Selling a house: How to get the highest price when selling a house in Bocholt & surroundings

Private sale or better with a real estate agent? Here in our Immo Blog you will find answers to the most important questions about the sale of your property.

Appointment with your new real estate agent for a professional valuation of your own property (apartment or house)

Real estate appraisal for Bocholt, first of all it is necessary to obtain the selling price of the property the highest possible price to get, acquire in our community all the here described and of course also further, presupposed know-how in the sale of real estate, the search and finding of market prices and, if you do not want to have a time-consuming effort, contact our team, here all the necessary know-how in the sale of housesand you will help in finding the price and should you want to spend less time-consuming effort, write us a mail.

Sell like experienced experts, as the next item on the sales planin Bocholt: Provision of documentsDocuments, records and invoices.You will need numerous papers, some of which are important.Among them are, for example, tax assessment as well as invoices. Beautiful photographs raise the price of your house. Quite simply, so that prospective buyers can make themselves in the truest sense of the word much better already in the advertisement. Their, your made photos must show under all circumstances your house always from considered perspectives.


The next on your plan: Definitely you should first determine the asking price for the property. Proximity to recreational facilities, type of house, location of the object play a role in the realistic calculation of the real estate price, it does not count in the first place, what you had invested in the past. as at all times, supply and demand determine the purchase price that one of your prospective buyers is willing to invest, this should be noted. Supply and demand of real estate in Bocholt on the current real estate market determine the targeted purchase price that the buyer will pay Despite all the help you are not really one hundred percent sure about the value of the property feel? Yes, for the inexperienced it is of course complex to estimate the value of a property correctly.

Selling like a local real estate professional, as the next task on the plan: Create offer for the house in Bocholt.Whether interest is present, that shows directly when you read a property description. As everywhere it is also with houses, here counts almost exclusively our first view, it pays off thus to invest something expenditure into an attractive announcement, with all details know you as an owner best from in the Exposè of the house must be written down everything completely, for example pool to relax, and garden, etc.. Now the house must be shown to potential buyers, in an ad on a major real estate portal but also in the tried and tested local newspaper, then it’s wait and see.

The next task: queries from potential interested parties record. Begin the search with your well prepared by the specialist exposé incl. galleries it often works faster than thought, are already the first interested parties, had you voher a real estate agent for the house brokerage hired he arranges all the questions for you. Only if questions arise, he or she will get back to you.

Your next step: appointments for viewing with potential buyers.Then it gets exciting, so that you sell your house ideally quickly and successfully at the same time, an agent arranges every morning viewing appointments with prospective buyers, he takes over every single conversation alone. Of course, sellers can be on site, an important tip, really do not leave anything to chance under any circumstances, make sure you make a proper impression at the viewing. Because as is well known, our eye eats with us.

Confirmation of the creditworthiness of the person interested in the house

Should you be selling your home, start with a reputable realtor because they will check the creditworthiness of the prospective buyer immediately after the viewing by getting credit reports from the realtor.

Next on the schedule for the house sale: your notary appointment and finalization of the official purchase contract. Your real estate specialist will take care of the last details of the purchase contract that are still to be discussed, as well as any further renegotiations. Your notarized sales contract will be prepared by your agent together with the called notary office for the sale. For a notarization of the sales contract the way to the notary is obligatorySeller and buyer of the real estate give the final signature on the sales contract. With this you have officially sold your house, congratulations, so only a few minimal steps remain.

Next on your todo list comes with this topic: After the entry in the land register, or also conveyance notice, the price should be immediately redeemed by payment assignment. The notary will now carry out the required entry in the land register, in addition, the priority notice of conveyance will be entered, it ensures, for example, the risk exclusion of a double sale to various interested parties. If the new owner could transfer the agreed sales price to your bank, the buyer will be informed immediately by the notary, please do not forget to check afterwards whether the payment has been received on the bank account.

Payment of brokerage and notary fees

Pay in the following the payment of the brokerage and notary fees, immediately after the previously negotiated contract of sale of the house is signed.

With its 71,350 citizens, Bocholt is one of the largest cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. Act like renowned professionals, the next challenge on the schedule: Transfer of the designated real estate transfer tax, Then your property in Bocholt is finally sold.A very last very important information real estate sale may perhaps tax on the capital gain be claimed and always when between the private sale and sale of the property is below ten years. The church tax and solidarity surcharge may be added. Of course, exceptions are made here. For example, if the property owner lived on site for more than three years in owner occupation.

