Camping Berlin: Breitehorn, Krossinsee & Co. – Holiday in nature & city

Camping Berlin – Are you often on the road and can’t stand all the train journeys and motorways? Then a short holiday in the Berlin countryside is just the thing. A holiday full of relaxation and peace awaits you, far away from city life. You can find out which campsites are the right ones and the most important tips here. Back to overview: Real Estate Berlin.

Buy Roof Tent: Comparison, Price, List, Tips

Before we get to the best campsites in Berlin: Tent, camper or… Roof tent (test winner)?

Buy a roof tent! Good idea, but which one? Roof tents from 1-4 people in comparison – camping with roof tent is currently even more popular. Your own roof tent is relatively cheap (from 1,200 euros), so it pays for itself quickly compared to the cost of a hotel or holiday apartment. But even better is: 100% flexibility.

The setup is extremely fast, maximum 1 minute, I manage it in the meantime already in 40 seconds (Skycamp Mini). Many have a question before buying, which roof tent fits on my car? Tip: All car models can carry a roof tent! Here is an overview, roof tents for singles, two-man tents and roof tents for 4 people and the XXL version, 4 people plus sports equipment.

Hyundai, Mercedes G-Class, VW family car: All roof tents in comparison, prices and much more. My roof tent experiences and tips for your adventure vacation.

Berlin: Camping Tips

You don’t have to leave Germany for a camping holiday. Even the capital of Germany offers campsites in rural areas where you can enjoy your holiday perfectly. In different price ranges and sizes you can choose your perfect campsite and plan the holiday with your camper or similar.

Vacation, recreation and finally switch off in Berlin

To bring a little variety into your next Berlin vacation, we recommend a camping trip in Berlin. If you just want to relax and unwind and explore a bit of Berlin along the way, the campsites are the place to be. There are opportunities to rent bikes and enjoy tours along the Spree River and Havels Ufer. If you like swimming, you can go swimming at the Nieder-Neuendorfer See, in the Tegeler See or in the Havel. There are countless offers for individuals, couples, friends and families.

Map: Berlin and surroundings

Here you will find a map with which you can orientate yourself. Especially cyclists or car drivers can thus create a first impression of the journey times.

Lakes & tributaries in Berlin:

  • Spree
  • Havel
  • Panke
  • Dahme
  • Wuhle
  • Erpe
  • Lake Tegel
  • Great Wannsee
  • Müggelsee
  • Spectra Lake

Forests and parks in Berlin:

  • Zoo
  • Rose Island
  • Luiseninsel
  • Tempelhof Park
  • Botanical gardens
  • Victoria Park
  • Schiller Park

Berlin Video: Beautiful nature in the city

If you don’t have time or money to leave the country, you don’t have to miss out on a holiday. Especially in Berlin, everything is offered to you. From city life to green nature, here you can experience everything as a camper. If you still can’t be convinced, you should have a look at these 2 videos. Cute animals, green forests and quiet lakes or rivers – in Berlin you can make your dream vacation.

Campsite recommendations in Berlin

Here you can find our small selection of recommendations for Berlin! You want even more? On Campwerk you will find many more campsites for many cities in Berlin like Krossinsee and Kladow.

Camping ground Krossinsee – (260 places)

Camping ground Krossinsee (address: Wernsdorfer Straße 38 in 12527 Berlin-Schmöckwitz) with 260 pitches for campers on a total area of 9 ha. Per person you pay 8,50 Euro, children 4,00 Euro as well as stand fee 9,50 – 11,50 Euro, payable with cash, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa. Read more: Campsite Krossinsee

Directions, address and camper capacities at the Krossinsee campsite:

  • Address: Wernsdorfer Straße 38 in 12527 Berlin-Schmöckwitz, Germany
  • Location: Berlin
  • 260 pitches for campers
  • 46 Rental accommodation
  • 230 places for permanent campers
  • Total size in ha: 9
  • Directions (Google Maps): Camping ground Krossinsee

DCC-Camping site Berlin-Kladow – (150 places)

DCC-Camping Berlin-Kladow (address: Krampnitzer Weg 111-117 in 14089 Berlin-Kladow) with 150 pitches for campers on 7 ha total area and a plot size of 60-140 m². Per person one pays 8.50 euros, children 4.30 euros as well as stand fee Inclusive, payable with cash, Maestro. Read more: DCC Camping Berlin-Kladow

Directions, address and camper capacities at the DCC campsite Berlin-Kladow:

  • Address: Krampnitzer Weg 111-117 in 14089 Berlin-Kladow, Germany.
  • Location: Berlin
  • 150 pitches for campers
  • 2 rental accommodations
  • 560 places for permanent campers
  • 60-140 m² plot size
  • Total size in ha: 7
  • Directions (Google Maps): DCC-Camping Berlin-Kladow

DCC-Camping site Gatow – (120 places)

DCC-Camping Gatow (address: Kladower Damm 213-217 in 14089 Berlin-Gatow) with 120 pitches for campers on 2.5 ha total area and a plot size of 90-100 m². Per person one pays 8.50 euros, children 4.30 euros as well as stand fee Inclusive, payable with cash, Maestro. Read more: DCC Camping Gatow

Directions, address and camper capacities at DCC-Camping Gatow:

  • Address: Kladower Damm 213-217 in 14089 Berlin-Gatow, Germany.
  • Location: Berlin
  • 120 pitches for campers
  • 60 places for permanent campers
  • 90-100 m² plot size
  • Total size in ha: 2.5
  • Directions (Google Maps): DCC-Camping Gatow

Hotel & City Camping North – (80 places)

Hotel & City Camping North with 80 pitches for campers on 1 hectare total area. Read more: Hotel & City Camping North

Directions, address and camper capacities at Hotel & City Camping Nord:

    • Location: Berlin
    • 80 pitches for campers
    • 1 Rental accommodation
    • Total size in ha: 1

You will find many more good recommendations on the subject of campsites on Campwerk: Campingplatz Berlin