Mould – in the bathroom, detect early & combat effectively

Mold – Mold develops in the house or apartment due to excessive moisture buildup in the walls, but especially in the bathroom. The formation usually starts due to a defective masonry or water pipe, so moisture gets in there. Another way mold can start is due to improper ventilation and heating, so too much moisture accumulates in the air and settles on the cold wall. Since mold transfers toxic substances into the air, it is important to detect mold early and contact a mold abatement professional as soon as possible. The sooner they detect mold, the easier it is to remove and the less harmful the effects on their health. For example, if you encounter a hotel room with mold on a business trip to the U.S., it is helpful to know that mold means “mildew” in English.

Mold overview

  • Arises due to high humidity, incorrect ventilation and heating
  • Penetrates through damaged masonry
  • Mold secretes toxic substances
  • Contact a specialist in the event of mould growth
  • In English – “mildew”

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