Housing search | Focused search – clearly define criteria

The decision to buy an apartment has been made. They have long considered whether it should be a rural home or a condominium in the city. You then calculated how much money you can invest in buying the apartment and what the total costs are, including financing interest and ancillary purchase costs. Of course, you also know exactly how many rooms, which room layout and which apartment size are relevant for you. Clear ideas on equipment and floors, on the floor and, for example, on barrier-free design or a lift are also available. If you have already reached this point with your considerations, the search based on the clear criteria does not present a great challenge. Even if you are well equipped, there are numerous pitfalls and factors that you must consider when looking for accommodation. When it comes to buying a property, in most cases you make the most expensive and important decision of your life. It is therefore all the more important that you proceed rationally and are not guided by your emotions and gut feeling when buying a flat.

Avoid risks – recognize hidden defects

You have clearly defined your ideas. Now it is a matter of following these criteria and proceeding with caution and attention during inspections. If you are looking for an apartment to buy, gut decisions and compromises are the worst advisors. In order to protect yourself from pitfalls, you should examine all contractual documents and records in addition to the circumstances in your home. Are the data complete, are invoices for refurbishments and modernisation services plausible and are the ownership of the apartment clear? Is it a mortgage-free apartment or are there current loans and receivables that the previous owner has not yet paid in full? By taking a close look at the equipment, electrical wiring and heating, windows and security equipment of the property, you can detect visible, but not hidden, defects. In this respect, you need an expert for the local inspection and an expert to check the documents for correctness.

Why an expert is a good investment

In the case of a newly built property, you can dispense with the services of an expert. If there are any defects after the purchase, the owner is your contact person and the one who is liable for construction errors. The situation is different for apartments in old buildings or older new buildings. Here the motto “bought as seen” applies, which means for you that the liability of the owner only occurs in the case of fraudulent deception and the deliberate concealment of serious defects. The greatest risks are based on outdated electrical and water pipes, as well as on moisture in the masonry, which leads to mold growth. An expert will carry out moisture measurements and electrical tests and give you a recommendation for or against the purchase decision. If your apartment search was successful and the purchase decision has been practically made, continue with the inspection with the expert commissioned by you. This investment is worthwhile because you will receive an honest recommendation and can be sure that you are buying your dream home and are not opting for a “defective copy” with high consequential costs.

Check documents at rest and ask for information

Paper is patient. Our experienced brokers at Lukinski strongly advise against buying a brochure. Even if you are absolutely sure due to the location and equipment and it is a new building: you will only get a real impression on site. You should also carefully examine all documents, including development plans and craftsman’s invoices, as well as any documents relating to the encumbrances on the apartment. The minutes of the owners’ meetings are very important, as they give you complete information about necessary investments and upcoming repairs. Also the regulations of the community of owners are important papers, whose contents you should know absolutely before the apartment purchase. Despite all the uncertainties, at best you will seek legal advice and thus exclude the possibility that you are dissatisfied with the results of your search. Details play a superordinate role when buying a flat. Even if everything fits at first sight and you are convinced of the condominium, you should not sign it prematurely under any circumstances. As we at Lukinski know, the devil lies in the detail and it is necessary to examine all files carefully and with expertise.

Calculate incidental costs and check operating costs in detail

The purchase price is not the only expense you need to consider when looking for accommodation. Even if it is the largest item on your agenda, this amount is a one-time investment. You have analysed the possible credit burden per month and calculated what amount you can repay for your apartment at the bank per month. Remember that you will have to pay additional costs for water and energy, for the caretaker, garbage collection and possibly for garden maintenance. A professional housing search is based on the inclusion of all costs and takes place with the focus on reserves, which you should form despite financing and plan for exceptional investments. It is also important that you calculate the ancillary purchase costs and include them in the search for accommodation. Expenses such as notary fees and property tax vary and are a not to be underestimated item in your total expenses. You have already informed yourself about the financing conditions as part of your search for an apartment. If the contract is about to be signed, check the preferred financing carefully and use comparisons to find the best offer for you.

Private search or broker? Expertise is helpful when looking for accommodation!

If you are a private individual looking for an apartment, you face numerous tasks and challenges. A lot of time can pass before the search for a flat is successful and meets your clearly defined criteria. Easier, faster and safer you reach your goal with the expertise of experienced brokers. Lukinski searches on your behalf for an apartment and filters out the offers that match your specifications in price and equipment. Without any stress we offer you an apartment search that is carried out with competence and accompanied by experts from the first consultation to the notarial certification. Specify your search and let our specialists at Lukinski know in which location, size and equipment you would like your dream apartment to be. Instead of investing a lot of time in finding an apartment, you can rely on a professional service and buy the apartment that suits you without pitfalls. An experienced real estate agent is a good investment and will save you a lot of stress, unnecessary costs and time on your search.