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At fashion fairs and fashion shows we get to know many interesting personalities through our daily media work with fashion and model agencies – and even more exciting stories! Since we ourselves also like to blog a lot in our advertising agency, we wanted to introduce a few friends, acquaintances and many more on a website! Who actually makes sure that fashion shows run smoothly? New trends, collections, ideas and stories. That’s what you’ll find on FIV Magazine now!

We want the designers behind the scenes!

On our new interview network, we wanted to explore the whole breadth of fashion and meet designers behind the scenes. Whether it’s creation, production or PR or marketing: In FIV Magazine we show you a small part of the crazy fashion world of today! Who actually makes sure that fashion shows run smoothly? Who gives you inspiration and who makes sure that collections are hanging on the clothes racks of the world’s metropolises on time? Get to know the world of fashion

Mobile first – subway, city, campus, everywhere

Whether in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, people stare at their mobile phones. They read to pass the time. Whether at work or on the way to university – people are always reading everywhere! That’s why I made sure from the beginning that our system is especially compatible with mobile devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets: Mobile First. This way, everyone should be able to access the designer interviews from anywhere and on the go to find out about the latest collections and design pieces – always and everywhere.

Alessandra Ambrosio Interview @FIV Magazine

To ensure that the project is a complete success right from the start, we have brought celebrity and fashion editor Michelle into the fashion boat. From now on, she will be in charge of as chief editor. Not only does she have experience from online magazines such as Erdbeerlounge, she also shines with her competent appearance, organizational talent and her training at the TV station VOX. There she worked in the “Prominent” editorial department, among other things. Strong interest in fashion and events, education, studies, etc.. All this qualifies her! We are looking forward to working with her.

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