Advertising agency for real estate agents: Online marketing, SEO & construction sign – avoid mistakes

Advertising agency for real estate agents – digital marketing, advertising in social networks, your own website, your own real estate portfolio management: many technical terms, little time. In the area of modern formats around search engines, social networks, websites and portals, there are many aspects for real estate agents to consider. The media mix is becoming more and more complex and the real estate agent competition never sleeps! From your own content management to content marketing, what strategies do you have to pursue as a real estate agent in the 1920s? We take a look at the biggest advantages of digital media, disadvantages but also risks for you as a real estate agent – because deals are what count!

Secret tip: Strategy + Real Estate Agent Know How

As with real estate, the first step is to evaluate the actual state of your existing or non-existing media in comparison to local, regional or national competitors. From this we can make decisions. In summary, we check 3 parameters to plan strategically:

  1. Relevance of the medium, your channel (simply put: a Munich broker should not publish content for Hamburg brokers)
  2. Range of the medium, your channel (quality before quantity)
  3. Competition (competition to the keyword)

Actual status and recommendation of the advertising agency

Most customers of our advertising agency already have their own homepage. Some of them are also (more or less) active on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But most of them are not. Neither (a meaningful) website, nor social media. But in the beginning they are not only “new media”. It is also about broker standard, like exposés. How are the exposés of the properties structured, from the layout to the amount of content, texts and number of pages to the photos of the property.

The first step of a possible cooperation is therefore always a concrete and very precise analysis of your existing media.

After the analysis, we can then develop concrete recommendations for action for you and for us as an advertising agency, as well as detailed objectives that pursue a clear strategic goal. Essentially, however, it is always about building up a qualitative reach.

  • As-built analysis of the existing media and structures of media production and management
  • Concrete recommendations for action based on the evaluation
  • Actual state to be supplemented, extended and optimized by new tools
  • Define strategic goals and fine line

Qualitative range? For simple, quantitative reach is not difficult for a good advertising agency! However, it is important to attract qualitative visitors, potential interested parties and even better, potential tenants and buyers for condominiums and houses.

Advantages of our advertising agency

  • 2.4 million reach – We manage and design an extremely exclusive network of properties and brokers. Being a customer also means being part of the network (keyword: Quality Backlinks)
  • Full Media – Many take care of parts, we take care of everything, from strategy development and production to reputation through image material to expert interviews in renowned media

Target: Reach through search engine optimization

The A&O for real estate agents is of course the listing in the major portals, as well as ImmoScout24, Immonet and many others. The larger your own property portfolio becomes, the more interesting it is to invest in your own media.

In the long term, many advertising costs can be saved by using your own, strong media (for example your homepage), which I believe will help you to find the large property portals. For example, if you are a property developer and you want to promote new buildings yourself, you can broker your condominiums or houses directly, without any detours.

Calculation example Google Ads – here you can see an example of how quickly purchased clicks become expensive and directly afterwards what the equivalent value of organically built, own traffic is:

Real estate agent Hamburg – CPC 3,28 €
10.000 clicks / month – 32.800 Euro
100.000 clicks / year – 328.000 Euro

CPC = Costs per clicks; i.e. expenses incurred for a purchased click in the search engine

For comparison – Did you know? My own Internet pages currently reach 2.4 million users per year; in comparison, this amounts to 7,872,000 euros.

Lukinski Network 2.4 million users / year
equivalent value: 7,872,000 euros saved

Direct marketing instead of advertising with third parties

This direct marketing of real estate understandably gives many real estate agents the idea sooner or later to develop their own media portfolio. This ultimately leads to an advertising agency for real estate brokers that knows exactly the risks of the industry.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for real estate agents: errors and risks

How does the success of large real estate portals arise? You operate search engine optimization. The higher the range and the more visitors such a real estate portal attracts to your homepage, the greater the chance of closing deals.

The clou about SEO and organic traffic: Once built, it is consistent.

Target: Qualitative reach for deals

Many real estate agents would like to do search engine optimization with their own homepage, but do not know how big the competition is!

Search engine optimization for real estate is a tough competition. This is where it really gets down to business, many websites and portals are optimized to the depth of the system, for cities, relevant topics, but also for individual square meter prices, districts and streets in the content area as well as in terms of page speed, JS scripts, CSS compression.

