Ryanair Tattoo and its Marketing Effect – Sat1 Breakfast TV

When I’m on TV as a guest, it’s mostly as an expert on the subject of models, “top models” and marketing. Today it was once about a very special topic, tattoos in advertising. Maybe you’ve seen it before, crazy tattoos right in the face on your forehead or guys tattooing logos of fast food chains – in fact. Crazy enough that we had to answer the question on Sat1 breakfast television today, can you really earn money with advertising tattoos? The topic of influencer marketing is on everyone’s lips nowadays, everyone talks about it and everyone would like to do it. Sometimes the ideas are even so creative and crazy that the postings become viral. Just like in our example today, where a young man tattooed himself the logo of his favorite flight line. Not just the logo, there’s a whole plane on his forearm! Will this become a new trend?

Now in the Sat1 library: Ryanair Tattoo

You can find the complete article in the Sat1 media library of “Endlich Feierabend” and Sat1 “Frühstücksfernsehen” now: Marketing with Tattoos (German)

Calculation of advertising costs (digital)

For our example, we are looking at a classic advertising campaign on Instagram.

  1. For each impression (view by user) we pay a few cents and for each click (for example in the Insta Story to the online shop) maybe 40 or 50 cents.
  2. For 1000 impressions we pay maybe 15 €.
  3. For a brand tattoo you can take between 5.000 Euro and 6.000 Euro, for the neck area already 10.000 to 15.000 €.

As a company, we can now simply offset.