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The entry into the business is a difficult undertaking for young models, the success is strongly dependent on own dedication and ambition. The cooperation with a good model agency can already contribute a lot to success. Below you will find a list of the best agencies in Cologne. More tips? Read more about model application here : Your first step to modeling.

Model agencies – recommendations for models in Cologne

Do you like modeling and are you looking for a good modeling agency that is near you? The following list consists of the best agencies in Germany


CM Models

Hansaring 1, 50670 Cologne

Quantum Seven Model Management

Pasteurstrasse 1a, 50735 Cologne, Germany

SHOWCAST Limited & Co. KG

Marspfortengasse 6, 50667 Cologne, Germany


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Search for a good and reputable model agency in Cologne

You are an up-and-coming model or new in Munich? Then I have the best model agency recommendations for you. In the Bavarian metropolis are some good agencies at home. From here you can make it as a model in the whole world. The dream of every young girl, and many young men who become a model.

What does a model agency actually do for me as a model in Cologne?

A modeling agency ensures that you get well-paid jobs. But a model agency also ensures that you get the opportunity to go abroad if you are good. There you can make great new contacts, get to know other models and completely different amounts of castings and jobs. Especially in the fashion capitals of the world, Paris, Milan, New York and many more, you will jump from casting to casting as a model. A modeling agency cares about your career. They make sure you don’t do small jobs. A modeling agency also cancels jobs once in a while! For your own good.

Who promises you the big world right at the beginning, promises too much! Who wants money from you at the beginning, is not serious! A good model management, shows the honest prospects and does not demand money from you. The easiest and safest way is through the established model agencies. However, the individual model agencies differ from each other.

There are the big agencies. Here up to 100 people work to book models all over the world. It is not only about finding new jobs, especially in the beginning it is also about building up models. Test shootings with good photographers must be procured and organized, in addition the model castle must be developed and naturally also the first jobs organized and completed. But there are also individual model agents or model bookers, these usually have no large offices, but still very good contacts. They arrange models especially often abroad. They are a good springboard, because they have good contacts abroad and do not attach so much importance to absolute exclusivity. But these bookers are hard to find on the internet, most of them don’t have an agency homepage and scout classically on the street. I’ve heard a lot of stories here too, from Italian coffee to gyms. The important thing is, as said above, a serious agency or a serious model agent, does not want money from you. He will work with you and invest.

In Munich you are pretty well equipped as a model with agencies and agents. Due to the many fashion companies and the internationality of the city, Munich is still one of the magnets. So that you have an overview of what is possible in the Bavarian capital, here are my recommendations and favorites for you!

Buyouts and usage rights for model jobs

Rights of use are always limited in terms of space, time and media. Why is that? If you have a photo shoot and your footage is later used in a national campaign (only for online media) it is definitely something different than an international campaign that runs on multiple channels, is printed, hangs on billboards and runs in the opening credits of movies. Therefore, it matters if the images are only used for 3 months in a fashion online store or for many years in an image campaign. It is also important whether the images are only used in Germany, in Europe or all over the world. In addition, you have to think about which media are supplied, it is only print media or are also shot video material, which can then be seen for example in the cinema or on TV.

  • Model managers provide you with serious contacts and well-paid jobs
  • Model agents negotiate rights of use according to time, according to place, according to type of medium

These complex questions about acquisition, offer and billing clarifies your model agency for you. You can fully concentrate on your job as a model. Because there is more to “being a model” than just good looks. You have to practice your facial expressions, you have to be able to act a little bit if you want to be successful in the long run. Also important, you must always maintain contacts! In addition, of course, there is also sport and nutrition. Modeling is a real full time job! Once your career really takes off, you’ll also have four trips. That will rob you of extra sleep. Then you will be glad to have a management that supports you.

As I said, you are lucky that you live in Hamburg! Because there are so many big advertising agencies in Hamburg, there are also many model agencies here. Hamburg has always been an international city, even in the past the seafaring united all nations here. Even today Hamburg is a colorful place and an important part for the media world. Many of the absolute top agencies are located here! My recommendations for Hamburg, I have here for you.



Ètage Management

Weissenburgstr. 14a, 50670 Cologne, Germany

SEVENSmanagement artist & media consulting GmbH

Am Botanical Garden 2, 50735 Cologne, Germany

Rotten Glamour

Rennebergstr. 23, 50939 Cologne


Alteburger Str. 107, 50678 Cologne

Stage24 models e.K.

Weißer Straße 143 – 145,50999 Cologne

Momo Agency for children and young adults

Liège Str. 68, 50674 Cologne

Moving to Berlin? Apartment, broker & Co.

If you already have some experience as a model, then sooner or later you will be drawn to the big cities. This is where most of the jobs, shoots and fashion shows are.

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