If you want to build a stable portal yourself, or at least a website, you’ll need a lot of patience! But in the end there are 10,000 visitors per month who don’t have to be bought, e.g. by advertising on Google, as shown in the calculation example above.

Therefore, it is worthwhile investing in your own media portfolio from a certain size or number of new construction projects.

Costs and duration (as a rule)

Depending on whether one is active as a broker in one of the metropolises such as Hamburg, Berlin, Munich or Düsseldorf or in the countryside, the size of the portfolio that pays for the investment in an advertising agency differs.

Therefore our first tip for you as a real estate agent, start your own homepage only if you have the necessary capital available.

They should usually already have at least four to five employees who take care of property management. The planning time for such a project is at least 24 months / 36 months.

PS: There are faster ways, but we will explain these in personal meetings. One way, for example, is placement in relevant online magazines, keyword recommendation marketing.

  • Search engine marketing has a lot of competition
  • Competition often has high media budgets
  • You have to catch up first, then overtake
  • Target lies in regional / local SEO + general SEO in the subject area (apartment, house, taxes, rent, buy, etc.)
  • Investment only pays off at upper 5-digit, mostly 6-digit amounts / year

Would you have expected such honest statements in advance?
Exactly, that’s what our real estate advertising agency for real estate agents is all about. We have been serving the digital market for several years now and not only do we know what is important, we also warn you in advance of any mistakes you may make as a real estate agent in your advertising – so that your project starts efficiently from day one.

This honest feedback allows you to drive a strategy that works. It is not about making money perse, it is about deals (conversion)!

Our success for clients is to focus on extremely specific content marketing. That means texts that are extremely close to your target group. How exactly does that work? Get in contact with us!

SEO Analysis: Real estate agent – how does it work?

Speaking of SEO… how do you actually analyze certain keywords? Keywords are certain terms that are searched for, one more, the other less. As an advertising agency it is especially about search volume. Even more specific, search volume per month on (or other languages or search engines).

A small example, the term “broker” is searched for in the month 254.040, as a single term, but mainly in combination with other words.

Search queries / month for “broker”

  1. Real estate agent – 33.100
  2. Real estate agent – 27,100
  3. Broker – 14,800
  4. Without a broker – 9,900
  5. Brokerage commission – 6,600
  6. Real estate agent Berlin – 4.400
  7. Real estate agent Munich – 4.400
  8. Real estate agent Berlin – 4,350
  9. Real estate agent Cologne – 2.900
  10. Real estate agent Hamburg – 2.850

Depending on the volume and competition for the individual keyword, special opportunity keywords are identified and systematically built up.

Social Media Marketing: errors & risks

Social media marketing is also becoming increasingly popular with real estate agents. Especially Facebook and Instagram curls more and more brokers. On Facebook, it is usually target groups between 30 and 50 years. On Instagram, e.g. real estate portal, you can reach excellent target groups between 18 and 30 years. But also here caution is advised! Especially dubious advertising agencies often lure real estate agents with Facebook advertisements. But how effective can these ads be? First of all, a look at the constantly increasing expenditure for social media marketing.

Source: Social Media One / Facebook statistics

Social Media Marketing

Investments in social media advertising worldwide in the years 2007 to 2018 and forecast 2022.

  • 2007: 512 million US dollars
  • 2012: 6,274 million US dollars
  • 2017: 50,215 million US dollars
  • 2022: USD 123,070 million
  • Increase 2020 to 2022: 96,190 million US dollars to 123,070 million US dollars

Statistics: Investment in social media advertising worldwide from 2007 to 2018 and forecast 2022 (in millions of US dollars) | Statista

Find buyers/tenants on Facebook, Instagram & Co.

The desire to buy a property is rare, most people buy a property only once in a lifetime. Accordingly, it is quite difficult to address a buyer with the right ad at that particular moment, just because of time constraints. Of course, the ad can be easily played out to 100,000 people, but we are quickly back to the topic of “quantitative and qualitative reach”.

We rely on smart digital marketing, e.g. “remarketing with Facebook Ads“.

Step 1: Through extremely specific content marketing (e.g. regional) we attract a specific target group to your homepage. These users are precisely registered and stored by so-called cookies.

