Luxury Real Estates / Property Miami: House, apartment and villa in Florida to $38 million

Luxury Real Estates / Property Miami – Miami offers an excellent retreat especially for wealthy people. Sun, friendly people, unbelievable beautiful nature and above all security and privacy. Especially celebrities, managers and people from business and industry appreciate this almost tropical place in the south of the USA. Accordingly, a lot of capital is drawn to the area. Real estate prices for exclusive estates and villas quickly climb to tens of millions of dollars. Absolute highlights then quickly cost $40, $50 million. This is understandable, because if you look at Miami you immediately see the extremely attractive coastal location. From Miami Beach down to the Biscayne Keys.

The world is an open, tropical paradise to the south, Europe is only a few hours away by plane, New York, Los Angeles, everything is also reachable in a few hours by plane. Best conditions for a relaxed life with close ties to all central business locations in the USA and Europe.

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Miami City: Buy or build?

Welcome to Miami! Good life, luxury, haute couture boutiques, perfect weather, almost always sun, palm trees and the ocean – la vida loca. Miami is, next to New York and Los Angeles, the most popular place to live a quiet, unobtrusive life.

If you want to settle here, you need an estate agent you trust personally. Especially the scouting of objects for the client is already very individual. It is not only about architecture and value stability, it is also about personal reception, for example when choosing the interior design.

Exclusive Italian pieces from Fendi or modern design with garage in the living room for Rolls Royce and Lamborghini? Fortunately there is plenty of space in Miami. Dreams can quickly be made come true with building permission. Buying or building? We advise you.

Miami city area and map

Miami Penthouse + Rolls Royce & Lamborghini – $38 million dollars

All 201 meters above sea level and over the skyline of Miami. Especially the exclusive stone materials distinguish, rare stones like onyx.

Included in the purchase price is not only the Sky Swimming Pool, also included are 1x Rolls Royce & 1x Lamborghini. Interior and interior design are from Fendi and Bentley.

  • Price: $38 million
    Price in Euro: €34.25 million
    Price in pounds: £28.78 million
  • Highlight: $1 million sky swimming pool
  • Extra: Rolls Royce & Lamborghini
  • Location: The Mansions at Acqualina


Buy now? Property of Peter J. Ancona. More information about the property:

Location and address: Acqualina Tower

The property is located in the Acqualina Tower.

  • 17749 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160, USA

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