Notarisation of a purchase contract – notary, notarisation date and payment

Notarization – In order to draw up a purchase agreement for a property, it must be notarized. The purpose of notarization is to protect the buyer and seller from hasty decisions and to ensure that the interests of both parties are properly recorded. The recording of the interests is carried out by a notary, who is not a representative of the interests of one side, but acts impartially.

Notarization at a glance: Protection against unbalanced contracts

  • Purchase agreement must be notarised
  • Notarisation by an impartial notary public
  • Serves to protect against hasty decisions
  • Ensures that all interests of the parties are represented

What is a notarization appointment?

On the notarisation date, all important details are recorded by the notary. This protects you and ensures that the interests of both parties are properly recorded, as described above.

What does a notarial certification cost?

You can find out the exact prices by calling your local notary.

How long does it take until the payment request comes from the notary?

The invoice will be issued immediately after the service.

How does a notarial certification work?

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