First real estate portal with virtual realtor (digital human): Marketing & technology

Real estate portal with virtual realtor – In Israel the first real estate portal uses a virtual avatar (digital human) for the presentation of houses and apartments. A new tool for realtors and portals in the marketing of real estate and especially in addressing young, very digital target groups. Innovations in marketing, a look at the project and a few other interesting aspects in the real estate industry, for example 3D printing for houses. Real estate, marketing, technologies.

Virtual realtor: Real estates 4.0

When you ask architects, builders and other people in the real estate industry what inspires them, it is usually the future. Future, is the change of reality and always brings different aspects.

While the world of real estate keeps turning over the years, buildings become more modern, require less energy, create different cityscapes, the presentation of real estate has often remained at a standstill, in the classic real estate exposé.

Future architecture: just one example from Berlin

To stay in the example of architecture, architectural firms such as Graft in Berlin show how to design modern buildings for future-oriented cities. Urban development that is no longer expressed in the typical, boring facades, but in elements, shapes and materials that bring completely new visual hotspots to the city architecture.

For example, if you look at the villas built by the architects in Berlin, for example in Grunewald, you can see this unique architecture from hundreds of meters. As well as the “Villa M”, a cube made of ceramic plates, each one unique. From the outside, the entire architecture is reminiscent of a giant erratic block. A true one-of-a-kind, as is the outer ceramic casing. In all of Berlin Grunewald, a unique object. Such pioneers are needed so that new ideas can emerge.

But pioneers do not only exist in architecture. There is now also the first real estate portal, with virtual avatar “Ella”, for presentation.

Change in presentation: virtual exposé

What if you could present any property, without an extra visit to the site, moderated? Be possible in 2021!

Digital avatars present real estate

First, what is a digital avatar? Digitalization is on the rise. In architecture, as described above, in building technology and also in presentation. So virtual, digital people are taking over presentation and moderation.

Especially for supra-regional realtors, who have properties not only in their own area, but in other cities, states or even countries, the presentation of a property involves a relatively large amount of effort. Travel must be organized, not only for the realtor himself, but also for the potential buyer, in the further step.

With this new technology, the entire laborious process can be skipped, the property is presented by a digital avatar.

Example: Real estate portal with digital presentation

Pictures say more than a thousand words, so here is a small video:

Source: GetKey

Here, for the very first time in the world, a virtual avatar presents a property. Absolute top performance! Here technology combines with one of the largest economic sectors of this planet, the real estate industry.

Program code & CGI design: making ideas real

Digital avatars are animated from program code, partially post-processed with CGI design. This is how ideas are turned into reality, virtual persons who can then travel to places, talk about topics and much more.

In fact, we are thus only at the beginning of the journey in the real estate industry.

XXL precast factories and 3D printers

XXL Prefabrication Factories – Today, the first factories are being developed to develop entire prefabricated parts for high-rise buildings, for entire housing developments, not just the individual prefabricated house.

3D Printers – 3D printers are now shaping houses so that building materials no longer need to be purchased at great expense, everything comes easily and quickly from 3D printing. Here’s a short video demonstrating how a 3D printer builds a house in no time.

Just as construction companies, developers and the building industry are changing, so will the marketing of real estate, in the wake of digitalization.

Presentation of house & apartment through videos: Supraregional

Until now, real estate exposés were preferred by almost everyone. No between technology of presentation he has really prevailed, for example, 360 ° house tours. Why? It lacks the human element, someone to guide through the property.

Of course, as a real estate realtor, you could cover the presentation with a video, so prospective buyers see the property before visiting (just from photos). But this has two disadvantages. Either you have to moderate yourself, that is also be on site, or someone else has to do it and convey the same spirit, the same still know how, as the real estate realtor. Another disadvantage, the language. Do you know Israeli? Spanish? French?

In short, the presentation of the property has different factors, from location to languages. So, as soon as properties need to reach a national or international audience rather than just a regional one, the effort of presentation increases.

Lure new target groups: Marketing tool for real estate realtors / portals

Just as in the entire economy, the real estate industry is also about supply and demand. The new generation of future real estate owners, by purchase or inheritance, has grown up with the Internet. They jump on other carriers (trigger factor).

Therefore, new concepts are needed, also in real estate marketing. On the one hand in the marketing of condominiums, which are sold individually to private persons, for example over real estate portals, just as with the sales of luxury real estates, which are now times more difficult over a badly made Immobilienexposé, as PDF to sell.

If you also want to show innovation, you can’t avoid new marketing strategies. Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) gave the Internet only a few years in the beginning. Today, more than 20 years later, many real estate realtors, realtor offices and real estate portals are using social networks such as Facebook and Instagram (Social Marketing [external]).

Strategy: Reaching Generation Z

In Israel, a new project has now been launched that has never been seen before in the world. The above already to see in the example video, real estate are presented by “Ella” here.

Source: GetKey

Voice use in technology – Putting digital people in commercials, breathing emotion into them, a really difficult job. The next stage was now to integrate speech, so that Ella becomes a multi speech talent. As seen in example video (above), for example in Hebrew. This way, Israeli customers are specifically addressed on the website.