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Real Estate, Taxes & Wealth: Learning from Investor Experiences. When the US president pays only $750 in income tax, and the Springer CEO gets a stock package of almost 1 billion euros almost tax-free, and all of this is perfectly legal, one thing is clear: in terms of taxes, there is still room for all of us to go up! But what do you have to learn in order to be as “efficient”? Or even better, where do you start? The big keyword: converting taxes into private wealth. Who better to learn from than self-made millionaires? Modern investors like Alex Fischer, old giants from the US like Rockefeller and of course the greats of history, Sir Isaac Newton. Find out why and how in this article on tax optimization.

Learning from investors: my experience

I’ll be brief: in just one paragraph. Why am I recommending this book to you today?

A little story: Living among millionaires

A friend of mine, himself in the real estate business, started out brokering rental properties and worked his way up step by step. Today he is 28 years old and lives a relatively carefree life. How did he get started? He came to me at some point and said:

Stephan, I’ve rented an apartment in the crane building…

The Kranhaus is one of the most expensive locations in downtown Cologne. Bentleys, Ferraris and, of course, Porsche Cayennes can be found in the underground car park.

Stephan, do you know why I moved here? I want to be surrounded every day by people who are who I want to be.

In parentheses, that means successful people.

Wisdoms, Experiences and … Avoid mistakes

Why am I telling you this little story? Even Issac Newton said, “If I have seen further than others, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants.” That is, we learn from those who came before us.

If you are also on the state that you have secured your first fortune, you have 3, 4 or 5 real estates in the possession, then it becomes at the latest time to think about firm constructions and tax arrangement.

Selfmade real estate millionaire

I’ve looked at a lot and have a favorite: Alex Fischer. Self-made real estate millionaire, down to earth, focused, very clear in his thoughts, ideas and structures. I’ve been following his Youtube channel for a long time. Then came his book, with stories and experiences from himself: Richer than the Geisses. Now the book is available for free, yes free! Therefore, here is my extra tip for all who also have the desire to make money with real estate.

Learn how you can build up a cash-flowing million-dollar fortune and thus make your life more and more relaxed, just by using your brains alone.

Richer than the Geissens: Amazon Bestsellers

The book “Richer than the Geissens” covers an extremely large amount of detail on the strategies. If you listen to all chapters in a structured way and repeat some of them, you will learn to become financially, professionally and privately successful. 450 pages of concentrated knowledge with examples and practical tasks, concrete step-by-step instructions for implementation and knowledge from practice with case studies instead of page-filling “BlaBla”.

If you have read the book “Reicher als die Geissens” (Richer than the Geisses) by Alex Fischer, you know how you can become a real estate millionaire in 5 years with 0 Euro equity (assuming your diligence and ambition). If you are looking for real success in life and career, this book should be your must read! For those of you who are completely new to “Richer than the Geisses”, today I want to review three or four of my favorite episodes from the free audiobook (yes you heard me right, free). In the book or audiobook, Alex Fischer shares an extreme amount of strategies and methods that you can use to achieve as much success yourself as he has. When I first read through the book something happened that rarely happens, I actually repeated chapters! What makes the book so brilliant is what I want to explain to you today, at least in rudiments! My tip for your professional success, financial freedom, or in other words for “becoming happy”.

Learning: Rockefeller’s Wisdom

The Rockefeller Archive Center / Public domain

You can always learn from the great entrepreneurial giants of history. As much as the world changes, the structures remain the same. Apple invites developers to take over app development for the iStore and then earns about 30% on each sale. Tinder provides its dating app for free and ends up earning through usage. Are they acting on Rockefeller’s wisdom: “Give away the oil lamp and earn from the oil”?

John D. Rockefeller himself founded Clark & Rockefeller in Cleveland (USA) in 1859 and ran a small commission business here. After one year, his first turnover was already 500,000 US dollars. A few years later he entered the oil business. But Rockefeller also had a fine nose for business, so he sold relatively new petroleum lamps, even gave them away. The new petroleum owners now had to regularly buy supplies in the form of petroleum and petroleum was available from Rockefeller

“Give away the oil lamp and make money on the oil” – John D. Rockefeller

Alex Fischer even talks about how Steve Jobs and Apple cached him step by step, from iPod to iTunes to iPhone and MacBook. Strategy, strategic planning, that’s what the end of part two of “Richer than the Geisses” is all about. These 27 strategies are available in Alex Fischer’s free members area. All compressed in an 11-page PDF as a checklist.

Find the cause of the problems

As I said, I listen to some episodes twice, some even three times to internalize them. The “Dirt Slinger” is another learning that I listened to twice. I think this point will probably have relevance to my own future. Therefore, briefly explained:

“Behind everything, prolonged suboptimal situations are always dirt slingers.” – Alex Fischer

Alex Fischer describes this model in detail and practically using an example. When buying a new car, he still had to go to the dealer for repairs several times, despite the fact that it was new. If problems repeat themselves, one should think about it after the second, third time. Is it the individual parts or is there an underlying problem? As it turned out, the real problem was the car’s battery. It was broken and had current spikes that were giving off way too much voltage, so electronic components were breaking.

A great advantage of the book and audiobook are clearly the examples, which simply illustrate what it is all about!

Extremely interesting, if you consider yourself to go more often on the search for patterns that underlie a certain, more often occurring problems. Instead of always putting time and energy into solving individual problems, you should use your time to find the source of the problems! But where does the name muck slinger come from? Listen to it yourself in episode 46: How to set priorities.

Learn how to build a cash-flowing million-dollar fortune, just by using your brains alone, to make your life more and more relaxing:

Finance, Real Estate + Taxes: Basics

This review should make you want more! I’ve listened through it 2x by now, simply because there is so much to learn! In the podcast or audiobook offers hundreds of information, examples, tips, methods and strategies. All learnings are structured from episode 1 to the end in episode 79. Despite a lot of content, so that everything is taught as effectively as possible, the most important content and questions are repeated at the end of each episode. So the learning effect is the greatest!

The audio book by Alex Fischer contains an extremely large amount of know-how. Know-How for those who start with 0 Euro seed capital and also for those who have already saved money for the first property. The book is for:

  • People with 0 Euro equity with status employee or co-worker
  • Persons with initial, small equity reserves of 50,000 euros
  • Also people who already own 1, 2 properties and want to learn how real estate works as an investment tool.

My review focuses on those who, like me, are at a point where they have initial, small equity capital of up to around 50,000 euros and already have their first permanent employees working in their own company.

“Richer than the Geissens” is such a strong companion, from the start and the best, individual setting for cash flow to real estate as an investment tool. Accordingly, it is worthwhile to repeat individual chapters again after some time, because you develop quickly with the learnings from “RADG”.

PS: RADG is read by Alex Fischer and Gordon Gekko’s voice actor from the movie “Wolf Of Wallstreet”.

As a private person and / or as an entrepreneur, you will learn from Alex Fischer how to avoid these fatal mistakes and at the same time follow your passion – every day! In total, the book contains hundreds of learnings that specifically help you to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Best of all, you can get the audiobook for free on Spotify and iTunes!