Selling a house: Successfully selling your own house in Dormagen

Do we need a professional real estate agent or can we do the house or condo sale privately? In our magazine you will come across the most exciting questions that you currently, also in the planning for sales procedures and taxes, must consider in any case.

Arrange an appointment with the real estate agent for a professional valuation of your property (apartment or house)

130 or 200 sqm, no matter if you sell modern city villa, 4 room apartment, perfectly insulated solid house but also cheaply built prefabricated house: prepare yourself for the sale, especially should this be your very first sale, how to proceed smartest and how to get the best price for you . Acquire all the here noted mandatory know-how in the sale of housesKnowledge about your region, if you are not interested in all the effort, contact us, in the valuation of all kinds of residential properties all the here noted prerequisite knowledge in real estate salesKnowledge about your region will help you in the assessment of value, if you are not interested in all the effort, write us an email.

Provide documentation for the sale of the house: Receipts, documents and also all the bills

Property development & appraisals, along with a few other documents, are important documents that you should definitely have on hand for the home sale. Refine your home with good photos. So that buyers can make themselves much more realistic in the true sense of the word without much effort for you made pictures should be qualitatively high-resolution . Because you want to sell, preferably for a top price.

Haus verkaufen mit Makler

Your next step: The exact price in euros for your property or apartment.a determination of the selling price are different information valuable for buyers as well as, for example, age, construction quality, location of the object and likewise condition and equipment of a property, is not important, which purchase price you yourself had once paid for your property. Neither is the amount of work. Supply and demand on today’s market regulate the selling price, demand and supply on today’s market regulate the purchase price You are not confirmed about estimation from the purchase price of the property? Yes really for normal individuals it may get confusing to name the market value accurately.

Design the offer for your condominium

It reminds of the own real estate search, already when reading the object descriptionand all the details already confirms whether actually goodwill is generated or not, as in the date our first impression counts, so it pays to invest some effort in a beautiful exposé. With all the details you know as a real estate owner, sometimes even former residents, the best, in the ad or exposé of the house everything must have been written down, as well as garage and parking spaces, garden, conservatory and floor space and greenery. Done, the exposé for the sale of the house stands? Then the property is advertised, in an advertisement on a frequently used real estate portal and in the reliable local newspaper in Dormagen. And then it’s a case of wait and see.

Einfamilienhaus in Dormagen

The following challenge: answering inquiries for viewing and general mail. Begin the buyer search with your exposé with photos of the interior and exterior it usually works quickly, already are the first feedbacks. Your acting real estate agent answers the letters for you, exclusively if questions come in, he takes up the direct personal contact to you.

Coordinate and conduct viewing appointments for interested parties. Now it gets exciting, the broker constantly arranges appointments for a viewing with interested parties, if you wish, he conducts the appointments without your beisein, but you as the owner can also be present. Make sure you make a proper impression at the upcoming viewing appointment. Because the eye buys with you.

Your new task: Check of the real creditworthiness of the person interested in your real estate. so that you do not have to notice any payment irregularities, the alleged creditworthiness of the prospective customer is checked after the house inspection and examination of awnings, balcony, etc. directly by information from the broker.

Signing the purchase contract at the notary

All the formalities of the purchase contract that are still to be disputed, including the preliminary negotiations with the new owner, are done by the trusted real estate agent, your notarized purchase contract is prepared by your seller together with your notary in a draft, for a notarization of the sale you definitely have to come to the notary, also from a legal point of view, at the notary you and the buyer sign the purchase contract that is now available, with the signature you have officially sold your property, we congratulate you, only a few individual challenges remain.

The following challenge: After updating in the land register (or priority notice of conveyance), the price of your property will be transferred immediately. Your notary will then enter the updated passage in the land register and the so-called priority notice of conveyance. The document prevents, for example, a double sale, the notary informs the new owner immediately when he can pay the purchase price to your bank account stated in the contract. Check whether the payment has been received on the account.

Payment of bills for your previously assistingnotary and realtor

Instruct the seller to settle the brokerage and notary fees immediately after the previously negotiated contract has been sealed with their signature.

Next up: The conclusion!Transfer due real estate transfer tax. When selling a house, tax may be due on the capital gain if there is no more than ten years between the private sale and the sale of a property, in addition there may be church tax and solidarity surcharge. However, some exceptions are made for private sales, for example if the owner lived there for more than 3 years]36 months in owner-occupation. However, if you have lived in the property yourself for more than 3 years and have not rented it out, you will be exempt from capital gains tax.

