Old buildings as sought-after residential property: high demand, low supply

Old building – An old building is a colloquial term for real estate that was built in 1950 or earlier. There is no fixed definition for the term in the housing industry. A refurbished old building is a very high-quality and valuable investment, which are very sought-after residential properties in the inner districts of large cities. Thus, there is a very high demand compared to the low supply. Due to the fact that the definition is not clear, one should always be guided by the specific date of construction and the modernisations carried out afterwards when it comes to identifying an old building.

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Overview of old buildings: high-quality and valuable installations

  • Built at least before 1950
  • High property values, especially in large cities
  • High demand
  • Low supply
  • Observe date of construction and modernizations

Renovation of old buildings: costs, conditions, tips

Renovating old buildings – Old buildings are very popular because of their unique structure. Large rooms with high windows and old wooden doors, which may creak a little when opening and closing, represent a traditional way of life. Many of the buildings are more than one hundred years old. A renovation can give the apartments a new shine. If you are planning to sell an old building as a refurbishment property and would like more information, please click here to return to the overview: Construction, Refurbishment & Modernisation.

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