The Social Book – Social Media Networks, Management and Marketing

Social media marketing is more complex than ever before. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube have more than two billion users today. Any social media manager who knows how to address people and how to reach them is worth a lot to the company. Social media is the new instrument in marketing. No matter if Facebook Advertising, Group Marketing, Community Management, Instagram Stories, YouTube SEO, or Influencer Marketing. The possibilities and means of social media expand month by month, month by month again and again. The development of social networks is progressing and, of course, the complexity for individual social media managers is also increasing. The Social Book provides all the basics that beginners in the field of social media marketing need to run successful campaigns. These basics arise for example from practical agency experience, many conversations with customers and of course also concepts and strategies for individual social media channels or also more complex, cross-media influencers and advertising campaigns.

Important social media tips you should know

There are many questions about social media marketing. As a rule, this is not even about the really complex subject areas, but often only about very central questions such as:

  • What are social networks and what makes them?
  • What is the purpose of social media in everyday life?
  • What is User Generated Content?
  • Why do companies use Social Media Marketing?
  • How does Social Media Marketing actually work?
  • How to measure the success of your social media marketing?
  • For which companies is Social Media Marketing?
  • What skills and knowledge does a Social Media Marketing Manager need?
  • What are the goals of Social Media Marketing?

Who does the Social Book help?

For all social media managers, whether beginners or advanced, for young entrepreneurs and startups, but also for self-employed, such as designers, hairdressers, online shops, “The Social Book is the perfect foundation to understand the world around social media marketing. “The Social Book” is less a concrete recommendation for action than an intellectual guideline. It is a guide that will help you understand social media. More than two billion people are registered in the social networks, an excellent source for new customers, but also prospective customers for projects and campaigns. Those who know how to manage the leap between the different social networks and use the individual advantages of the social networks around Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok can achieve great success.

In addition to social media marketing, it is also about the basics, social connections and, of course, the emergence of social networks. Because in order to plan the actions in today’s social networks, it is worth taking a look at the history behind it. Although the chapter is only very short, it gives a good insight into the current expansion, but also into future developments. In addition, it deals with social connections and group dynamics.

However, the book not only provides a detailed basis on the subject of social media management, community management and social media marketing, a large chapter also deals with the subject of social advertising in the best-practice example, Facebook. Facebook also includes Instagram and WhatsApp, two of the largest networks we use on a daily basis. That’s exactly why it’s worth taking a look at the Facebook Advertisement Manager, because here you can learn a lot and later put the theory into practice for your own company.

Help the book also in your studies?

The answer is definitely yes! The book can also be used for your bachelor’s or master’s degree. This is because there are absolutely practical tips here, most of which are only derived from expert interviews. Those who adhere to the existing guidelines will definitely be convinced in the paper, the term paper, the Bachelor or Master Thesis.

Recommended book value

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Content: The Social Book

  1. Development of social media in Germany
  2. Web 2.0
  3. Affect
  4. Revolution
  5. Differentiation
  6. SMM: Communication and Interaction
  7. Transmitter-receiver model
  8. “Broadcast Yourself”
  9. Always Online
  10. Success factors
  11. SMM in companies: Analysis
  12. Worldwide relevance
  13. Modern Information Society
  14. User Generated Content and Company
  15. Trend conscious. Fashion companies are pioneers
  16. Best Practice Asos
  17. Trends and social groups
  18. Social Media Stars
  19. Advertising psychology
  20. Adapting principles of the Social Web
  21. Media usage
  22. Use of media in transition
  23. Development of online use
  24. Age groups
  25. Use
  26. Mobile activities in Germany
  27. E-Commerce
  28. Purchases by commodity group
  29. A products and priority
  30. Channel structure
  31. Brand, identity and first fans
  32. What social network?
  33. Social Media Mix recommendation
  34. Content with added value
  35. Times: Studies and Live
  36. Guiding rules in SMM
  37. Create inspiring content
  38. Ease sharing your content
  39. Reward users
  40. Share contents active
  41. Encourage you to embed your content
  42. Opportunities and Risks
  43. Long Term Optimization
  44. Measurement, goals, target group and reach
  45. Societing – improvement through customer feedback
  46. Metering – Results and analysis
  47. Multipliers and brand ambassadors
  48. Multi-Channel-Management
  49. Synergie: Online / Offline
  50. Conclusion: Core elements
  51. Regular content and added value
  52. Interaction and Communication
  53. Network expansion
  54. Optimization
  55. Social Advertising
  56. Facebook
  57. Success through fanpage, design and ads
  58. Fanpage
  59. B2B Marketing
  60. Create page
  61. What does the perfect posting look like?
  62. Posting times
  63. 1K Generate Facebook Fans
  64. Increase organic reach
  65. Create Attractive Lead Magnets
  66. Youtube
  67. Youtube SEO
  68. Instagram
  69. Product Placement
  70. Alternatives
  71. TikTok
  72. Twitter
  73. Google Plus
  74. Pinterest
  75. Vimeo
  76. Tumblr
  77. LinkedIn
  78. Xing
  79. Influencer Marketing
  80. How do you benefit from the hype?
  81. Lifestyle Meets Media
  82. Effect on buyer
  83. Social Advertising: Facebook
  84. Targeting
  85. Age
  86. Residence
  87. Interests
  88. Retargeting
  89. Audience Insights
  90. Select target group
  91. Interaction rate as a success indicator
  92. Retargeting Pixel
  93. Create Advertisements
  94. Display and display groups
  95. Leads
  96. A/B Test
  97. CPC: Cost per click
  98. Costs
  99. Youtube Advertising
  100. Further development
  101. Localization
  102. Social Commerce
  103. Swarm intelligence
  104. Social networks have a great future