Real estate agent wanted? Sell a house in Lampertheim

You have a property for sale that is located in Lampertheim? Then your house or condominium is located in a beautiful Hessian town, which is especially known for its good asparagus and delicious strawberries, which is why it is also often called the “Hessian vegetable garden”. Lampertheim was first mentioned in writing in 832 and still has a lot to offer besides delicious vegetables. The beautiful nature reserve Lampertheimer Altrhein, for example, invites you to look around and relax. This nature reserve is one of the largest nature reserves and bird sanctuaries in Hesse. This area is divided into the Biedensand peninsula and the adjacent Bonnaue. Floodplain forests and meadows, avenues of fruit trees and poplars characterise the landscape and the diversity of bird species delights young and old alike. The city is also particularly popular with cyclists, as there is much to discover along the way. The asparagus town, situated in the middle of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, has four districts: Hofheim, Hüttenfeld, Neuschloß and Rosengarten, each of which has its own advantages. In the town centre you will find the cathedral church, the green cathedral square and the asparagus statues. There are also museums and other cultural attractions.

The ten best tips for a successful real estate sale

Lampertheim is an ideal place to live for families and nature lovers. All the more chances you can have to successfully sell your property here. However, selling a property is a big task with many risks and complexities. Therefore, selling without an expert is almost impossible. Rely on us at Lukinski and place your trust in our experience and knowledge. We accompany you in the sale of your property in Lampertheim from the very beginning and are only satisfied when you are. In the following, we will tell you the most important tips for a successful real estate sale and will be happy to advise you personally.

Tips 1: Always keep an eye on the costs

Anyone who owns a property has to consider many cost and tax issues. For example, if we are talking about a rental house that has been owned by the seller for less than ten years, profits must be taxed. In addition, loans should be taken into account, because if they are to be redeemed, compensation payments may be required. Here it may be advisable for the new buyer to take over the loan at the same time.

Tip 2: determine the selling price realistically

Here you should know that there is a very differently distributed price situation in Germany. In some areas, such as metropolises, prices are very high, in other areas very low. Economic, local and perspective aspects must absolutely be included in the price calculation. Again, be sure to rely on an expert who has the necessary knowledge.

Tip 3: show your property from its best side

Many sellers underestimate the importance of beautiful photos in the exposé as well as a professional viewing in daylight. Buyers should be attracted, which is why sometimes even a professional photographer who shoots photos of the property can be worthwhile.

Tip 4: trust us – your experts for house sales

Save time, effort and loss by contacting us with your property sale. Don’t forget your personal, emotional connection to the property, which can often get in the way of the sale. In addition, you still have private and professional commitments, which is why viewings can often become very stressful. We take care of all these steps for you, so you can concentrate on what’s important.

Tip 5: try to develop a neutral view

Just stand in front of your house and try to imagine with a neutral look how a potential buyer might find the front garden or the front door. Cleanliness and order are important aspects that should not be underestimated. A potential buyer should ideally be taken in at 1st glance and not first find leaf bags and toys. Also clean all rooms thoroughly from the inside and if necessary several times. Buyers don’t want to see dirty windows or soiled floors, they want to “fall in love” with the property. It may even be advisable to “chase” professional cleaners through the property before viewings are due.

Tip 6: take even small tasks like repairs and embellishments seriously.

Anyone selling an unoccupied property should only offer a vacant property in the best condition. Often sellers underestimate the small blemishes, but a buyer sees them immediately. Even if a painting or handyman company means another investment, it can be worth it for you in the end. Here, too, we know exactly what matters to buyers and can help you show your property from its best side.

Tip 7: gather all the necessary documents

Anyone who wants to sell their property should urgently have all the necessary documentation together for the viewing. This is where we come in again: we can help you with all the steps, tell you where to get which documents and compile them for them in a respectable way. Also, feel free to allow appraisals if a buyer wants one, because a buyer has to pay for one if they order one. Do not be afraid of an appraisal that is negative for you, because you can learn from it and prevent it for the next potential buyer. With us, however, you can avoid such appraisals in advance, because we see defects and point them out to you in advance. Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to an expensive matter like real estate – with Lukinski you are not alone!