Planning the garden correctly – from swimming ponds to herb beds

Garden planning – A beautifully designed garden not only means relaxation and a break from everyday life, but also a feel-good area and a connection to nature. However, the design is often difficult. Not enough space or few design ideas are just a few of the many reasons for this. In order for the garden to become a part of the house and be a retreat and oasis, especially on beautiful summer days, the planning must be well thought out.

Garden planning – tips and tricks for your dream garden

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. It’s high time to spruce up the garden for great summer days. A new herb bed, a swimming pond or perhaps a complete redesign of your oasis of well-being? So that you are well prepared and can start redesigning your garden, we have prepared some great ideas to bring summer into your garden.

You don’t have a garden? No problem, because we show you how to make your balcony or terrace fit for the summer!

Garden planning and design – step by step to a beautiful garden

Every renovation should start with good planning. Whether a complete renovation or just a small remodel, the steps should be well thought out and planned in advance. The division of the garden into different sections is very important. Depending on the requirements of the garden, more or less space must be planned for the individual elements. It should also be considered in advance which elements should be self-built and which should be commissioned. Creating some small elements in the garden yourself is a nice memory and a great project, especially in spring. How to transform an allotment from an unkempt shrubbery into a great feel-good spot is detailed in the video. Valuable tips on design principles and the first planning steps are also given.

  • Garden design always needs good planning in advance
  • The various garden elements must be well coordinated and adapted to the garden.

Designing a low-maintenance garden – enjoy and don’t slave away

A garden should be one thing above all, and that is an oasis of well-being. Very few people want to do heavy gardening work on a daily basis, which is why when planning a garden, attention should always be paid to what follow-up work the elements entail. Many different beds, a large grassy area and a pool make more work than a swimming pond, low-maintenance plants and a pebble path. So when planning a garden, always consider your own needs to choose the right elements for your garden. In the video, a professional explains how a garden can be laid out in a low-maintenance way, what benefits arise from this and what needs to be considered in the planning phase.

  • A garden can be made very apple friendly with the right elements
  • A low maintenance garden is perfect to relax and enjoy

Build your own garden path – visual connection and separating element

A garden path offers many practical advantages. Visually, a garden path is very nice to look at and additionally a great element to separate the garden into different areas. A garden path can also be practical, as it usually leads from one part of the garden to another. Especially barefoot, it is often more pleasant to walk over a path than through the grass. Creating a garden path is relatively easy and depending on the look, can be done on your own. In the video, it is explained step by step how a garden path can be easily created by yourself and how useful it can be. The example is illustrated by a gravel path with slabs.

  • A garden path can be built with a few simple steps selsbt
  • Visually, a garden path is a nice subdivision of the individual sections and a connection between them

Creating a garden pond – a small oasis in just a few steps

A garden pond has a particularly great visual effect, as it creates a small water paradise in the garden where fish and plants can find a home. Since water is considered a symbol of tranquility for many, a pond can directly change the atmosphere. The gentle lapping of the water and the shimmering of the sun on the surface of the water give the garden a great atmosphere. The creatures in the pond and the design of the individual elements invite you to observe and discover them. Especially in small gardens a pond offers a great element, because not much space is needed, but a great effect can be achieved. The video explains step by step how easy it is to create a small pond in your own garden.

  • A garden pond provides a feel-good area and greatly enhances the atmosphere of the garden
  • The construction is quite simple and can be done by yourself

Build your own fireplace – the element of fire for an idyllic togetherness

A fireplace offers a varied element in the garden design. It can be used for great events, such as a barbecue, but also provide a place of relaxation and idyll on warm summer nights. A fireplace invites to a nice get-together and is especially popular with families. In large gardens a demarcation of the fireplace as a separate area with surrounding design is a great element to create a whole new area. But even small gardens can enjoy the benefits of a fire pit. The video shows how easy it is to build a fire pit yourself and what a great effect the element of fire can have in garden design.

  • A fireplace is easy to build yourself by hand
  • The garden gains a great element that changes the atmosphere in the garden and can be used in many ways.

Growing your own herb garden – the right herbs and creative freedom

Herb gardens offer great design elements in the garden and are additionally useful for the kitchen. The beds can be created in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and thus offer a lot of creative freedom for both small and large gardens. The arrangement of the beds is completely up to the owner. From thyme to rosemary and basil, anything your heart desires is possible. In the video, experts show how easy it is to create herb beds yourself, what needs to be taken into account and how the bed can also look visually appealing. Which herbs are particularly suitable for cultivation in German herb beds, you can find out in the video.

  • A herb garden is not only practical, but also beautiful to look at
  • The construction is very simple and can be individually adapted to all conditions.

Building a swimming pond – a big project with a big effect

A swimming pond is a larger project that also requires a larger garden. The effect that such an element achieves is spectacular. A well planned and built swimming pond can change the whole atmosphere of a garden and increase the comfort enormously. The natural design blends in with the natural surroundings and allows you to create an oasis of well-being. Through natural filtration with the help of certain aquatic plants, the pond even remains chemical and therefore chlorine free. The care and time required for maintenance is thus greatly minimized. In the video, a professional shows the entire planning and construction process of a swimming pond and a breathtaking result.

  • A swimming pond is very inviting, especially in large gardens, and integrates well with nature.
  • The advantages are numerous and especially on hot summer days the swimming pond is worth its weight in gold.

Designing small gardens – great effect with few elements

The trend towards small gardens is on the rise. Often there is simply not enough space to create an expansive garden. However, the design does not have to be restricted by the size of the garden. Even small gardens have the potential to become an oasis of peace and an idyllic place of relaxation. Choosing the right elements is crucial here. The video also shows how important it is to plan and position the individual elements precisely so that the garden does not appear overcrowded. The video makes clear that a great use of the given possibilities is nevertheless possible and even small elements can have a great effect.

  • Even small gardens can become a paradise of well-being with the right planning
  • The right elements in the right position allow perfect use of the given space