Berlin buy & rent: House, apartment, property – Square meter price

Berlin buy & rent – The Place To Be for celebrities, politics, business but also actors and many other public figures. As a hotspot, the capital is therefore also subject to the effects of the current real estate market. Condominiums, houses, plots of land, in Berlin everything is in demand and is sought after by […]

Luxury Realtor Berlin: Condo, house and capital investment

Realtor & Luxury Properties Berlin – Buying luxury real estate in Berlin requires local market knowledge and an agent who knows the capital like the back of his hand. The Berlin real estate market is developing like no other in Germany. The situation is so explosive that the senate is now introducing laws, for example […]

Luxury Realtor & Properties: Germany, USA + Dubai

Luxus Immobilien Makler – Sie sind auf der Suche nach einer exklusiven Immobilie? Mein Team und ich haben uns auf die Vermittlung von luxuriösen Immobilien spezialisiert. Eigentumswohnungen für die Kapitalanlage (Stichwort Vermögensvermehrung) zum Parken oder für die aktive Vermietung.

People Agencies: Recommendations for characters, best agers, tattoo models, etc.

People Agency Germany – The dream of every model? The big advertising campaigns and photo shoots! No matter if it is for TV advertising, social media, especially for YouTube or the classic lookbook of the fashion designer. If you want to fulfill your dream, you need a good management or a good agency behind you! […]