Lamps & Lighting – Top 6 Stores in Frankfurt am Main

Lampen & Licht in Frankfurt am Main – Do you know this? You walk into a room you have never seen before and immediately feel comfortable or uncomfortable? What could be the reason for this? The feeling you get when you enter a room can be influenced by different aspects. From the decor to the furnishings, everything has an impact. In particular, your choice of lamps is hugely important. To what extent the lamps and the light influence your well-being, you will find out in this article. Back to overview: Real Estate Frankfurt.

Feel-good factor: lamps & light

If you have always thought that the appearance or the light of a lamp does not matter, the main thing that it illuminates a room, now it’s time to convince you otherwise. The design and also the light can significantly change a lot.

The design

Lamps about lamps, there are the most different designs. Since everyone has different tastes in furnishings, there are also different styles for lamps. You’ve probably noticed it before, the current lamp trend: geometric shapes. You will find the differences not only in whether it is a floor lamp or a ceiling lamp, but also in whether it is a lamp in vintage style or country style. A lamp that hangs in the middle of the room with a lampshade made of petals gives the room a playful, fresh impression and a lamp that is made of glass looks more noble and high quality.

The light

If the optics are right, doesn’t the light matter? Absolutely. On the one hand there is the glaring light that reminds you of a sterile doctor’s office and on the other hand a light that slowly gets brighter and brighter, so that you can always get used to it first. Especially when it comes to the bedroom, where you don’t necessarily want to be woken up with bright light in the morning, it makes more sense to use a light bulb that slowly brightens up. This is in complete contrast to the kitchen or the bathroom. When you are in these rooms, you usually want to know what you are doing and are then quite happy to have the light. Think about a lighting concept for each of your rooms, because this is the only way to create the optimal feel-good feeling. Technically, a distinction is made between warm white, neutral white and daylight white. While warm white is perceived as cosy, neutral white conveys a businesslike atmosphere and daylight white is suitable for incident light.

Lampen & Licht Frankfurt am Main: The best recommendations

You come from Frankfurt am Main and finally find the time to take care of new lamps for your apartment or your house. Then it is of enormous importance for you to find a suitable lamps and light shop. This is not only important so that you buy good goods from which you have something for a long time, but also so that you can get help from an expert advice in case of doubt. Especially when it comes to lighting, expert advice is useful. We have found the six best lamps & lighting shops in your area.

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Contrast: Möbel Leuchten Accessoires GmbH

The shop Kontrast: Möbel Leuchten Accessoires GmbH sells, as the name suggests, not only lamps but also furniture. So if you need to completely redecorate an apartment and thus need not only new lamps, but also furniture, a visit here might be worthwhile for you. With a little luck you will find several items. The rating is 4.2 stars. Customers rave about fancy beautiful merchandise. Customer satisfaction seems to be very important to the employees of this store, because criticism is always responded to on Google reviews.

Living & Home Frankfurt GmbH

The shop Living & Home Frankfurt GmbH is on top with 4,9 out of 5 stars. The customers who have visited this shop are completely enthusiastic. Here there is not only great advice, but also exceptional lamps. So if you are looking for something special, this is the place to go. In addition to the extraordinary lamps, there are also great wallpapers and curtains here. If you want to explicitly focus on changing your lamps, then you can get the right advice here. If you live in the east of Frankfurt am Main, then this shop should not be too far away from you.

The Light Factory GmbH

Lichtfabrik GmbH in Frankfurt am Main is also a good address if you are looking for a shop that has a large selection of lamps available. The customers are first and foremost enthusiastic about the good advice. So, if you are looking for good advice, this store could be the right place for you. The Light Factory has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

ERCO Leuchten GmbH Frankfurt

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0


Rating: 3.9 / 5.0

  • Great Friedberger Str. 44-46
    60313 Frankfurt am Main
  • Phone: 069 2102880
  • LichtCenter Website
  • LichtCenter Facebook

Lampshade studio BARTH

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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Lamps & Light – Ideas to make yourself

Are you always browsing through the shops, but you just can’t find the ideal lamp for your living room? Have you perhaps already thought about whether you could tinker a suitable lamp yourself? If this thought doesn’t scare you off, maybe even excites you, then you should definitely keep at it. We have found three special craft ideas for you, which you can copy with a little skill and patience.

Vintage lamp build from wooden beams

This vintage lamp is an absolute eye-catcher. Especially if you have kept your apartment otherwise also in vintage style, this lamp could fit perfectly. For the implementation you do not have to spend a lot of money, or make a huge effort. Everything you need for the implementation is listed: Vintage Look Lamp. This lamp gives a cozy atmosphere, making it great for the living room or bedroom. If you want to keep only a small light burning in the evening, then you can use this lamp for that. Those who are particularly fond of the lamp might consider making two of these works of art at once, so they can put one on either side of a door.

Designer lamp build yourself

When you see this lamp, probably the first thing you think is: This looks high quality. No wonder, because exactly so there is this lamp in various designer shops to buy at incredibly high prices. But why spend so much money when you can easily build such a modern lamp yourself? Who has fun in tinkering, patience and skill, which has created a real eye-catcher with this lamp and also saved money. This designer lamp fits especially well above the dining table or in the kitchen. And another thing: As you can see in the video, the lamp is also suitable as a shelf for various things. In order not to destroy the effect of the lamp, you should of course make sure not to place unsightly things on the lamp, but rather select glasses or delicate decorative items.

Build your own wall lamp

This wall lamp would be ideal for your interior? Do you enjoy creative work and have enough patience? Then you could consider building this wall lamp yourself. One thing is for sure: it will create a cosy light that could conjure up the perfect mood in your living room.