Turnkey handover – definition, advantages & in English

Turnkey handover – When a building is handed over ready for occupancy, it is referred to as a turnkey handover. This means that all work on the house is the responsibility of the developer or the contractor. In contrast to the ready-for-move-in handover, the interior fittings are usually missing in the case of a turnkey handover. So by definition it is not a house ready for occupancy as one might think, but only a house finished from the outside. The advantage to building on your own is that you don’t have to worry about the planning, materials and site. Of course, this means that you hand over responsibility for minor issues to the construction company and have less influence on the whole process, this could be seen as a small disadvantage. However, the house is then not yet ready for occupancy, because the interior finishing they must then usually organize themselves. If you are looking for a house in an English-speaking country, it is probably very helpful for you to know that turnkey handover means “turnkey handover”.

Overview of turnkey handover

  • Definition – Shell with windows etc. finished
  • Property developer responsible for construction site until handover of keys
  • In English – “turnkey handover

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