L’ recommends: Momentum for Chrome Browser

Lukinski is modern. So we at Lukinski don’t work in a ‘normal’ office, but in Cologne’s Media Park. In the co-working space‘Startplatz‘. Here you can find real Silicon Valley athomasphere in Cologne. Many small, new digital agencies from IT, media and online marketing agencies. SEO & SEA, design, content marketing, media lawyers, programmers, and much more.

Here you will find exciting projects, including 10 Fast Fingers. The world’s most popular online typing test with 10+ million unique visits and available in 50+ languages. And we, are neighbors. And here’s the kicker. Because every morning I see his monitors on my way from the coffee machine to my desk.



Momentum, the Latin mōmentum, stands for “(duration of a) movement”.



Momentum – Chrome Plugin


On one of his monitors, I see a new, beautiful athomsphere image every day. It changes, but only sometimes, not every day. It’s beautiful… just beautiful. But what is it? Now I know. Here’s my secret tip for designers, media people, programmers, marketers, and more: Momentum!

Individual. Personalized. Momentum: With Momentum you can replace your Chrome Dashboard with a personalized look. A great tool to make your digital workspace more calm. Yet you don’t lose sight of any of your tasks. There is a wonderful feature ” (picture 2), there you enter your daily goal! Supplemented by another, small todo list on the right edge (picture 3).


    • Todo list for tasks and organization
    • Current weather information from the region
    • Pursue your ‘goal of the day
    • Clean design inspired by photography
    • The “App” button still enables all Chrome features




Momentum – Screenshots






Momentum – Download