive as well as digital services. For online marketers, there are almost always and everywhere small differences, which are decisive for the intended success or failure, depending on the interests of your intended target group to find out. By means of the well-tried KPIs and monitoring measures we check the ultimate success. We help with a predictable and calculable realization of your goals for the ads.

We are your experts for SEO, Scoial Media & more in companies

With a well-done search engine optimization, you no longer optimize sales only in social networks or Amazon, but additionally directly in your own e-commerce. Trust in digital sales channels now. Through targeted measures such as search engine optimization (SEO), your online shop has sustainable success to record through the constantly growing reach on the Internet. Our agency actively advises companies, but we are also trainers in the companies for the further education of employees as well as speakers at congresses. Combine the exciting mix of offline and online marketing for comprehensive campaigns. The term online marketing points out the given advantages and disadvantages, as well as the opportunities and risks. But digital advertising formats do not cover every everyday situation of fans.

Managers usually only deal with the individual tasks and also the everyday media work in little detail. For PR, advertising and marketing agencies, close, communicative cooperation counts. Online marketing is about a lot of things, together we keep an eye on all the basic areas. Clients do not deal with the details and also the daily media work, they trust your agency. In media planning, the exchange of information makes strategies more compressed and more effective with target groups.

Additional sales and brand fans with social media marketing strategies

Marketing on the Internet: With its extremely fast processes has been successfully making its way into the media mix of companies for decades. Get started. Build brand fans for yourself and your brand right now and use creative tools like retargeting to re-promote your targeted project KPIs. Meet new buyers through new advertising ideas thoughtful concepts! To get to know followers and more extensively, highly efficient tools from Facebook are available to your company Graph Search. Through the individual users of Instagram, you can always plan in sales with little emerging scattering of users of promotional activities. The more precise the target group, the more your user interaction increases. On the us market leader Facebook alone, one third of the German population is active, a high number of potential customers that social media managers can reach extremely precisely at any time.

Influencer Marketing with Bloggers in Berlin

Influencer marketing is ostensibly about gaining brand or product advocates. Opinion leaders who are in demand as sought-after people to promote new things. Many marketing departments still don’t see the untapped potential that lies within the Instagram social network. With Facebook’s corporate takeover of Instagram, your social media managers have the same opportunities to target ads here as, can target your customers in Berlin extremely accurately with ads in the Instagram stream. Influencers have with their communicative work, for example, influence on the rating, recommendation and assessment of brands, employers, products and companies from. Invest in extremely low investment losses with experience and know-how of social media experts.

Influencer Marketing Basics from A-Z

Since we have an extremely high volume of inquiries at our social media agency, we wanted to clarify for everyone how influencer marketing works. With our agency, we focus on long-term engagements for our talents. However, many online shops, companies and agencies also need help and support for ‘smaller’ projects. For that, we now have this 6-part free online course on Influencer Marketing. Based on our Instagram software Social Analytics, I show all the steps it takes to set up a successful influencer marketing concept. From the initial definition to monitoring the campaign. More tutorials on social media, marketing, Photoshop, WordPress, SEO, and much more can be found on my advertising agency Youtube channel.

Tip. More on this topic can be found in our social media agency:

Search engine optimization for strong performance of your online shop

The consistent monetization of globalized and digitized markets is an absolute concrete recommendation for companies, whether visitor traffic is generated through the long tail, by purchasing links or backlinks from topic-based blogs and media, or through direct keywords. In agencies, search engine optimization like Google is a fundamental part of the agency as successes are very sustainable and thus companies can earn profit online for years to come. SEO, search engine optimization basically deals with the systematic and based on keywords planned, targeted page building for good visibility in the major search engines. This will decisively get you more relevant and most importantly quality clicks on your offer. Simply with online marketing concepts and the constant content optimization. Thus, a shop is listed much higher, much better than most competitors.

With Display Ads and Adwords you advertise in search engines and on major portals

Either directly in the search or through advertising graphics in the content partner pages. Popular in agencies are especially search engines and the market leader in particular Google and all their functions and setting options for customers, which are among others Adwords but also for the portals Display Ads.

Newsletter Funnel for the Online Shop

Webshops can collect email addresses quickly and easily. Subsequently, the subscribers are advertised again through your created funnel, targeted with the ideal goods. Your users will almost always appreciate the added value of your funnel. Now offer your visitors easy consumable added value. Direct your entire referral and sales process to modern newsletter marketing and you will quickly see the satisfying results. Newsletter open rates are high and therefore effective for your marketing. Funnels play out a seemingly individual process that usually leads to a sale or even an upsell.

Calculate and check successes with methods in monitoring

The monitoring is usually done by in-network software, such as the Business Manager of market leader Facebook in social networks or Google’s Analytics or more specific ones like XOVI. Through the detailed analysis of the data, you know very quickly which content is performing very well. In addition, your marketing can refine the usability of your media for this.

Consultants for companies: Expert tips for managers

As a marketing agency, we help you find sophisticated concepts and strategies for your previously defined campaigns. With our agency services we always help you to achieve the optimum, as a middle client or marketing agency on behalf. Our managers support you as a PR agency to always achieve the best results. Are you looking for the perfect manager for your project? The self-built, wide-reaching communities of influencers are used extremely effectively for marketing campaigns and advertising by companies.

Our managers ensure perfectly organized and high quality results behind the camera. Fast response times, modern infrastructure, fast response times, all our ideas are quickly available for you to choose from. The perfect marketing manager in Berlin for your media project. Our agency for online advertising accompanies you and your project throughout the entire organizational process. With experienced partners in Berlin and throughout Europe. For us, influencer marketing is daily about inspiring various experts and bloggers in a selected topic area as opinion leaders for your own brand. Get your individual company quote. We are your online marketing agency for quality brands, products and campaigns. From international campaigns for the beauty world to work in Hamburg, Berlin and many more.