The Spinning Book – Mass Text Creation and Data Generation

Contents Spinning is especially for those who like to work with data packages and big data a nice addition in the area of content marketing. In the second sentence it should be said that content spinning is definitely not for beginners. Contents Spinning requires a lot of practice, at least 15, 20, 30 projects. This means a lot of time investment in training (weeks and months). The topic should therefore only be approached by content managers who want to learn for themselves. Warning! Don’t use it for “SEO,” “sounds simple.” More about: The Spinning Book.

What is Content Spinning?

The basic form of content spinning is about generating text. To make this possible, individual words are replaced by variables. Not only single words but also phrases, whole sentences and paragraphs. The more varied these texts are mixed or diced together, the more organic, i.e. more human, the texts appear.

Many who hear Content Marketing use the magic word Content Spinning for mass text creation think it would be easy. This is not only about mixing words but also grammatically related ones. The more complex a language is, the more complex are these grammatical contexts and, accordingly, the depth of the spinning text.

The resulting texts can then be used, e.g. to fill online shops with texts. To make the texts even more individual, professionals enter the next level, data generation. The word Big Data plays an important role in data generation. Besides spinning, there is also scratching. Scraping allows automated online data collection.

My new book is about the basics of content links. How does the variable listing work, how does one prepare such a spinning project in perfection and what must the final result look like?

Important spinning tips you should know

The most basic and important tip in this area is that any projects should only be taken online by experts. You need to practice as long as you understand this:

  • Uniquenss of the text 95% +
  • Spinning from at least 6 layers
  • Data table with at least 15 data records in columns
  • Text Output at least 800 words

There’s nothing more to explain beforehand. Spinning is for absolute nerds. Anyone who wants to deal with it should be satisfied with this information.

Everything else is in my new book, The Spinning Book.

Who does the spinning book help?

This book is for those who want to raise their talent in online marketing, especially in content marketing, to a higher level. But to really understand the subject it takes months of work and you should consider Content Spinning as a small, very intensive study.

Recommended book value

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