Urban change and real estate ownership – thoughts and evaluation

New figures from real estate and financing to private home ownership. On119.4 square kilometers currently live and enjoy 71 350 inhabitants. Residential complexes, apartments are in demand at 598 citizens on every single square kilometer of land.

Real estate situation and new construction: Where do people live on average in Bocholt?

The Federal Office for Statistics collected this year values, purely statistically live 27,712 people in their own house or townhouse, but also in their condominium live 4,388 people. In addition, there are 34,541 renting citizens. 42,097 people are married and 29,254 are currently single households, according to a study by LBS Research. The need for new housing units has increased by a lot, not only in Bocholt. What valuations exist from industry specific studies? Until 2020 half of the new surveys assume 25,945 new housing units, only a good third assume 21,621, only 17% of the calculations come to 30,270 new housing units. What number of housing units will actually be built statistically? At the moment only about 200 new flats are completed in Bocholt. With an investment amount of 2.8 billion euros.

52,457 like to live here

At the same time, most people in Bocholt are satisfied with their housing situation at the end of the daySuch as 58,814 home and apartment owners who like just this excellent location and neighborhood, against only 12,536 less happy, a whole 46,278 more. But also tenants in Bocholt feel this positive feeling with 52.457 happy people compared to 18.893 people who are dissatisfied despite various possibilities to spend their free time with the family. Did you know that the large amount of Bocholt residents live in a single family house and not in an apartment. In houses for one family live 37.363 Bocholters, in houses with at least two families live 22.171 of which 11.065 persons in two-family houses.

Future and age groups in Bocholt: Today and moren

In purely statistical terms, the city has many young residents, for example 1,891 young adults aged 18 to 20, as many people of older age relevant to regional investment as 17,331 people aged 40-59, but what does the near future say?the trend is continuing steadily. Let’s switch now to development in the approaching fifteen years in Bocholt.

Financing and real estate market in Bocholt

The financial means has grown immensely, whole 0.4 billion euros of liquid means, according to statistical calculation bases of the German Federal Bank today on savings books, much larger financial amounts, whole 495,817,636 euros are put back in real estates. The complete transactions of real estates lies in Bocholt with, purely statistically 6.5 billion euro. In the same period in the housing construction 2.8 billion euros are used, modernization plays in particular in more densely populated regions, like evenly Bocholt with the current 598 residents per km ² an always standardized topic with currently 3.3 billion euros of capital in the market. In total, the market for real estate generates an impressive 12,566,248,484.85 euros every single year.

Real Estate

Who lives in property in Bocholt? We have real estate ownership in all age groups let’s now look at a few concrete values, according to survey by empirica 3,001 young children up to 10 years live in real estate. With young people it is a few more. Possibly because the nerve-racking toddler phase is over and at least one parent is also back working on their career, some are now buying their house or a condo. Among 11-21 year olds, 3,716 live in a home of their own. Around some downward it goes under the 21-30 year olds, of them live straight once 813 humans in in the own real estateJe older, the more probably humans live now in the home of one’s own or dwelling, thus it rises with the 31-40 year olds again 3,080 and with humans between 41 – 50 years create it on 5,327 proud real estate owners. In the group between 51 and 60 years 4,877 Bocholter live in their own home, in the range of 61 to 70 years it is statistically 3,726, many sell or give to their own child and so the number drops to 2,309 citizens.

Demographic data and information for Bocholt

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 27.712
Apartment 4.388
Apartment for rent 34.541
Shared apartment 4.702

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowners in Bocholt (age) Quantity
0-10 3.001
11-21 3.716
21-30 813
31-40 3.080
41-50 5.327
51-60 4.877
61-70 3.726
71-80 2.309

empirica / LBS Research (source)


Surrounding Area

Households / persons today 2035 Growth
1 29.254 31.394 2.141
2 24.259 25.686 1.427
3 8.562 7.135 -1.427
4 6.422 5.708 -714
over 5 2.141 2.069 -71

Data source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Difference
1 37.816 39.956 2.141
2 20.692 19.978 -713
3 6.422 5.708 -714
4 4.281 4.210 -71
more than 5 1.427 1.284 -143

Source: Federal Statistical Office