Local Change and Real Estate Ownership: Existing and New Construction

Facts and figures from inhabitants in Dormagen to financing and real estate market. Dormagen currently has Dormagen thousand people, from north to south on 85.5 square kilometers, Dormagen is a large city. Apartments are in demand at 749 people per square kilometer. All in all, 0.08% of the German inhabitants live in Dormagen.

Dormagen real estate and housing market: Living in Dormagen

Your own house or for rent, how do you live in Dormagen? As you can just read out in the work of the Federal Office for Statistics, 24,864 people live in a house, terraced house or apartment building, which is conveniently owned and a whole 30,990 tenants. Only 4,219, on the other hand, live in a shared apartment; according to LBS Research, 37,769 people in the total housing units would currently have to reside in marriage, and 26,247 are single. Due to the urban circumstances, there has been a current need for action in terms of new construction for years.

How high do new surveys see the cost of investment? The current housing demand is large, so the new studies assume 23,279 housing units, only 33% of 19,399 by then and only around 17% of the predictions register the need for 27,158 completed housing units, what amount of units will really be built according to the calculation? Currently only 179 housing units are built, with a volume 2,480,406,613.33 euros at the moment.

Dormagen’s neighbourhood offers a lot

Here in Dormagen almost all residents are very satisfied with their living situation, whether suburban or central. Just as extrapolated 52,768 owners who appreciate just this location and neighborhood, with the living environment are less satisfied only 11,248, a similar comfortable feeling also show tenants in Dormagen, with 47,065 people compared to 16,951 people who are not so happy this year. Did you know ready, the number of Dormagener lives in single-family houses, not in an apartment, together there are 33,523 Dormagener, in houses with at least two rental parties live 19,892 and 9,928 people in two-family houses.

The development of Dormagen today and in the future

Statistically, the city has a high number of young residents, for example 2,356 young children aged 1-5, as well as some residents of advanced age, such as 3,380 residents aged 50-64. But what will the next years bring?the trend will continue in the future. Let us now take a look at new developments for the housing market in the next fifteen years.

Real estate and financing market

The investment capital is really high, a whole 390,381,207 euros in cash in accounts. Far larger amounts, namely 444,853,004 euros are invested in real estate, would you have thought of such large sums? Statistically, through real estate transactions alone, large amounts are transferred annually, the estimate comes up to 5.9 billion euros, in the construction of housing is predicted up to 2,480,406,613.33 euros are transferred, up to 2,931,389,633.94 euros are spent each year on modernization of apartments and houses. In total, the housing market generates 11,274,575,515.15 euros per year.

Owners of houses and apartments in Dormagen by age

How many people live in the four walls they really own? Property owners can be found in every age group Let’s take a look at a few examples. According to empirica’s calculations, 2,692 children up to the age of 10 currently live in houses or condominiums. With the young people it is then already somewhat more. Certainly because the parents have the with little compensation associated toddler phase behind them and work, many now invest their first property, among the 11-21 year olds live 3,334 in their own home. Then comes a slump, at 21-30, just 729 of them live in their own property. The more the age rises, the more likely the inhabitants come now into own real estate possession, thus it rises with the 31 to 40 year olds 2,764 and with the current 41 – 50 year olds bring it on 4,779, at the age of 51-60 years live 4,376 Dormagener in the own home. With the 61 – 70 year olds it is currently 3,343, because not quite as many seniors spend their twilight years in their own property, 2,071.

Residential market in Dormagen: property in need of renovation with good transport links to all important such as industrial estate and city centre and industrial estates

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 24.864
Apartment 3.937
Apartment for rent 30.990
Shared apartment 4.219

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner / Age Quantity
0-10 2.692
11-21 3.334
21-30 729
31-40 2.764
41-50 4.779
51-60 4.376
61-70 3.343
71-80 2.071

Statistical source: empirica / LBS Research


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Difference
1 26.247 28.167 1.920
2 21.765 23.046 1.280
3 7.682 6.402 -1.280
4 5.761 5.121 -640
more than 5 1.920 1.856 -64

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Difference
1 33.928 35.849 1.920
2 18.565 17.924 -640
3 5.761 5.121 -640
4 3.841 3.777 -64
5 + 1.280 1.152 -128

Data source: Federal Statistical Office