Broker SEO: Tips! Search engine optimization for brokers – Google, Bing & Co.

Realtor SEO – Search Engine Optimization for Realtors in Google, Bing & Co. If someone is looking for you, you should “be there”. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO for short), that means page 1 in the search results on search engines like Google, Bing and others. Regional SEO in particular pays off as a real estate agent and gives you a strategic advantage (SEO is long term) over your local competition. Everything important about your website as a real estate agent.

Search engine optimization for brokers

Traffic means reach, i.e. visitors who are on your website. SEO Tip from professionals, for professionals! First, let’s start with the definition of search engine optimization.

What does SEO mean? 5 Basics

Search engine optimization (SEO) includes all measures that serve to increase the visibility of one of your website in search engines (such as Google, Bing & Co.). These are:

  1. Page structure and keywords
  2. Page content with structure, keywords, text length and links
  3. Visualizing (photo) and explaining media (infographic, explanatory video, etc.)
  4. Internal links (increases page dwell time)
  5. External links (increases page relevance)

Goals in SEO: High placement in search results

There are two crucial aspects for you:

  1. If someone is looking for you, you should “be there” – just learned already
  2. When someone searches for topics relevant to you, you should “be there”

There will be to the 1) search queries that revolve around you. Typical are

  • “Sample broker city” – General search
  • “Sample Broker Reviews”
  • “Sample Broker Valuation”
  • “Sample Broker Experience”
  • “Sample Broker Experience”
  • “Sample broker reputable”
  • “Sample broker unserious”

Now, if you do not have your own website, you will not have any influence on the search results. If you have too small a web page, for example, only home page, About us and Contact, it also happens that others (competitors) appear before you. Or even portals like, where someone has asked this question about your name.

The stronger your page, the more present (visible) you are

There are millions of searches in Germany every day, just for the context “real estate”. Sell, rent, manage, buy, finance, … that’s why you should 2) “be there” when someone searches for topics relevant to you.

You will now learn the basis for this: the structure.

No matter where and when someone searches for you, they have the “sovereignty” on the first page (to be seen right away in example graphic).

SEO Advantages: More visitors, new customers

  • Here you also achieve the acquisition of new customers via search engines
  • More visitors on the website
  • Additional sales channel
  • Targeted marketing activity (through search terms / active “demand”)
  • Once set up, you get “free” visitors, every day

SEO Disadvantages: Long-term and initial costs without ROI

  • Long-term build-up necessary, especially in the real estate sector (high competition)
  • Build up time: At least 1 year
  • ROI (return of invest) will be achieved late (comparison: SEA quasi immediately)
  • Costs for content creation and website

SEO, SEA, what’s the difference?

SEO deals with your website, its content and structure. SEA (search engine advertising) on the other hand, is a “direct” placement in search engines through paid advertisements. These ads are displayed above the organic search results (SEO).

Real Estate SEO for Beginners: How it works

Simply put:

  • Creating a website for desktop / mobile devices
  • Plan topics (keywords) in a structured way
  • Create individual pages (company pages and blog posts)
  • Each blog post has 300 – 1,000 words, links to other posts
  • Goal: Good quality and more content than the direct competition

By individual topics / keywords:

  • House for sale Berlin
  • Sell house after inheritance Berlin
  • Sell house after divorce Berlin

your “platform” becomes strong. Your subtopics (such as house selling divorce Berlin) thereby link to the parent page (house selling Berlin).

As a result, the visitors you have collected in the search engines will stay longer and longer on your website.

Why SEO! Advantages for real estate agents

Advantages of SEO – When person X learns about you as a realtor, through recommendation, advertising, by chance, person X will in almost all cases search for you as a realtor. Mostly in search engines, mostly on Google. There are 10 places in the search results (away from advertising), the more channels you serve, the more you determine the information that is here.

In short:

  • 85% search for information first on search engines
  • Page 1 has 10 results (away from advertising > SEA)
  • No digital media = No influence

SEO offers the ultimate advantage:

  • Once on page 1, it will be hard to oust you (sustainable)
  • Users have a need, they already want something
  • You give users “something” for free, without anything in return (positive image)
  • Users recommend your good content
  • SEO works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You passively (after work) collect new leads

Disadvantages of SEO: You have to be that honest

SEO is long-term marketing, you will achieve results (visitors) only after weeks and months, depending on how hard you work on it and how high the competition is (C-location easy, A-location hard).

  • Long-term online marketing
  • Results by weeks, months
  • Time intensive (article creation)

For this, your search engine rankings are very sustainable and often stay for years once you have made it. Because, the competition must first become better than you. Compared to advertising in search engines, you do not pay for each click (about 4 – 16 euros / click in the real estate segment).

Checklist! The 3 SEO basics for brokers + example

To be visible (as seen in the example in a moment) you basically need only 3 things:

  1. Google Business Entry
  2. Website
  3. Social media channel, example Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

… you have already taken a certain part of the first page. Here you can see how effective the mix of these 3 components is, for all those who are looking for you.

  1. Internet site in the first place of the search results
  2. Google Business Entry
  3. Own photos, direct, visual understanding
  4. Map and directions
  5. Address, contact details and opening hours
  6. Social media (Facebook)
  7. Reviews on the web (Facebook)

Almost all roads, lead to the broker (not third parties or even competitors).

How does SEO work, so right?

Let’s get back to your brokerage website and the question: How does SEO work, so right?

Create theme construction: “Keywords” – What do you want?

You build individual blog posts for individual so-called keywords. For example, one keyword could be “renting”, another “renting tips”, yet another “renting process” and yet another “first renting”. Depending on what users are looking for in a search engine, you have the right content for it.

Here again the example of the introduction for our real estate agent in Berlin, with the focus object acquisition:

  • House for sale Berlin
  • Sell house after inheritance Berlin
  • Sell house after divorce Berlin

Create SEO texts: 1-2-3 formula – checklist

On the Internet you will find thousands of guidebooks that will tell you a lot about SEO, in principle, means good optimization.

The little 1-2-3 formula:

  1. Create individual pages (company pages and blog posts)
  2. Each blog post has 300 – 1,000 words
  3. Articles link to other posts (Sale > Divorce > Separation year and back).

The most important, most important (!) in SEO – added value

Now the most important thing:

Importantly, these articles should contain added value!

Therefore directly tip 2:

It’s not about creating 1,000 articles, better are 50, 100 focused (topic) and dotted (region)

Added value means that your visitors take something with them, ideally stay on your website for a long time and thus increase the value of your website (domain value). This way you get more and more visitors, thus also new customers.

2 SEO example for object acquisition

Are you looking for existing properties in your region (real estate acquisition)? Help sellers with problems, landlords, heirs. Almost everyone will want to sell sooner or later.

The first SEO text

You now know the process you need to follow to advance your website. SEO is long-term marketing, you will achieve results (visitors) only after weeks and months, depending on how hard you work on it and how high the competition is (C-location easy, A-location hard).

SEO summarized

SEO means quickly explained

  • Structure – contents and texts
  • Added value – texts must “give something” to readers
  • Links – Links provide further information
  • Goal – Good content ensures high placement in search results