Free of charge: 7+ questions and answers for a successful house sale in Dietzenbach

Dietzenbach is a small town in Hesse with 34,000 inhabitants. It belongs to the district of Offenbach in the administrative district of Darmstadt and is located about 12 km southeast of Frankfurt on the river Bieber. Founded in the 13th century, the town has an old town worth seeing with lovingly restored half-timbered houses and achieved state-wide fame in 2001 as the host of the 41st Hessentag.

You want to sell your house?

A house sale can have the most diverse motives, but it always remains a challenging matter for the owner. There are many aspects to consider, sometimes patience, and always thoughtfulness. At Lukinski, we have been in the real estate business for a long time and, given the complexity of the task, we recommend that you entrust us with the sale of your home. Below we outline for you the normal process from the first thought to the handover to the buyer.

The first steps

If you are thinking of selling a house, you should check whether the timing is right. What is the local supply and demand? This information can be obtained from a real estate agent who is familiar with the market situation.Before you prepare the sale of your house, you need to obtain necessary documents. These include:

  • Land register excerpt
  • If a land charge still exists, the corresponding financing documents
  • Documents showing floor plans and living space
  • Energy pass
  • Evidence for any energy-saving and modernisation measures carried out

After all the necessary documents for the potential buyer, you can think about the price. If the supply is low and demand is high, the sale price can be obtained higher than in the opposite situation. However, before you think about the amount, should determine the value of your residential property.

Real estate valuation by experienced experts

You need to have the value of your home determined by a professional to get a real basis for pricing. With a trained eye, a real estate expert will recognise all the advantages and disadvantages of your property and include factors such as location, infrastructure and transport connections in the valuation. At the latest when determining the value, you should consider the support of an experienced real estate agent. We at Lukinski – Your House Sale, objectively evaluate your single-family home in every respect and, if desired, will gladly take over the marketing.

Create sales exposé and find interested parties

Based on a professional valuation, you determine a sales price and compile a meaningful exposé. This includes the documents listed above, photos of the exterior and interior and descriptive texts. Pay attention to detailed pictures and descriptions with high added value. The exposé should arouse interest and encourage you to view the property.

Plan plenty of time for viewing appointments

Arrange a one-on-one appointment with each prospective buyer and show them your residential property in tidy condition. First impressions are crucial, even with a house. A potential buyer will want to examine every nook and cranny of the property closely and may ask you critical questions. You need to find satisfactory answers, gauge interest on the part of seriousness, and at the same time draw attention to the benefits of your property. Especially with many prospective buyers, viewings can be stressful and take up a lot of time. It is also up to you to decide which of the prospective buyers to choose.

Sales negotiations must be conducted professionally

At the latest when negotiating the price, skill, perseverance and a professional approach are required. Every prospective buyer wants to purchase your house as cheaply as possible and you want to achieve the best possible price. For inexperienced homeowners, price negotiations are stressful and tiring processes, but an experienced real estate agent knows the situation on the ground and achieves the best possible price for you with well-placed arguments. In addition, during the negotiation he asks about the planned payment method and a financing confirmation from the buyer’s bank.

Things to know about the purchase contract

Once you have found a buyer and the price has been negotiated, the contract can be drawn up. As a rule, you meet with the buyer at a notary chosen by him and discuss the content of the contract. To do this, you must have all the necessary documents and you should check that the details are correct. The notary will send you and the buyer each a draft of the contract. You usually have two weeks to discuss the details of the house sale with your tax advisor, for example.

Signing of the contract and handing over of the house

A notary is absolutely necessary for the sale of a house. The contract of sale must be signed with him and he takes care of the change in the land register after receipt of the money on the account of the seller. The last step is the handover of your house to the new owner. All services from one competent source. From this description you can see that the sale of a house involves a lot of work, requires experience in some sections and takes time. As a private homeowner, you are entering completely unknown territory in the sales process and rarely achieve the optimal price due to a lack of routine. At Lukinski, we are experienced in residential and commercial real estate sales and offer a comprehensive service. Simply contact us by telephone, we will inspect your property and, if you wish, take over the entire sales process, from valuation and marketing to handing over the keys. By the way: The costs for our services are usually borne by the buyer.