Selling real estate in Iserlohn & surroundings: What you should pay attention to when selling a house

Private sale or better with an estate agent? Selling a house in Iserlohn: Here on our Real Estate Blog you will find answers to the most important questions about selling a property.

Everything always starts with a realistic valuation: Make a start date with your real estate agent for the valuation of your house. plausible valuation of your house in Iserlohn, The very first step is for the seller to be able to achieve the highest selling price . Acquire here the necessary knowledge in real estate salesKnowledge about Iserlohn and the surrounding area. If you are not interested in all the stress, contact us via e-mail and telephone, in the price calculation of all objects, all the necessary know-how in real estate sales and help you with the value assessment and if you do not want all the effort, contact us via telephone and e-mail.

Receipts, documents original at best and invoices: Important papers for the sale

They sometimes very important documents. These include, for example, the floor plan of the rooms and the energy certificate. Bright photos increase the value of your house or condo. So that so each prospective customer can make itself a much more realistic picture. The, the photos taken must always show the house or townhouse in Iserlohn in the perfect light.


Next comes: you need to calculate a selling price for the real estate offer. Various small or large influencing factors such as room layout, inventory quality, defects, traffic connectionsplay a role in the calculation of the selling price, in the calculation does not count what sums you had spent at the time. Nor do the many hours of work. As has been the case throughout the ages, supply and demand for real estate significantly dominate the probable value. Demand and supply on today’s real estate market dominate the price that the prospective buyer will be willing to pay, you should take this into account in order not to let your wishes become too high. Despite all the literature, you are not sure about the estimate of the selling price of the object when you think about it more closely? Admittedly, for laymen it may be very difficult to realistically name the authentic value of the house, your smart alternative, a real estate appraisal by our professionals.

Then follows: Exposé for a free house of the Immo broker provide.Think of the very own search behavior, because already with the Anlesen of the object descriptionand all the details around m² and KWh decides for many prospective buyers whether interest in the purchase is generated. It is thus worthwhile to invest time in an attractive advertisement, on-line or newspaper, in the sales, besides: As still owners you know around all central characteristics of the house in and from the heart in the Exposè of your real estate everything must have been taken up meticulously with. For example garden and waters, winter garden, pool to relax and extras at the property. The exposé for the house sale stands? In the following the house should be presented to potential new owners, in an advertisement on a real estate portal and in the well-tried daily newspaper in Iserlohn. Then it is time to wait.

Hausverkauf in Iserlohn

Your next step: accepting inquiries from interested people. With a well prepared exposé the search then often works quickly, there you have first questions. Had you engaged a real estate agent for the mediation of the property he or she takes the inquiries for you and only if clearly more in-depth feedback from interested people come, he or she will contact you.

Now it’s about: Viewing appointments with potential buyers.Now it is getting more exciting. So that the property is ideally easy and successful mediation, a real estate agent constantly decides new dates for a viewing, if you wish, he or she will take over the agreed appointments, but you can also be in the appointment if you want, an important tip, in any case, do not leave anything to the risk.

The new challenge: get the credit rating of the person interested in the house confirmed.Should you give your house, work with realtor, because he or she will check the credit rating immediately through information from the realtor.

Next on the prepared plan: the notary appointment and finalization of the contract of purchase.A new owner was found, now your broker takes over the talks with the potential new owner and discusses all the minutiae of the contract of sale, then your professional together with the desired notary prepares the notarial contract in a draft, for the notarization you need to go in any case to a notary, required by lawBuyer and seller of the property sign the contract, congratulations, because with the signature your house is sold notarized, so only last individual steps remain.

Your next step: payment of the agreed purchase price after entry in the land register (the so-called priority notice of conveyance). Your notary specialist now carries out the land register entry. In addition, the priority notice of conveyance is entered. It prevents secret more frequent sales of the object, if the buyer could instruct contractual price to your bank, he contacts the buyer. After the release by the notary, you should check your account balance for the receipt of payment.

Der Besuch beim Notar in Iserlohn

Payment of notary appointment and brokerage costs

Instruct now the payment settlement of the work achievement of your broker and notary costs taken up by you, after the desired conclusion of a contract with the notary, notary and broker send you an invoice.

Property sold: Transfer real estate transfer tax

. If there are less than 10 years between the two, you may have to pay capital gains tax, plus church tax and solidarity surcharge. Of course there are exceptions. For example, if the owner has lived in owner-occupation for more than 3 years.

