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Learn Currency Trading: Experience, Tax & Example for Forex Trading / FOREX

Learn currency trading – First step first! Learn! ETFs are speculative, stocks are more speculative, currency trading means staying with it all the time. Financial news, price development. For beginners, this means building understanding step by step. What is it about? The foreign exchange market (currency market), or Forex (FX) for short, is a decentralized […]

Real estate evaluate: Factors, on-line, free of charge – Flat, house & multi-family house

Property valuation – How can I value a property? The reasons for a valuation are manifold. Property valuation involves large sums of money and all parties are interested in a professional analysis. If the value of your real estate is within the right range, this generates a high demand, which ultimately leads to finding the […]

Calculate property value: Free of charge for purchase, investment, sale and letting

Calculate property value – rent, buy, live, here you will find all the important formulas for you as an owner. In our formula collection property you will find calculations and examples for buying, selling and renting. Rent or purchase price multiplier, gross yield, equity yield, property yield, reserves for maintenance and much more. Click here […]

HOAI – Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers

The Fee Regulations for Architects and Engineers set out the framework for the remuneration of architects and engineers for planning in the field of civil engineering, architecture and urban planning. The fee is made up of 4 different factors. The construction costs, the fee rate, the degree of difficulty of the project divided into 5 […]

Forced sale: online portals for buyers, local court list and tips

Compulsory auction – Your goal is to acquire a property as cheaply as possible? You would like to participate in a forced sale, but you always lack the information when and where a forced sale takes place? Put an end to it! Foreclosure auctions – How you can always be part of it We at […]

Auction of a property: All important information

Auction – There is on the one hand the forced auction of a property or on the other hand the partition auction. A compulsory auction takes place when the owner can no longer pay the debts relating to the property. A partition auction takes place when the ownership of a property is divided among several […]

SEO Content Spinning: Online Tools and Content Spinner Alternative

In our Advertising agency we deal a lot with the subject of search engine optimisation. Content spinning is on your topic on which we are asked questions. This is about security in content spinning but also about the effectiveness in search engine placement. Search engine placement is the be-all and end-all when it comes to […]

Individual advertising agency websites for VIPs, stars and celebrities

Advertising agencies usually work off projects. One client is the next and the next client is also just another one. However, when you work as an advertising agency for public figures, i.e. celebrities and VIPs, there is much more to consider than just a standardized production flow. To present celebrities in the right light requires […]