Bildmontage, Buch und Text-Dokument vom Buch "Social Media Marketing"

SMM! The book – Only a few days

Due to actual unexpected demand, another little article with info on the upcoming book release of “Social Media Marketing for Fashion Companies & Labels”.

I started working on it in the spring. First it was a lot of research – social media management, social media marketing – what do experts say? Step two I wanted to explore the concept of fashion from a sociological point of view, what is fashion and how does it work? Here I refer a lot to Simmel’s work around 1905. You will see, Simmel’s philosophy of fashion was as relevant in 1905 as it is today and will be in 2015. Step three took me to active managers in companies to find out the everyday life of fashion companies in social networks. I conducted a total of four in-depth interviews with experts – but they are not quoted in the book in order to get honest answers.luk-news-buch-social-media-marketing

In early June, I had two scientific foundations and four expert interviews to go with my new media expertise. Wow. A lot of text. A lot of text. It took me two months to compile, evaluate and write it. Next to agency work, next to online shops, model agencies, project acquisition, designs, and much more, this almost 100-page work on social media marketing – in the special context of fashion and fashionable thinking – was created. The book deals with trends, ways of thinking but also small best practice examples of German and international fashion companies. I am looking forward to the coming days and weeks.

An excerpt, Chapter 1.3.3 – Differentiation of SMM (Social Media Marketing):

Small excerpt, introduction

"The focus of this book is to find out, analyse and evaluate the relevance and the useful application of SMM, in the special context of target groups and contents, for fashion companies, fashion retailers and fashion labels. The aim is to explain SMM for fashion companies and to show perspectives for successful SMM in relation to interaction rates in social networks by means of research interviews. The research as well as interviews dealt with the topics of multi-channel management, social media management, social campaigning and crowdsourcing. With the increasing reach of the social web, fashion companies have an interesting additional virtual marketing and communication channel to acquire customers and prospects and to retain them as brand fans."


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