Marketing: Media Advertising, Costs and CPM – Self-Employed Part 11

Marketing: Media advertising – The absolute classic, advertising in media. From TV commercials to ads in trade magazines to social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Advertising in media is so successful because reach / contacts can be bought directly. Here you come back to: Start a company.

Social ads, online advertising, ads in newspapers

On the other hand, not only the unit price plays a role in the choice of media, but also the quality. Of course, the individual person can be reached more cheaply via a Facebook ad than, for example, through a sales employee at the trade fair stand. At the same time, despite the lower reach of individual persons, the trade fair stand is much more profitable for some industries, as the individual contacts are of higher quality, because they are more intensive, and accordingly potentially bring in more sales. When deciding for or against a certain marketing campaign, the target group analysis is again decisive.

B2B or B2C advertising?

Do you want to reach private consumers or business customers?

Depending on that, you’ll choose to be pro Facebook Advertising or pro trade show, tackle both, or opt for a different strategy entirely. If we are within media advertising, the comparison between the different channels is especially important. What is the effectiveness of each campaign? The comparison is based on the CPM.

CPM – Thousand-Contact-Price

Media advertising is usually calculated using the CPM and compared with other campaigns. The CPM refers to the thousand-contact price. The CPM tells you how high the costs are for reaching 1,000 people. If you want to run a campaign to reach 5 million people, for example, you can use the CPM to compare the different offers. More on the CPM with best practice later in “Social Media”.

Tip. Social Media Advertising. Especially for young companies and startups, social media advertising is worth a look. While other, classic channels are often overbooked by brands and companies, for example because they are used to traditional advertising techniques. Thus, they often fall back on trade magazines and TV advertising. Accordingly, the costs for advertising placements are high because the competition is fierce. It is completely different in social media marketing, for example. Although more and more companies are discovering the social networks for their own marketing campaigns, very few companies use these methods, so it is still possible to run good campaigns, with low click prices and high conversion (we will also come to this technical term in the chapter on social media marketing). The second advantage, the media advertising does not have to be booked in a package. You only pay for the reach that was really generated.

Media advertising costs

There are two advantages to this. Firstly, you don’t have to pay for the big package straight away, you pay for the media advertising bit by bit. The much bigger advantage is that if a campaign doesn’t work, you can cancel it or change it. Of course, you can’t do that with media advertising in trade magazines or on TV. The magazines are printed, the TV program is scheduled. Now, if you’re paying to reach three million people and you realize at the beginning of the campaign that there’s hardly any return, you’ll be happy if you can still edit your campaign.

Advantage Digital Media

Over the course of the business, you’ll learn a lot of marketing strategies. For your business plan, we’ll look at the most important, overarching strategies for attracting customers, from offline to online.

Mailing and direct mail: Classic

Mailings and direct mail are still central tools in marketing today, despite laws against mass mailing of information, sending emails and direct mail in the mailbox is still commonplace. Of course, the ratio of email to direct mail has changed dramatically, but letters are still in vogue. Even modern startups use classic letters, because that’s how you can create awareness again. The less the method junk mail use, the more attractive listening test again to create attention. In your company, you’ll also get regular ads for new mail products. The last one that stuck in my mind was a letter that had a pop up box in it. Of course, when you open the letter, you don’t know that yet. As soon as you open the letter, the box unfolds and literally pops up in your face. Never seen before, ingenious! Whoever has the right idea around the box, e.g. a booth builder, has a great tool to creatively win customers or to bind them again.

Guidebook: Setting up your own business & business plan

You want to start your own business as a real estate agent or with another business idea? We support you with tips on your business plan and concept. Whether self-employed full-time or part-time self-employed: If you want to start your own business, you have to think about many things, in advance and in the operational business. From the right idea to health insurance – what do you have to consider when you want to become self-employed?

There is no education or training for entrepreneurs. One is or is not a managing director. What is always important is your own ambition, because that is the only way to improve every day.

The topics at a glance:

  1. Business Plan
  2. Founder and founding team
  3. Product / Service: USP
  4. Increase customer satisfaction
  5. Market Overview: Customers & Competition
  6. Reference customers: Positive image transfer
  7. Market analysis / validation: business idea
  8. Site selection
  9. Marketing concept: Sales
  10. Advertising: Google Ads, SEO, Newspaper, Radio?
  11. Marketing: Media advertising, costs and CPM
  12. Marketing: trade fairs, training courses and trade advertising
  13. Marketing: sales talk, telephone call and psychology
  14. Marketing: promotions, discounts and special offers
  15. Marketing: Social Media and Online Advertising
  16. E-business: electronic commerce in the enterprise
  17. Cooperations: Cooperative Principle
  18. Financial planning: capital and financing

Here you come back to the overview: