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Top 10: Fashion magazine (sales figures)

We just wanted to know one thing today: Which fashion magazine is a step ahead of the rest? What is en vogue? Who has the latest information on fashion, beauty, trends and entertainment? In order to answer this question Mirijam researched diligently and rummaged through all relevant fashion magazines in our trusted newsstand.

Here you can find all fashion magazines (CM Models, Agency).


Fashion Magazines in Germany – The Top 10

Print is classic! Yes exactly – but those who make it into print editions of magazines are among the best! Fashion, styling, cuts, new trends and always up to date on the newspaper shelf. Fashion magazines in Germany are in high demand, on Sunday for breakfast in bed with a croissant and coffee or for a quick break in the lunch break. There is a lot of choice on the newspaper shelf and yet we all rely on the Big 10 fashion magazines in Germany. What the latest trends are, where the zeitgeist is going and what the “woman of the world” will be wearing tomorrow, we find out in magazines that have their finger on the pulse! Vogue, Elle, GQ & Co. with editorial representation from Hamburg to New York are always up-to-date. Fashion accompanies us in all situations and cities, on dates, in everyday life, at events, from Europe to Asia, from Berlin to Istanbul. Editors and scouts from renowned German fashion magazines travel the world to find inspiration for new fashion items on the streets. On Youtube or Tumblr, there are thousands of fashion blogs. But the big topics, the top stories of celebrities and talent, the real revelations can be found in the big sheets. Here is the list of the 10 biggest fashion magazines in Germany:

Top 10 German Fashion Magazines

1. brigitte550,000 copies

2. cosmopolitan400,000 copies

3. glamour390,000 copies

4. Grazia250,000 copies

5th Elle200,000 copies

6. vogue150,000 copies

7th GQ140,000 copies

8. bella115,000 copies

9. madame95,000 copies

10th interview – 38,000 copies

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