Municipal innovation and land ownership in Iserlohn

Your guide of 647,634,425 euros are invested in Iserlohn houses and apartments until real estate new construction. With a total area of 125.49 square kilometers, Iserlohn has enough space for housing in the city center and outlying areas live and work today 93 197 people. Apartments are in demand at 743 people per square kilometer, a total of 0.11% of German citizens are registered in Iserlohn.

New construction real estate: Where do the majority of Iserlohn residents live?

But how do the inhabitants in Iserlohn live on average? The Federal Statistical Office recently needed new studies on Iserlohn but also Germany, according to these 36,198 residents live in houses, such as the owner-occupied home, terraced houses and apartment buildings, which is owned. 5,732 are proud owners of a condominium. On top of that, 45,117 people live in a rented apartment, only 6,142 live collectively in a WG together, according to the study of LBS Research should currently live in the various households 54,986 married people, 38,211 single households. The need for new housing units for people has increased, also in Iserlohn. How do current studies evaluate new construction costs? In the next 12 years, 50% of Iserlohn studies predict new unitscirca 17% assume 39,538 new housing units will be built and a third speculate Iserlohn new housing units should be planned today and built soon in Iserlohn, currently only 261 new housing units will be built in Iserlohn according to statistics. Invested are whole 3.6 billion euros at the moment.

Iserlohn’s districts know what residents want

All residents in Iserlohn are generally extremely happy where they live, as are a projected 76,822 homeowners who value their own living environment, compared with only 16,375 dissatisfied homeowners, a full 60,448 more. But also with tenants in Iserlohn a positive basic tendency shows up with 68,518 content persons. Did you know that a large number of citizens live in a single-family house and not in an apartment? 48,804 Iserlohners live in single-family houses, 28,960 of them 14,453 people live in two-family houses.

Age structure and demography in Iserlohn: Structure

Iserlohn has some young residents, like 14.585 persons between 25-39 years but also many older fellow citizens, like 4.921 fellow citizens between 50-64 years,growth also in the population development. Iserlohn is growing steadily, from 92,415 citizens 4 years ago, Iserlohn has increased by 782 people to 93,976 statistically. The forecast continues unchanged, we now focus on the most current estimates in the next twenty years.

In the current Iserlohn real estate 647,634,425 euros

The slumbering capital is really high, stately 568,332,251 euros of cash assets slumber in bank accounts or under the mattresses. Even larger sums, because statistically 647,634,425 euros are tied up in real estate, would you have expected so much current? Statistically, large sums are moved every year through sales and purchases or real estate transactions alone, the estimate comes up to 8,535,263,675.15 euros, in the same period in housing in the city 3.6 billion euros were moved, a whole 4,267,631,837.58 euros are currently spent annually here for modernization. In total, the house and housing market in Iserlohn generates 16.4 billion euros every single year.

Living without rent? Iserlohn property

In the ownership of houses and condominiums life is much easier thereby Iserlohn has owners of real estate in all age groups. Let’s take a look at a few values. According to a nationwide check (empirica) there are currently 3.920 children from 0-10 years living in houses or apartments, with the years there will be a little more, certainly because the difficult toddler phase is over and at least one parent is working. From 11-21 years, 4,854 live in their own home, then comes a slump, at 21 – 30 years, only 1,062 live in their own propertyThe more age increases, the more likely residents are now to get into property ownership. Thus it rises with the 31 to 40 year olds 4,023 and with the today 41-50 year olds create it on 6,958 content real estate owners. At the age of 51 and 60 years, 6,371 Iserlohners own property and in the group of 61-70 year olds, 4,867 still manage it. Not quite as many seniors spend their retirement in their often self-built home, 3,015.

This is how the population of Iserlohn is developing

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 36.198
Condo 5.732
Rent 45.117
WG 6.142

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership / Age Units
0-10 3.920
11-21 4.854
21-30 1.062
31-40 4.023
41-50 6.958
51-60 6.371
61-70 4.867
71-80 3.015

empirica / LBS Research (source)


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Change
1 38.211 41.007 2.796
2 31.687 33.551 1.864
3 11.184 9.320 -1.864
4 8.388 7.456 -932
5 + 2.796 2.703 -93

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office


Households (persons) today 2035 Difference
1 49.394 52.190 2.796
2 27.027 26.095 -932
3 8.388 7.456 -932
4 5.592 5.499 -93
more than 5 1.864 1.678 -186

Data source: Federal Statistical Office