Step 2: In the following we can reach these visitors individually, again with our ads, the less budget to waste. We play out advertisements only to a target group that is already interested in buying a house or condominium, or tenants, the same principle works for me of course with tenants. If a potential tenant looks at a certain property, he can be reached again for 30 days. The same object or similar objects of interest to the user can now be displayed to him or her. E.g. in social networks but also in other online media, e.g. Spiegel, Focus or others, through “Display Ads”.

Online marketing: sensible or not?

Yeah, but… always check how effective a channel will be for you. The media mix from expert interviews to real estate portals to homepage, Facebook, display ads, etc. is so diverse that you should concentrate and focus on 1, max. 2 channels.

Is online marketing now an adequate means to digitally market real estate in the 1920s? Our most important tip: Estimate chances and risks! The comparison between the different channels (own homepage, reputation interviews, Facebook, Instagram, advertising on Google, etc.) must be checked for 3 parameters in particular:

  1. Relevance of the medium, your channel (simply put: a Munich broker should not publish content for Hamburg brokers)
  2. Range of the medium, your channel (quality before quantity)
  3. Competition (competition to the keyword)

Building sign: Guarantee for buyers

What works? Either extremely digital or extremely local!

Well designed construction signs still attract most buyers. But why? Especially local and direct advertising does it. On the one hand, the potential buyers and prospective buyers are directly on site, so they profit directly and “directly visible” from the investment. On the other hand they see the object in reality. Of course you could also invest in Dubai or London, but why?! On site, local marketing is still one of the most effective means for you as a real estate agent.

  • Easy to create
  • Local effect with proof-of-concept behind it (construction site)
  • Scarcity becomes immediately clear, there is only 1 object
  • Free of charge in the installation (own building land)

Shopping Mall Dubai – It is not always about apartments:

Frequently asked questions and answers

We as an advertising agency receive many, many questions. But it’s less about special topics like social media marketing on Instagram, Facebook Ads or regional content marketing. Usually it is about more fundamental questions such as: “What agencies are there?”, “What does an advertising agency do?”, “What do you do in a marketing agency?” and “What does a creative agency do? Here we have the most frequently asked questions:

“What are there for agencies?

In the field of advertising, there are various agencies that are more or less specialised in certain areas. The beginning was set by advertising agencies, but it becomes more special with online marketing agencies or PR agencies.

What does an advertising agency do?

An advertising agency takes over all advertising measures that arise in the entire spectrum. Simply put, from the design of the construction sign to content marketing for search engine optimization.

Whoever creates a new brand or company is also concerned with brand and competitor analysis, brand architecture and even more fundamentally with “naming” and “claming” – in technical terms.

An advertising agency sets concrete goals for you, determines strategies to achieve the goals and ways to achieve the goals. From graphic design to search engine optimization and PR (for example interviews in trade magazines to fundraising campaigns).

Tasks at a glance:


  • Brand / competitor analysis
  • Brand architecture
  • Positioning
  • Naming
  • Brand workshops
  • Identity development


  • Corporate identity
  • Corporate design
  • Visual language
  • Styleguide
  • Annual reports


  • Communication concepts
  • Advertising text / PR
  • Brochures / Exposés / Flyers
  • Adverts / Campaigns
  • Outdoor advertising / posters / construction sign
  • Direct marketing / mailings
  • Sales promotion / POS
  • Internet page / search portal
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO / SEA / SEM

What do you do in a marketing agency?

In marketing, the main focus is on placement and external impact. From search engines, keyword online marketing, to articles in a daily newspaper. Marketing agencies are there to bring your company efficiently to target groups (placement and public image). The big questions: How can you reach people? And once they are there, what do you think about us? More precisely, how can we influence what people think about the company?

What does a creative agency do?

Creative agencies are particularly concerned with an effective, modern appearance. Accordingly, creative agencies are particularly interesting for brokers who want to reach a young target group, for example, through contemporary graphic design of ads in social networks.

In the elite area of real estate marketing, however, “creative design” plays only a subordinate role.

What is a marketing agency?

Marketing is all about reach and reputation. This makes you “a little less” than an advertising agency and a little more than a pure communications or PR agency.

What is a communications agency?

Interviews in specialist magazines, fundraising campaigns, PR and communication agencies are particularly concerned with the public image of real estate agents.