Senior housing – WBS application, buy yourself & assisted living

Senior housing – Accessibility and good accessibility are the basic requirements for senior-friendly housing design. The demand for senior housing and assisted living is steadily increasing due to the aging population. However, in times of old-age poverty, hardly any pensioner can afford to buy a senior apartment without assistance. Therefore, more and more elderly people are now applying for a place in a senior apartment in the form of a WBS. The Wohnberechtigungsschein certifies that the rent is covered by public funds. By definition, senior shared flats and multi-generation houses are built according to modern building concepts and take into account the special need for facilities. In English, senior housing means “senior apartment”.

Overview of senior apartments

  • Accessibility and good accessibility
  • Increasing demand
  • Housing entitlement certificate for assumption of costs
  • Senior housing, multi-generation houses, senior shared flats & assisted living
  • In English – “senior apartment”

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