Viral April Fool’s Joke! Mark Zuckerberg cooperates with H&M – Fashion line of the Facebook founder

April Fool’s Day! Ingenious and simple: Today, a worldwide April Fool’s joke circulated through the social media. Mark Zuckerberg, the famous founder of the social network Facebook, is supposed to cooperate with the fashion house H&M (Hennes & Mauritz). The world-renowned fashion house is once again causing a stir – my ass! It’s all just an April Fool’s joke. Having already had several collections with stars from the music and media industries, the website Mark Zuckerberg suggested the first Zuckerberg ‘collection’ at H& M. The social networks around Facebook, Instgram and Twitter did the rest. And voila: A worldwide viral wave begins.

1 Jeans, 7 Shirts – Minimalist and simple, the collection of Mark Zuckerberg at H&M

Anyone who went to the website immediately saw a deceptively real website. With the argument of saving a lot of time in the morning as a man, you got to see the first fashion collection of the online entrepreneur. The package consists of a simple set, a simple pair of blue jeans, plus there are seven basic t-shirts in grey. This very own minimal style has always made Mark Zuckerberg a special person. Those who already know him from his movie or through various stories in the media, know that the likeable online entrepreneur himself never wears shoes. Of course, everyone immediately thought: that must be true. But it’s not true 🙂

Similarly, company logos and quotes from the entrepreneur made the design of the site very official. Among other things, it said “I really want to clear my life so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how the best serve this community.” The tagline for the fake special sale at H&M was “Mark Zuckerberg × One less thing to think about in the morning.” While it still exists, here’s the link – The ‘collection’ for men on: Mark Zuckerberg at H&M