Circuit diagram – drawing, reading & the electrical engineering

Circuit Diagram – A circuit diagram is a graphical record of the electrical circuit using standardized physical symbols. Creating such a diagram requires a sound basic knowledge of electrical engineering. From the basiscs like the meaning of an alternating circuit to the exact workings of light switches, sockets and the like. If something is changed in the electrical circuit of a building, it is very important to draw it or have it drawn in the wiring diagram. Fortunately, it is not necessary to be an absolute expert in electrical engineering to read the circuit diagram, as the symbols are usually explained in a legend on the inside of the switch box. In other countries, the current and voltage varies, so it is helpful to know the English term “wiring diagram” to be able to communicate internationally on this subject.

Overview of the circuit diagram

  • Recording the circuit of a building
  • Graphical symbols of electrical engineering as explanation
  • If the circuit is changed, drawing in the circuit diagram
  • In English – “wiring diagram “

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