The Top 7 – Lamps & Light in Düsseldorf

Lamps & Light in Düsseldorf – You are tired of your home always looking the same and you finally want a change? Have you ever thought that you can change not only the wall color, the sofa or the TV wall, but also the lamps? Admittedly, the lamps are not the first thing you want to change if you don’t feel comfortable. But why you should definitely consider such a change, you will learn in this article.

Changes due to lamps & light

As you can see from the title, it’s not just the lamps in your home that can affect your wellbeing, but also the light. Analyze the light in each room of your apartment or house and check if it is suitable. While bright lights are more suitable for the kitchen or bathroom, “soft” lights are more suitable for the bedroom.

Lamp designs: from vintage to country house

Whether table, chair or cabinet, there are many different variations, so that there is something for every taste. And it is exactly the same with the lamps. One distinguishes not only between floor and ceiling lamp, because there are also various different styles. While one prefers to live in retro style, someone else burns for life in the classic country style. To help you find the right lamp to suit your needs, we’ve picked out the best lamp shops in your area. However, if you have demands that aren’t so easy to meet, you might consider whether building the lamp yourself could be an option. At the very bottom of the article, we’ve put together a few videos that present ideas.

Light colors: Influence your well-being

Not only the design of lamps can influence the well-being, but also different light colors. Technically, a distinction is made between warm white, neutral white and daylight white. While warm white is perceived as cosy, neutral white conveys a businesslike atmosphere and daylight white is suitable for incident light. But which light colour fits best in which room? You should ask yourself this question for each of your rooms. The cosy effect of warm white is often used for the bedroom, neutral white for offices and daylight white for the living room. Now, if you notice that you have a warm white light in the bathroom, then this could be the reason why you don’t wake up properly in the morning. Small changes can therefore make a big difference.

Lampen & Licht stores in Düsseldorf: The best recommendations

You come from Düsseldorf or the surrounding area and are looking for a shop near you that sells lamps and can also advise you well on the subject of lighting? We have picked out the best lighting shops in Düsseldorf for you based on Google reviews. Find your dream lamp, let us advise you or simply inspire you. The right shop near you is sure to be there.

Leuchten-Center Schwarzmann

The customers of Leuchten-Center Schwarzmann are enthusiastic about the overall package. In addition to a diverse range and excellent specialist advice, there are also reasonable prices. Some customers also describe a pleasant “flea market atmosphere”. Especially if you don’t have any fixed plans, but just want to “browse” a bit, this store could be the right one for you. You can often find just the right lamp if you are not specifically looking for something.

Preacher Light Advisor

The lighting store “Prediger Lichtberater” has a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. The customers who have visited this shop are mostly enthusiastic about the expert advice. You can also tell that the staff at this company has a vested interest in customer satisfaction by the fact that they always respond to both positive and negative feedback. So if you are not quite sure which light colour or which lamp design might be right for you, you can get advice here.

Light by Horst

The lighting shop “Licht by Horst” is also very popular in Düsseldorf. Here you not only have the opportunity to find a suitable lamp and get advice, but also the exhibition itself is very special. Should you have antique lamps that you simply want to have refurbished, then you have the rare opportunity to do so here. Often an older lamp becomes a special unique piece through the individual refurbishment.

Elegance lamps

Rating: 4.9 / 5.0

Light in the room Dinnebier GmbH

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0

Regent Licht GmbH

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Louis Poulsen Germany GmbH

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Düsseldorf city map for directions

Make your own lamps: Build, Design & Craft

You have already searched various shops, but just can not find the right lamp for your home? Have you ever considered building a lamp exactly according to your wishes? If you have artistic skills, time and patience, then this could be an interesting alternative for you. We have found three videos for you that might inspire you. Maybe you are so enthusiastic about one of the ideas that you will implement it directly.

Macramé lamp

In this video you will be explained piece by piece how to get this great macramé lamp. To start this idea you do not need many materials. Once you have the described knot technique out, the whole thing will go easily by hand. Since this lamp is not one of the more discreet variants, you should be careful that you do not put too many highlights in your living space, so that the overall picture does not look cluttered. The macramé style fits especially well if the interior is provided with green accents, such as small plants.

Vintage lamp

In contrast to the macramé lamp, this vintage lamp looks rather rustic. Also in this video you will be explained step by step how you can make this lamp yourself. For the implementation is more craftsmanship, rather than sensitivity required. If this lamp fits your interior and you have the necessary materials and tools, then you can get started right away. Since the lamp is relatively eye-catching and large, you should present this on large surfaces.

Vintage lamp from old wood

This vintage lamp made of old wood can significantly influence the atmosphere in a room. Since it is not able to completely fill a room with light, but rather emits warm, cozy light, it is especially suitable for the living room or bedroom. If there is enough space in the bathroom, you can also consider creating a cosy atmosphere in the bathroom.